Crawl/Leviathan – Split (2018)



Red River Family Records

Given twelve minutes each, this split between grim atmospheric metallers Crawl and black metal legends Leviathan proves to be a good offering of their talents in 2018. While the songs don’t exactly compliment each other, they do show that both acts are pretty damn strong in their own right, especially considering Wrest and his work in Lurker Of Chalice.

Crawl offers up “At The Forge Of Hate” which is, as I stated before; a grim soundscape that sounds like Sunn0 if they had been possessed entirely by demons from the planet Apokalips. It sounds quite rustic and a bit industrial in areas, not unlike something I would receive from Malignant Records. The song doesn’t actually hit into the realms of heaviness right towards the end, but I don’t believe that was Crawl’s goal here.

Leviathan however, brings in the heaviness with like a smidgen of atmosphere in the beginning and the rest an all-out black metal onslaught. It’s a bit more depressive and the vocals are bit more DSBM than I would like, though as I kept listening I noticed that Wrest decided to throw in just a little bit more soundscape which we know (from his work in Lurker Of Chalice) that he is fully capable of. I’m sure there’s work on those other four unreleased Lurker Of Chalice discs (and I’m going to keep posting about them until he releases them) that will more than likely surpass what Crawl’s done here, especially judging by the re-issued debut just last year. (I say debut, because there are four other albums and yes – I want to hear them.) My only question here is why Wrest didn’t submit a more atmospheric piece here, instead of a slightly atmospheric Leviathan track? I think it would have flowed much better as a whole, making the disc into a cohesive environment of hopeless darkness and rustic despair. Oh, well.

(2 Tracks, 24:00)


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