Corporation SS/Beaten – Battlefront Split (2020)

Here I have a compilation between two grindcore acts, the first being the more punk-laden approach of Corporation SS and the other being the more classic death metal influenced approach of Beaten.

Corporation SS has a fairly clean production value, though seems to be lacking something in the back end. It just feels off, even though it is still quite devastating. This part of the split features blazing drums and seething vocals, yet they’re fronting in what are many cases punk riffs with added drum blasts. I couldn’t really tell many of these songs apart, but if you just want to be hammered in the face, you’ll like what is offered here.

Beaten on the other hand have a less audible production value, but they’re far more grisly and grimy, sounding like real death metal ought to. It’s even tough for me to call them grind as I’m just hearing more crypts and slabs than I may have expected here. There’s even a guitar solo or two, despite how short the performance is. You may have to crank your volume a bit when you get to the side, but if you like old school Entombed, Unleashed, Immolation, Suffocation or Obituary, you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

If there’s one thing I can say about Beaten, they at least know when the slow the fuck down and add in some atmosphere to their performance, which definitely gives it a bit more heft than the death-punk (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) I reviewed earlier. That isn’t to say that punk elements are nowhere to be found here, they just sound more like proto-death, rather than punk with death metal vocals and blasts layered over the top of it. Obviously, Beaten is going to be my go to on this one and I think they have a future if they keep at it. Sometimes you’re a little less “fuck the system” and more towards “I want to fight zombies” which is what I’ve discerned with this listen.

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