Demon Hunter – Extremist (2014)

Demon Hunter - Extremist

“If this is the case, then they’ve gone straight out of relevancy and into mediocrity with something that sounds so far removed from the sound that they first began with on their debut and really honed with 2010’s The World Is A Thorn that I can’t even believe this is the same band. Marketed as a modern doom sound, these guys could’ve fooled me, because I hear barely any semblance of doom riffs, save for the introductory piece “Death,“ which I thought was one of the best moments on the album. Everything after that seems to be core-influenced hard rock with the gut-punch vocal style on the verses and clean vocal choruses. They do manage to pull off a few memorable earworms like “Last One Alive” and “Hell Don’t Need Me,” which are radio ready in an instant, but throughout the entire span of the album, the only track that really managed to catch hold was “Beyond Me,” which hearkened back to the sound that got me into the band in the first place, with Summer Of Darkness…”

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