De Profundis – Frequencies EP

De Profundis - Frequencies EP

De Profundis – Frequencies EP (2014) – Coming right off the heels of the band’s third release The Emptiness Within (which I haven’t heard yet) this record seems to carry with it a very classy style of progressive death metal, which reminds me a little bit of latter-era Death, but with more of a grunt in the vocals than what Chuck Schuldiner was known for in his later years. The record comes in at about twenty minutes or so and it’s certainly entertaining because I’ve listened to it about five times, finding myself sucked into the melody while texting on my phone or doing other such things. It’s music that you’ll keep coming back to, as the melodies are so vast and intricate, while the drumming and vocal element is rather crushing. Some say that it wasn’t crushing enough however, and that the vocals could have been a bit louder in the mix, but that didn’t bother me so much, as I pretty much got lost in the atmosphere. It’s a really intriguing EP, so hopefully their next offering builds from this one. Pick it up!

(4 Tracks, 20:00)

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