Cursed Mantis – Cursed Mantis (2020)

Cursed Mantis came out of nowhere with their weird avantgarde experimental approach to metal, reminding me a bit of Unexpect and other bizarre acts I’ve covered over the years. There’s everything from pure death metal to grind to pop to hip hop beats to industrial, 8-bit and just overall fucking weirdness. There’s also quite a bit about cheese here. I wonder if this record is based on the mouse utopia experiment, as it very well could be. All I know is that if you listen to it for too long, you may wind up with a craving for cheese.

The project seems to consist of a both a male and female vocal, with the male vocal focused on destroying your ears and the female vocal focused on clean, beautiful passages. It’s one hell of a mix, folks and I’m sorry that I didn’t get to it sooner. The record is actually labeled grindcore, but how do you figure? I think I could play a pretty good joke on grindcore purists with this one. Though they’re not wrong, as artistic as the record is, it is definitely grindcore in the most extreme sense. I think a lot of folks missed out on this and if you’re looking for something altogether different, magical, demonic and cheesy, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

Cursed Mantis is short, but you’ll end up listening to it again soon after the first play – it’s a fun album in these dark times.

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