Cortege – Capricorn (2019)

Cortege craft a weird sort of atmospheric post rock, though the post rock part of the performance doesn’t show itself right from the start. Opener “Aurora” seems to focus more on electronic soundscapes, while “The Watch” features light guitar plucks with a hint of synth melody here and there as well as a few drum taps. What begins as an experience that I would consider to be quite inorganic, soon builds into an experience that feels a bit more organic, despite the highly digital nature at the very beginning. “Aurora” almost reminds me of the beginning of “Out Of This World” where the computer taps are echoed via the in-game FMV scene (remember those?) as the portal suddenly appears to take our character into the alien world that later becomes his home. It makes sense that “The Watch” brings on the dusty desert dunes of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, while “Occultation” simply moves us into space, feeling less organic and more spatial. Oddly enough, we are thrown back into the desert with “Horizons” which I would consider to be a bit standard-fare desert rock until the chiming of bells is heard and slight reverberations can be felt in the background. The final cut and total track here seems to mix desert rock with a bit more distortion, almost bringing about a metal sense. The background synths seem to feature a bit of a horn effect, which sounds like something out of the soundtrack of some bizarre film. Like if Tarantino were on more acid than usual, and not the brown kind. That being said, I don’t really think that I was taken so much with the latter end of this performance as I was in the beginning. Again, Out Of This World (or Another World as some countries might call it) seems a great descriptor when it comes to the overall ambiance of the disc. It’s weird, but maybe just not weird enough. I hope they’ll take it a bit further than desert rock next time around, as it quickly went from intriguing to somewhere in the background. Maybe a bit like the soundtrack from the first Borderlands title. Definitely not what someone would expect from the album cover and artwork. It’s missing sand and maybe one of those cow skulls. Perhaps a tumbleweed or two.

(5 Tracks, 37:00)

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