Crystal Viper – Possession (NN Promo 2014)


“Crystal Viper’s fifth full length album revolves around a complex storyline that features a witch and her reincarnation, among other things. But as far as the disc goes, it’s a pretty decent affair with some memorable melodies and ripping guitar solos. Marta Gabriel might not have the best voice in the world; but she certainly makes up for it with her fantastic guitar technique. A couple of guests are featured on the album, namely Sataniac of Desaster and Harry Conklin of Jag Panzer, the guests doing a respectable enough job with Sataniac bringing out the death growls in “Julia Is Possessed “ and Harry Conklin bringing some major power to “Fight Evil With Evil.” Though Marta has a great singing voice, she likes to do some sort of thrash vocal with most of the album and it just doesn’t come off that well. But again, she makes up for it with her playing. Whoever Golem is, he does a great job on the skins, beating them quite heavily in some portions and this works quite well with Marta and Andy’s furious guitar approach. It’s definitely power metal with a bite and some classic influence, which manages to deliver much more than you might expect at first listen…”

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