Dimension F3H – This Mechanical World (2016)

    After nearly nine years of silence, these Norwegian industrial/electronic metallers have finally returned. Yet there’s a chance that several of you might have missed out on this album, so that’s one reason I’m covering it here. Even though the disc sounds (as expected) heavily computerized, mastermind Mr. Morfeus is not the sole musician here, just as was on prior albums. Guitarist Mr. Mortvind and bassist Mr. Moe join him, in what comes off as a relatively decent experience. Problem is, this record is slightly off-kilter for me and I feel that in some places that vocals might be almost completely out of sync with the rest of the band. Also, the vocal tracks are a bit louder than they should be, which comes off as unnecessarily obnoxious. The band obviously went with a lot of chug this time around and few tracks seem to pull off a heavy thrash vibe in favor of several slow-kills. It isn’t that there aren’t good songs, it just feels as if this one barely scoots by on the skin of it’s teeth. I won’t say that its boring, but it feels often lumbering which is a shame – because Dimension F3H were capable of some rather strong numbers just a few years ago. Perhaps my biggest issue with the disc is it’s pacing, even though some notable keyboard/synth melodies and guitar solo sections make the disc standout aside from subtle nodes of texture, which seem to remain intact from previous efforts. Dimension F3H can still make solid music, but this one seems a bit undercooked for me and I’d recommend just giving it a few listens before expecting to fully soak it in. At the very least, “Those Who Make Things Worse” is a pretty strong number and shows that these guys aren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.

    (10 Tracks, 44:00)




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