Czarna Magia – Voracious Demons Of Megalomania (2020)

It’s time for a brutally honest review and I’m not happy that I have to do this, but I wouldn’t be worth my salt if I lied about it for clout. Czarna Magia offered a pretty strong album last time around with their debut EP Inwokacja Pierwotnej Mocy but this one is just kind of well, flat. I noticed a few moments of experimentation, most notably at the very end with “Subliminal Voices” but the rest of the disc just doesn’t really seem to go anywhere and it doesn’t really pop. I’m not sure what happened this time around, but nothing really grabbed my attention. I was looking forward to a new release as they generally offer something different, new or experimental and this one was just kind of regular old death metal with black metal bits that didn’t offer much in the way of intrigue. Many of the songs sound fairly similar and I get that they put a lot of work into this, but it just feels like the well had gone dry. I’m sure there will be fans of it who don’t understand what I’m talking about and that’s good – I hope there are. I just couldn’t get into what felt like a very sleepy approach and unnecessary travel back to the days of old death and black metal. What’s more, is that the guitar melodies are often muffled or buried in the mix, with mastermind Balrog sounding awfully bored on the mic. I just don’t know what happened here, but I’m not willing to count them out just yet. I still want Tower readers to check this album out, but I’m not finding too much in it personally. Maybe you will.





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