Darkrypt Talk Indian Metal Scene, Horror Films & Last Year’s Election!

India’s Darkrypt have really made a name for themselves in the underground scene lately. Having recently recorded a video with Revolting’s own Rogga Johansen, these guys are truly bringing forth the fright as they Scream Bloody Gore with some of the most menacing riffs in the scene today.

This one’s a real pummeler, guys. Tell me a bit about how it all came together and some of the acts that you think had a hand in inspiring the Delirious Excursion.

Thanks a lot for having us here.

We actually started writing music two years ago. Last year we decided to work towards releasing an EP. We were in talks with Kunal Choksi (Transcending Obscurity) to work out something and that’s when he suggested that we rather write some more material and aim for an album. So we went back to the drawing room and a few months later, we hit the studio. It was a wonderful experience in songwriting and recording and was quite enlightening for us. Having the legendary Rogga Johansson on of our songs (Cryptic Illusions) was a very satisfying moment. We also got a chance to collaborate with our compatriots Nitin Rajan (from the band Primitiv and Killibrium) as well as Riju Dasgupta (from Primitiv and Albatross).

We’ve been influenced by various genres of music. From jazz to death metal, the wide range of influences really helped us shape our overall sound. To name a few, the metal bands that influenced us on a whole for this album would be Death, Sulphur Aeon, Adramalech, Demilich , Paradise Lost, Grave, Bolt Thrower, Immolation, Obituary, early Hypocrisy, Alkaloid, Revocation, Chapel of Disease, Cruciamentum and Dark Fortress.

Lately, I’ve been noticing what sounds like a huge influx of metal coming from the Indian scene. I’m sure that there were records coming out here and there, but now it seems like many acts from the country are really jumping face-forward into the awesomeness of metal. What do you think inspired this new trend?

Metal is a means to channel one’s emotions in a productive way. Metal in India has always been personal and close to the heart for most metalheads. Metalheads are like a persecuted minority. You generally aren’t allowed to have long hair at school or wear a nice black band t-shirt and have nice beard to an average workplace. So there’s this deep satisfaction when you see a random metalhead in a train or a bus with long hair, wearing some band’s t-shirt; because they stood for what they love.

Some of the tightest and best bands in India are metal bands because they’re really passionate about it and they stand for something bigger than an average life.

Here in the states, metal is still pretty niche. People will look down upon you if you listen to gore-splattered death metal like this, even if you’re a good person at heart. Is it the same over there? Or are people a little more understanding of the heavy metal culture?

Metal has always been an even smaller niche in India. You’re generally conceived to be a psychopath or a social waste if you’re a metalhead. Overall we’d say that the general public is of two kinds. The first kind of general public simply doesn’t know what Metal is and generally doesn’t understand it. They don’t care what your clothes represent or what your music even means. The second kind of general public is the one with prejudice which notices your clothes, considers metal as blasphemy and tags you a social waste.

And then of course there are those who respect you, believe in you and support you till the very end. We’re always glad to have them.

There are some incredible leads on this record, and I’d say the same with it’s solo sections. What are some of your inspirations on guitar?

Mihir: Marty Friedman has been one of my biggest inspirations which really pushed me to create melodic and memorable phrases rather than playing very fast. Also, Jeff ‘Mantas’ Dunn from Venom with his attitude and sheer aggressive assault as his playing just rips you like a chainsaw. I’d also say Al Di Meola for some really exotic Latin Jazz grooves and scales. Simplicity was very important for me. The goal was to play simpler but enjoyable solos which would go well with the dark tone and the thrill of the songs. Reggae has also been a very big influence for me and thus a lot of my phrasing is upbeat or offbeat.

Rishabh: Chuck schuldiner from Death and Alexi Laiho from COB have been one of the biggest inspirations for me. The leads in the songs were created to add more depth to the songs and with an approach of making songs even darker but melodic as well. The goal for me has always been to draw inspiration from artists and then create something of my own, something original. That is what has been done in this album. The same with solos. Harmonic minor scales and arabic scales gel well with our music. It was all about understanding our music and knowing when to play melodic solos and aggressively fast solos.

What are some of the things that inspire your music? Despite its harsh tone, there seem to be some very deep topics here in the form of tracks like “Limbonic Dichotomy” for example. What are some topics that you feel most strongly about on the record and knew that you had to put to music?

The concept of Delirious Excursion has been a very thrilling subject for us. We explore the savageness and brutality of human nature as this human nature tries to adapt itself to modern social norms. We’ve written the album as a story and Delirious Excursion describes a psychopath’s journey as his hate transforms him into a murderer. The songs simply encompass the different events and moods of this story. We knew we had to talk about Hate and Violence. But the most important dimension that we talk a lot about in our album is the guilt and sadness that any self-conscious human feels deep within after committing violence. It’s this sorrow that’s really important to help us be better people in life.

Of course the story that we present in this album is part of a bigger story and concept that we’ve envisioned and which we’d like to explore in future albums.

I hear that you’re quite a fan of horror movies. What are some of the best you’ve ever seen?

Horror films these days are pretty tame but a few years ago came some of the greatest. The list is huge but if we had to choose, we’d say The Orphanage, The Shining, The Thing and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. We also play lots of video games and we can swear that the Silent Hill video games have been some of the most haunting experiences.

Do you feel that there is hope for humanity? Or are we all completely fucked?

I guess we’re pretty much doomed. We’re facing a world-wide political crisis as world leaders are too divided as well as lazy to act. Capitalist gains have become the main objective of life. Extremism has never been bigger than today.

Our environment has never been so damaged as today. It only takes a look at the amount of thrash we create and dump every day. It simply takes a few minutes of wondering to realise what has been happening all these years and how badly we’ve damaged the planet already. The planet will eventually and naturally balance itself out by eliminating the human race.
There’s also a great psychological and lifestyle crisis we’re facing. The problem is that we’re too sucked up in a vicious cycle of growing up, studying, working and spending the money, that we simply never notice and appreciate the simpler happiness and satisfaction in life.

There’s definitely hope. But it’s gonna take unprecedented determination and action to save our race.

Being in India, what do you think of our election over here, which most people will not stop talking about? Do you feel that there’s a good choice, or could both candidates work to make the world an even worse place?

That’s a difficult question. We don’t really know these people that well enough. You’ve two candidates who’re pretty much polar opposites. Yet, it doesn’t mean that one’s good and the other’s bad.

Hillary Clinton – We can say she’s quite aggressively pro-war. She’s a seasoned politician with some good experience. But she has already committed some blunders and at around 70 years of age, there’s always a question of whether it’s time to choose someone with more fire. And also there’s a question of dynastic politics.

Donald Trump – We can’t necessarily declare he’s a bad person. He’s a semi-fascist. But so have been many of the previous Presidents. He is well experienced though to run an economy. He’s looking to strengthen the borders of the US which may be bad news for a lot of people. His policies may seem to be racist or xenophobic, but apparently he also seems to be the only candidate with a will and a spine to do what he wants.

Better or Worse? We don’t know. We don’t know these people personally and probably we’ll never even meet them or talk to them. So we cannot really judge them sitting on another planet. The results have never been in ours hands either. Time will tell. But what is in our hands is to do what we love in life and that’s to make unadulterated and uncompromising music.

We’re glad to have had this opportunity to talk to you. Thanks a lot for having us here mate. We appreciate your time.

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