Do Eyes Wide Shut Parties Still Exist? Seth Green Thinks So.

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and don’t represent the views of anyone else but myself. That makes it quite easy, doesn’t it?

Most of you probably already know by now that I’m kind of a conspiracy nut. And most conspiracies have actually been proven to be true throughout the span of time, so if I’m just another “tin-foil hat” then that’s fine. But what recently caught my attention was a recent interview that actor and Robot Chicken creator Seth Green did with Tom Green for the AXS TV special, Tom Green Live! But before I get to the interview in question, let me just say that I like this show because it offers uncut interviews from guests spanning from film, music, art, comedy and more. Being that it’s uncut, they can say whatever they want. They can also drink on the show, as Tom and Seth did; and during the show both became so drunk that lips became just a tad loose. Yet the comment in question was towards the “wildness of Hollywood.” Seth didn’t say much, but what he did say was enough to convince me that the work of sites like Vigilant Citizen and numerous others aren’t just false rumors made for publicity. Something seedy is indeed going on in Hollywood and the small comment he made proves it.

When asked about some of the odd parties he’s witnessed, Seth said that some of them definitely were “like, Eyes Wide Shut” parties. Tom Green of course, was interested in this, so he pressed on and Seth replied “…some of the parties didn’t start out that way, but they became like that later” (forgive me as I’m paraphrasing here, but that’s roundabout the comment – please go watch the episode live if you’d like to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak.) which can be taken to mean that most of these Hollywood gatherings start out innocently enough, but some “really freaky” stuff goes on later in the night. He ended that section of the interview by saying that “it’s a dark town, if you dig deep enough you’re going to find some pretty freaky things.” The question is, how freaky? What exactly is going on in Hollywood? Obviously there have been a lot of pagan and occult leanings in the industry as far as movies and music have been concerned and for someone who’s done quite a bit of study into such subjects, I can understand why such high walls and gated entrances might be the perfect place to conceal damn near anything. This is nothing new however, as what went on the castle stayed in the castle. Remember that the name “Holly Wood” was actually taken from the kind of wood that a druid would use to make a staff for use in magickal practices. So when we hear the phrase, “Hollywood Magic!” then we should already understand what that refers to from the previous statement. To keep magickal energy flowing, it only makes sense that rituals and sacrifices would have to be made almost constantly to keep the incantation strong. Hence why we’ve had so many “drug overdoses.” Besides, who’s to say that someone can’t be murdered using drugs as a means of murder? It’s much easier for someone to say that a celebrity was battling drugs. But come on, folks. This is getting ridiculous – these people are dropping like flies.

Meanwhile, the symbolism keeps appearing. I haven’t watched the video myself, but Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” had more than its share of symbolism and was reaching out to more than its share of younger viewers. I’m sure that some of them are already interesting in Egyptian occultism now, not to mention the fact that they’re just going ahead and using the pyramid and eye in the damn video now. Apparently they’re trying to make the Illuminati popular. But why? Do they need more power or something? And is this just to keep Hollywood afloat, or is it because of something even more sinister? What could one society need with so much energy? It’s boggled my mind for quite a while, yet it seems that occult practices are growing in our society. Surely I’m not religious, but I do know that something untoward is afoot when you’re promoting witchcraft to children. I think that the occult arts are something that someone should study only if they wish to know the unknown. These things shouldn’t be forced or glamorized. Yet they are. And that for me is a problem. Not because children are being encouraged to utilize and give their energies up to those who practice, but because the symbols alone are having a profound effect on them. It is said that the energy of the youth is most pure, (and I won’t get into the full details of that, make your own idea of that statement) so this is why all those young ones who grew up with Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber are now being exposed to heavy doses of ritual and gratuitous amounts of sex. I’m sorry, but there is no reason that these “tweens” should be posting sexually explicit pictures of themselves on the internet and I blame this manufactured “culture” for it.

One might look for answers in books and religions, possibly on countless internet sites and forums; but the truth of the matter is that clearly an elite sect of powerful, wealthy and astute magickal practitioners have hijacked society in order to fuel their own means. It’s the essential nature of magick in its darkest element. I don’t believe in a “white” or “black” magick, but I do believe in benevolent and malevolent means attributed to an incantation. I still have no idea as to why the occult is a part of this, as I would assume that these people could do fine on their own with all of the businesses, assets and overall power they control; but I guess they feel that they need help? So in the end, are they just as powerless as the rest of us? Think about it. If they were really so powerful, then they wouldn’t need to use these occult energies at all. They could do “it” with their wealth, power and assets alone. So perhaps it will crumble eventually, but I do believe that there will be one heck of a storm before then.

At any rate, go check out the films Eyes Wide Shut and They Live for some more imagery into what’s going on here. By the way, the costume designer for Eyes Wide Shut died just a few weeks ago. They say it was a “suicide.” But I don’t buy it and neither should you.


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