Disastroid – Screen (2017)




San Francisco’s Disastroid have been going strong for a number of years, having released a new EP almost every year since ’12. It might seem a bit strange that the band has so many EP’s and not one full-length, but if you think about it, this allows them to put out a lot of music whenever they feel the need to do so. This is not saying that the band will never release a full-length, but it just doesn’t seem to be what they want to do now.

As for the record, it reminds me a little bit of Mastodon, Kyuss, Primus and Queens Of The Stone Age. There is definitely a heavy backbone to the disc, but it feels rather intelligent; hence the “math rock” subgenre tag that goes along with “stoner” and “sludge.” If we put that all together, we would have a bunch of sludgy, dirty intelligent stoners and that’s more or less what you’re getting here. Though you’re also getting a little bit of Killing Joke (New Day) which is not an influence I would have pegged for these guys. There’s also a great deal of blues influence here, as we can hear from “I Didn’t Kill Myself” which also channels Soundgarden. I hear some slight Chris Cornell in the frontman’s approach here, but closer to the end of the album, we get some heavier cuts like “Clinical Perfection” and the rough-necked “Gunslinger.” The band also manages to throw in a nice little instrumental called “Choke The Falcon.” Disastroid are one of those bands who’ve already defined their sound and image over the years to a point where they’d be snatched up by a big label at any moment. The band are already playing live shows in their area, but have since taken off for the winter to resume playing in January. I can definitely understand that, as I also told them that this would be the last physical album I’d be covering for the rest of the year. Thankfully, I’m quite pleased with the performance offered here and I think that as of late, these guys are headed for some truly great things in the future. The performance is very crisp, well-structured and feels like it came from a band that you’ll recall in the future. I’m just waiting on the major rock and metal press to cover these guys as that’s what will really allow them to take off. In my opinion, Disastroid are stars in the making.

(9 Tracks, 34:00)

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