Death The Leveller – II (2020)

These guys are proof positive that like all things, even doom must evolve. Arguably considered the earliest form of heavy metal (if we’re still considering Black Sabbath to be the progenitor of the whole thing) this record seems to add a bit more to the mix, as it crafts a soundscape that I would consider largely atmospheric and more melancholy than brooding. There’s nothing about the record that feels overly hopeless, but it does feel a bit sorrowed and I suppose that will be what the fans are looking for. There are only four songs here, but as is in common doom nature, they are all quite long and heavily drawn out. Soaring vocals and fantastic melodies comprise the muscle of this album, with very few sections where the band breaks out of their comfort zone. “The Golden Bough” strays slightly from this description right in the middle to observe a bit of punch and closer “The Crossing” starts to feel a bit more like hard rock in some instances, so II is not quite what some of you might be expecting. Even so, it is largely what you may expect from a doom album where the atmosphere is more important than the grieving. As a matter of fact, parts of the album even feel a bit brighter than you might think. I’m not sure quite where Death The Leveller are going with this, but it certainly comes off a bit unique compared to what I’m normally handed in this genre.

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