Decomposed – Devouring

Decomposed - Devouring

Decomposed – Devouring (PR2014) – This short death metal release offers a promising performance from Decomposed. The album sounds like it’s full of grit and grime, coupled with monstrous roars and slight progressive touches. The drums don’t necessarily blast, but they don’t need to either. Immediately, I’m noticing a stable skinsman from the very start of the album; a gentleman that you can tell can do more on the kit than play with the pedals and that means something. I mean, he could machine-gun it the whole time like almost every other death metal band, but the fact that Decomposed aren’t trying to sound like everyone else has me interested. There’s actually so much muscularity and structure on this album that it sort of creates its own atmosphere and that’s important. It makes me want to keep listening, hear what else they have in store. Perhaps there’s a bit of post metal influence here and there, I won’t deny that. And you still get a healthy bit of kit mutilation on “Voices Of Endless Decay 1:48” and “Ode To The End 5:41” so it’s not a complete atmosphere in that sense. As a whole, the disc shows that Decomposed are trying to do something different and I applaud that. You know, I get so many blood-soaked death metal acts that I can’t even fucking tell them apart sometimes. That’s fine, but every once in a while it’s nice to hear a bunch of guys who are more interested in the eerie atmospheres of death metal, rather than it’s rampant brutality. Devouring is the kind of album that can send chills up your spine with instrumentals like “Boiling Blood 3:37” and doom-laden epics like the title track (and album closer.) No, it’s not a long disc. But it’s from a band with a great degree of promise and I really hope that they’ll hang in there for the long run. Don’t miss out on this one. Definitely recommended.

(8 Tracks, 36:00)



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