Culted – Oblique To All Paths (2014)

Culted - Oblique To All Paths

“Though these guys certainly like to groove and jam, there’s a definite air of threatening evil within this piece; be it the portent of mankind’s destruction or a revelation of the darkest areas of the soul. It’s not accessible music, for people who don’t like their music to be ear candy in that regard; as scathing scowls and other netherworld noises bellow out forth from the frontman when he’s not whispering throughout the disc. It’s a very personal disc, something that must be felt to be understood and you can hear that in just the first second you turn it on. There’s nary a track on this record that is even close to beautiful, as each and every track seems to gloat in doom with an air of black metal frost. Oblique To All Paths makes you think that it might have been written by the few monsters that were still left alive in a dungeon crawler, while still inside of the dungeon. I mean, haven’t you wondered what the monsters do when there’s no one to battle them? Exactly. They make grim, morose and ultimately vile tunes like the ones emanating from my speakers right now, as I once again soak in this masterpiece of bitterness…”

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