Cryptopsy – The Book Of Suffering, Tome I EP (2015)

Cryptopsy are back, and I don’t mean that figuratively. The Book Of Suffering Tome I is arguably one of the best efforts that I’ve heard from these guys since their glory days. It only spans sixteen minutes and smells of marketing ploy, but it’s a sixteen minutes that you surely won’t forget. While Lord Worm is of course, no longer the frontman, Matt McGatchy shows that his chops have certainly improved since the band’s self-titled reinvention and the result is one that you can hear for yourself. This is definitely one of Cryptopsy’s most blistering efforts in quite a while, but it also offers quite a bit of definition and notable riff-structure as well. Perhaps McGatchy’s vocal approach here might appeal more to newer audiences, but if we shade the modernisms for just a second, we’re still going to hear the band that made None So Vile and Once Was Not, there’s simply no question. Flo Mournier proves that he’s still just as much an absolute monster on the kit as always, making for what I’d consider much more than a mere backbone to the performance. This is obviously the force that drives Cryptopsy right now, but you don’t need me to tell you that. The whole record is completely driven by Mournier’s talented drumwork and it sounds like a meat tenderizer more often than not, as it delivers meaty chunks of steak and metal right into your gullet. It’s definitely the Cryptopsy that we remember, especially when McGatchy decides to have a breakfast of nails and cement right before he hits those last two cuts, which sound absolutely grueling on his end. If nothing else, these tracks will help to remind people that this is indeed still Cryptopsy and they’re giving it all they’ve got. You’re getting an absolute pounding with this one, which will fling you headfirst right into the wall, as you whine and suffer profusely due to the head trauma. But they call it death metal for a reason, and this is definitely a fine opening chapter to The Book Of Suffering. Now let’s just hope that these guys don’t troll us with smooth jazz on the next outing.

(4 Tracks, 16:00)


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