Deathwhite – For A Black Tomorrow (2018)


For A Black Tomorrow

Season Of Mist

Considering how giddy I was over the band’s EP release Solitary Martyr, this official full-length debut from the Pennsylvanian trio wasn’t necessarily as interesting. It just felt like another version of Katatonia and they’ve already penned this style down to a science. Yes, there are slight bits of extremity here and there, but it mostly seems to be a forced backing to what is essentially heavy melancholic rock. Don’t believe me? Check out “Eden” which is harmless enough to feature on modern rock radio. Though that may be the point, and I think I’ve even said similar about a few tracks on the previously released EP. It isn’t that I think Deathwhite aren’t a strong band, but if we really break the vocal style down, we are left with what is essentially pop-rock. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t passionate, nor uplifting in all of it’s melacholic glee, but please don’t expect some kind of ferocious performance in the vein of black metal, regardless of a few tremolo tinges here and there. The disc offers more prog-influence than anything else. It also reaches gothic metal territory, even though no one will unseat Peter Steele and Johan Edlund from my mind there. It even seems to take a tinge from A Perfect Circle, where Maynard James Keenan wasn’t singing over quite as experimental pieces. What really surprises me though, is why an act like this wouldn’t take on a cover of another melancholic pop song. I’d absolutely love to hear them cover The Goo Goo Dolls “Iris” and I’ve no doubt in my mind that they could do it. That would just be a terrific cover for them, it fits the melancholic rock style here perfectly. Fans of acts like Katatonia, A Perfect Circle, Anathema, Soen and Sinocence are recommended to check these guys out, but the performance here just didn’t gel with me the first time around. I honestly think that I’m going to have to let this one soak in a little bit, but with some of the artists I’ve just named in this review, I didn’t have to do that just because of the impact that they left from the very first listen. It is never a good sign when a disc rolls in and out of your ears in the same hour, but that’s what happened here. Of course, I love this kind of music – I’m just not feeling it here. Though in the same breath, I’m not going to knock this for the genration that did not grow up with the bands that I did and I hope that Deathwhite will serve as a gateway into those bands I’ve mentioned. I hope that this review will serve as a gateway to those bands I’ve mentioned. I guess this is a really nice way of saying, “Great show guys, but I’ve heard better.”

(9 Tracks, 43:00)


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