Cult Of Fire – Ascetic Meditation Of Death

Cult Of Fire - Ascetic Meditation Of Death

Cult Of Fire – Ascetic Meditation Of Death (Translated) (PR2013) – Most of us associate India with massive call centers for damn near anything electronic that’s fucking up, where people with thick accents answer the phone and the ruder of us holler out “Can’t anyone here speak English?” But the next time you call one of these places because you’re trying to get something activated, or need customer assistance with a vacuum cleaner, keep in mind that just like you; these guys go home and play metal. And not just on the stereo either. I mean, they actually get together and form metal bands like this black metal act, Cult Of Fire. Yes, I said black metal act – and for those of you who’ve still got gunk in your ears, keep in mind that this country has become a veritable hotspot for the most extreme of metal genres recently; birthing such acts like Rudra, Demonic Resurrection and others who are just now coming out of the woodwork and into the limelight of the metal underground. And just like these acts, Cult Of Fire is also impressive. The album stands as fierce and full of fire as the most nihilistic of black metal records, yet also contains certain moments of Hindu spirituality that add an authentic Indian nature to the music as a whole. The deep vocal rasps on the disc come off utterly vicious and the melodies definitely remain frostbitten, yet still maintain a certain degree of prog and beauty not found in other acts. What you don’t understand, is that this album is very much a celebration of Hinduism, and it’s a very deep spiritual recording; yet it is still heavy as fucking hell.

Kali stands at the ready on the album’s cover, looking ready to devour the entire world in plagues, which is what I get from this album from the very beginning. It is not without its share of keyboard sections, nor ferocious drum blasts. This is every bit the kind of black metal record that you really need to go hear as soon as humanly possible. The song titles are in complete Hindi, so I cannot translate them or even give you a description of the lyrics. I can however make out the word “Shiva” several times, and have been told that Shiva and Kali are very closely related, one being the mother of life and the other the mother of destruction in a roundabout way. Kali is Shiva’s consort, and is described as having a very male stance; yet is also considered female. So in essence, the ideal of Kali is a very strong and powerful woman figure resembling that of a man. But history lessons aren’t why you’re here then, are they? Well, of course not. So save yourself anymore of this lecture, and pick up this damned fine album. Cult Of Fire have made a perfect black metal disc, with memorable melodies and song structures that shouldn’t get boring anytime soon. Though I can’t even give you the album’s official title, I simply recommend that you search the internet far and wide for a copy of this amazingly talented black metal act. These guys are ritualistic black metal at it’s very best, and I can feel the energy behind every note and word of this disc. So the next time you’re talking to someone in a call center about your broken electric toothbrush, keep in mind that you just might be talking to guys just like these in Cult Of Fire; who’ve made a truly timeless metal release. I definitely recommend it.

(9 Tracks, 47:00)

EDIT: My apologies, as the band is actually from the Czech Republic. It’s still a great album though!



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  1. Joey

    Holy shit this is a horrible review. Could you be more ignorant on your first paragraph.

    • Eric May

      My friend, you’re in the abyss. Expect a few failures in the early stages of our website. We’ve gotten better though. :) And yes, if you would prefer, I will be a great deal more ignorant in paragraphs for future reviews. I don’t see the point in it, but thanks for the suggestion.:P

      – Have a Metal day! :)

  2. Ash

    The band Cult Of Fire is from Czech Republic. Their work is inspired from hindu mythology. You can check out on metal-archives.

    • Eric May

      Whew. That’s an old review that we just let go. I’m already aware of all this and was told immediately thereafter. The damage had already been done.


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