Concrete – Domain Of Untold Horrors (2017 Submission)


Domain Of Untold Horrors

Rebirth The Metal Productions

With their third outing, the Bulgarian classic death metallers have unleashed an experience that should remind one heavily of acts like Cannibal Corpse, Deicide, Grave, Revolting and then some. They pull no punches with this one, simply keeping the formula undiluted from core influences. While this is all well and good, the effort comes out rather bland in most cases and I feel as though I’ve heard it before. Domain Of Untold Horrors is by no means an undesirable album, but it doesn’t add anything really new to the table. A few hypnotic tapestries appear within the guitar work, in addition to the band’s already killer sense of solo. There are a great deal of solos on the record, and in unexpected places. “Insomnia Post Mortem” even opens with one, which you don’t hear that often anymore. The song just before it, “Phoboholic” features some rather creepy acoustic leads at the beginning and at the mid-point of the song. This is quite uncommon for Cannibal Corpse inspired death metal, so I found it worth a mention. Lead guitarist and frontman Kalin Kolev is also pretty much a dead-ringer for George Fisher, so there’s that. As long as you don’t hold expectations for Domain Of Untold Horrors being anything more than a throwback to the golden age of the genre, I think you’ll appreciate it just fine. Not too shabby, gentlemen.

(10 Tracks, 39:00)


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