Deicide – Overtures Of Blasphemy (2018)


Overtures Of Blasphemy

Century Media

Playing music in an era that frontman Glenn Benton no longer feels is lucrative, it remains uncertain as to whether or not we’re getting another Deicide disc. Various commenters have criticized the band for “putting out boring music with a dated gimmick” but it’s also far from the early nineties and two generations have spanned the death metal stalwarts long career of death metal. Even if the above remains rule of law for most of these people and only the older purists purchase the album, at least the guys went out with a bang. Opener “One With Satan” really captures the band at what they do best, mixing together elements of thrash with Benton’s thick vocal bark to give people a taste of what classic death metal still has to offer. With a breakneck solo added to top the piece off beautifully, this is how it’s done. “Crawled From The Shadows” comes in fierce as well and it almost feels as if this one record that will not let up. “Seal The Tomb Below” actually features an approach from Benton that doesn’t quite as thick, but it punishes like a classic thrash track. With nice, heavy grooves and pleasant backing melodies, this is so far a quite killer experience. I just hope that the guitar solo lasts a bit longer than ten seconds this time. Oh, nope. Or maybe I second guessed that. The second solo section actually gets carte blanche and isn’t easily kicked to the curb, making for a real pummeler altogether. “Compliments Of Christ” features some mighty grooves, I’m quite pleased with this one. There’s also a great raspy vocal section that feels like experimentation in a sense and should definitely be encouraged at this rate. This record is far from boring. “All That Evil” continues the fierce grooves, while “Excommunicated” throws back into classic thrash. Change the vocal style and we’ve nearly got classic Testament in some regards. Maybe even a hint of Slayer. “Anointed In Blood” opens with memorable guitar melodies, not all that apparent in the other cuts as of yet, so that’s pleasant. I love these kicking grooves too, that’s what I come to death metal for. It’s what I come to thrash for as well, and that’s very much what Deicide are doing right now. Without a doubt, this is now one of my favorite Deicide cuts.

So far, so good. But can they keep up this momentum? “Crucified Soul of Salvation” is quite standard-fare, so maybe not. But then we have “Defying The Sacred” which opens with a solo and follows a thunderous march that later brings in the guitar solo it opened with, this time decorated with Benton’s voice. Now, some people don’t like vocals during their solos, but this is one case that I’ll accept, especially since it launches into an equally powerful second solo before pounding us to mincemeat with the drum kit. And once again, I really love the melodies here. This might be one of the best records the band will ever release. “Consumed By Hatred” is just kinda there, while “Flesh, Power, Dominion” brings right back the eighties heyday of thrash. The last cut here is “Destined To Blasphemy” which begins on a low node and just more or less features more of what the band does best – straightforward death metal.

While nothing ultimately new, Deicide prove here that if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Maybe the kids don’t have ears for this kind of stuff, but those of us who remember the glory days of death metal and thrash and just plain classic metal in general will find a lot to like here. It’s not deathcore, it’s not pipeting samples of guitar for technicality, it’s not atmosphere and female vocals or even anything vocally relevant to sociopolitical topics, feminist line dancing or Buddhist quilt-making. This is burly death metal the way that grandpa used to make, with all the pseudo Satanic rumblings that made it so great and against the status quo in the early nineties. The status quo may have changed, but the song here remains insane and I’m definitely glad to hear something coming from the Deicide camp that doesn’t feel like just another drop in the bucket. If this really does wind up being the band’s last, then they’ve gone out with not just a bang, but a nuclear explosion that I’d highly recommend checking out. You can grab the album at the link below and it’ll be worth it for all fans of old school death-dealing. Satan commands you!

(12 Tracks, 38:00)


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