Darkest Era – Gods and Origins 7″ (2015)

There’s very little that I need to say about Darkest Era. I’ve got a copy of Severance in my collection, and consider this short but necessary piece a must for your collection. The record begins with a fine showcase of power/thrash called “An Dagda” (4:20) which hits all the right notes and shows why the band is as memorable, and then there’s “Elohim” (3:34) which is actually an acoustic track, but unleashes a wave of sheer emotional power in all of it’s folky goodness. Both tracks aren’t easily cast aside and show the band at their best, but I’ve never really gotten into these 7” thingies and would rather hear these in the context of the band’s third, and soon to be additionally memorable album. That’s because Darkest Era make memorable albums, as they’re a totally memorable band. Nothing more needs to be said here. Go pick it up if you like oversized CD’s that I’ve completely forgotten how to play.

(2 Tracks, 7:00)


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