Cretus – Dux Mea Lux (2015)

These guys certainly have an interesting look, but they’ve also got a very interesting sound. There’s three of them, with the frontman wearing a pig mask and the others wearing sheep masks. Bizarre, especially when you note that they’re also covered in thick black robes. Now as for the music, it definitely feels like doom. But there’s a bit more here than doom, maybe a little bit of Voivod or Megadeth influence. Vocals are clean as glass, almost like that of Ghost. Oh yes, I can already denote Ghost similarities, but I’ll also proudly state that there’s more to these guys than just that sort of sound. “Price Of Immortality” (4:21) definitely reeks of that Ghost style doom, but the band speed things up a little with “Darkness Bites” (4:02) which hides some really interesting guitar sections in the background if you’re really listening. Cretus just seem like the kind of band who are about to be famous. If they’re not signed already, I have a feeling that they’ll be signed to a major in just a short time. There’s just too much in commercial viability to an approach like this, which combines metal, doom, prog and thrash together in such a mesmerizing and notable way. If “What I Will” (6:12) doesn’t get your attention, then I’m pretty sure that the unexpected change in album’ denouement “Little Children” (7:32) will. I feel there’s a lot to like on this disc, and whatever these guys are going to put out the future, I’d certainly like to hear it. Oddly enough, this is one of those discs that I haven’t heard since the original listen (which was around a month ago) but as soon as I started playing, my synapses started firing and seemed to automatically tell me “Hey! I remember this stuff!” so that in itself is a very rare occurrence, especially for a short EP like this. If my brain decided to store this in the backlog for so long, then there’s a chance that the music Cretus make is well worth hearing on your end as well. There’s an awful lot about magic and rituals and such on this record, so maybe that’s how it found itself in my subconscious library. I honestly wouldn’t doubt it.

– Deservingly signed to Pavement Records.

(5 Tracks, 26:00)


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