Conflict – Decision Code (2019)

Conflict are an industrial metal band quite similar to Fear Factory, but with notable djent riffs as are prominent with many industrial acts in the modern era. They have a female vocalist by the name of Anna and she’s a beast. Clearly Russia continues to show us that they took the best from Gossow fronted Arch Enemy and not so much it’s current iteration. The record pounds with familiar Fear Factory-esque drumming aesthetics, though often shifts between Demanufacture and possibly Lacuna Coil. It’s heavier than you think, but definitely has a few clean moments. The record is also synth heavy, though doesn’t forget what it’s made to do and serves as a worthy contender to the now nearly disassembled Fear Factory.

What’s more, is that there are several vocal guests on the record including most notably, the former Fear Factory frontman himself, Burton C. Bell. The band more or less gave him full control of the mic for “Architect” which he performs wonderfully on. It seems to follow in the vein of “Expiration Date” which means that once again, we are dealing with the death of the machine, the end of life. Burton seems to be focusing on that quite a bit lately. Aside from all that, you’re going to get quite a few pounders here as well as an instrumental treat in “Megaopolis” which kind of sounds a bit cyperpunk detective and closer “New Industrial Order” which starts out slow, but I guess you can scream about whatever you want on it. It’s a nice doomy track, kind of left-field for them, but it’s good to practice your vocals with. I didn’t say upload that to YouTube or post it on Facebuck (which you can’t) but definitely use it for practice. That’s how I started out, after all.

In any case, if you need something to scratch that Fear Factory itch, Conflict will do that for you. It’s not completely Fear Factory, but it’s close enough in the drumming and bass patterns to fit the mold well enough.

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