Dominhate – Emissaries Of Mourning (2016)

Fans of dark and foreboding death metal mayhem will completely devour this new EP from Italian four-piece, Dominhate. The disc is short (or it wouldn’t be in the shortlist) but it’s quite punishing, throwing us directly into a cavern by which we’re forced to sift through all of the dirt and the monsters which lie within it. Doom is very much a focus of this album, with bass riffs that sound so low in the mix that they might be mistaken for the roars of demons along with a drumming performance that feels every bit like we should expect for this kind of music. I’m brought to mind acts like Morbid Angel and Immolation, by which flaming guitar solos rise up from out of the muck and bring the metal pounding right to your face. I’ve listened to this record twice during the review and I honestly can’t find even the smallest issue with it. These four guys know what they’re doing and seem to have a good grip on it, which is no doubt going to make for a full-length release that’s literally just as good or better. I’ve heard ten thousand pounds of death metal in the past number of years, but acts like this one are the kind that really stand out. I’d certainly remember Emissaries Of Mourning over bland efforts from others, by which there is no real thought to atmosphere, vocals or composition. The record is certainly a no-nonsense approach and isn’t trying to achieve anything new with the genre, but with so much doom and gloom pumped into this oppressive death metal terrorizer, I don’t really feel that reaching for new heights is what this band needs to do. Rather, they’re doing a damn fine job as it is. If you’re a death metal fan, you shouldn’t be upset with this one, and if you are, then I’m going to slap you. Suffice it to say, Emissaries Of Misery is definitely an EP worth picking up and spinning a few times before their next full-length, which hopefully won’t be too far away.

(5 Tracks, 19:00)



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