Dementia Senex/Sedna – Depraved Split (2015)

This short split features two Italian acts. The first act Dementia Senex, are using their track “Blue Dusk” (7:49) to move into an entirely new direction. It sounds like a mixture of post-metal and death/doom, which comes off quite morose, yet quite passionate. The vocal end is extremely potent, while the lead melodies carry a sort of calming sorrow that sometimes hurtles into an inferno. I’m actually quite thrilled with this one and would like to hear more from these guys, now that they’ve changed their style in a way that I find far more mature. The next act Sedna, sound awfully similar to the previous one except for the fact that they’ve added in some tremolos, blast beats and other basic black metal references. The vocal edge however, is just as fucking passionate and just as menacing as it is impactful. “Red Shift” (7:43) isn’t just a fierce and depressing number, it’s also a well-written track that I can assure you isn’t about silly Hell and Satan things. Whatever is going on in this number is most certainly something that comes from the heart and I can feel it. Such can be said for both pieces, which are definitely worth checking out in their fifteen minute playing time. Both songs seem to go together, which makes for a really intriguing split. Go check it out.

(2 Tracks, 15:00)


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