Dark Hound – Dawning (2017) (Submission)

Dark Hound



Probably not named after the Gundam nor the beast from Wheel Of Time, these Nashville progressive/technical thrashers are definitely worth a listen. They’re unsigned, but that’s about to change – and it should. These guys are as relevant as Nevermore during their prime and even seem to give me Voivod and Devin Townsend feel. It’s going to probably go down in infamy that while I’ve sat and watched several bands play full sets, I walked out of a Voivod show. They were the headlining act that night, but it was just kind of silly to me – and I’d just seen GWAR. Not that Voivod aren’t talented, but the vocals never worked for me. I actually consider Dark Hound in the same class as Voivod, but the fact of the matter is that I prefer their frontman/bassist E.T. Brown far more than Denis Bélanger. The man just sounds harmless, which I don’t think works well for thrash. I also felt that the Voivod I’ve heard is just a little flat. It’s also quite harmless. These guys did a cover of the sixties’ Batman theme for crying out loud and it’s the most inoppressive thing I’ve ever heard. Dark Hound on the other hand have a rather chunky bass end, which goes great with guitarists Evan Hensley and Preston Walls. Of course, you’ve got to have a thundering backbone on the drum kit with Josh Brown, and they deliver there as well. I’m not going to say that Brown hits ever note perfectly, nor that he is just some kind of ravenous beast throughout the disc, but it helps to have a gritty vocal bark every once in a while to show more muscle to this progressive thrash machine. As you well know, I like my grooves and these guys give me those grooves along with the kinds of solo efforts that we may expect with a band featuring dual axemen. Leads and rhythms snake about the tapestry of this thing, while Brown pounds his bass and allows for the kind of crunch that gets my head banging and my foot tapping. Can’t quite bang my head like I used to, but I can still feel that energy and it still gets my body moving. If you’re looking for an album that channels acts like Voivod with the punch of latter-era Nevermore, then Dark Hound is going to be just what you’re looking for. After all, with tracks like “Thrashgasm” it’s easy to see that they haven’t forgotten what kind of music they play and for that, I’m thankful. I apologize for all of the Voivod bashing here, but I gave them honest listens and just can’t get into much of it. Though with Dark Hound, I found what I was looking for with Voivod. Funny how that happens.

(11 Tracks, 48:00)


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