Convent Guilt – Diamond Cut Diamond (2018)

What we have here is a classic throwback to the glory days of heavy metal. Convent Guilt come in with an extremely warm and almost live sound, like what you’d hear from them onstage. There’s a sense of raw, organic heavy metal here that sounds straight out of the eighties and fans of Manilla Road, Satan and Hell will find something here to jam for sure. English metal was definitely a huge part of this experience and you can feel the very roots of the genre in full force. But not only that, as the guitar work is very much in the same line with Satan’s careful attention to detail and adds up to a record that is fully cohesive and keeps you entertained. I like the fact that I’m getting more than the same old verse/chorus riffing that I’ve heard in bands aplenty, and even if it is a bit raw and unpolished in some sections – at least it’s genuine. These guys aren’t going to win any awards, but they’re definitely having a good time jamming in a classic style that is in danger of being wiped out altogether by edgier new generations. If this is what you call butt rock, then you may want to pick up an encyclopedia of metal, because Convent Guilt are performing the kind of tunes that the entire legacy of this genre was built upon. Even if it’s not the best as far as the vocal approach is concerned, the spirit is there and that’s what counts as far as I’m concerned. Diamond Cut Diamond probably won’t be the best classic metal throwback in your collection this year, but it definitely accomplishes that which it set itself out to do. We need more bands like this, because in all of the tech/death monstrosity that consumes the scene as of late, there’s a real lack of the classics. But I guess that’s dad rock to people who were born at the turn of the millennium. Oh, well. What can you do?

(7 Tracks, 36:00)


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