Doomster Reich – Drug Magick (2018)

Doomster Reich

Drug Magick

Aesthetic Death/Old Temple

Poland’s Doomster Reich are back, now definitely sounding more like the Pentagram similarity found on Metal Archives than ever before. Rasz has even changed his harsh vocal rasp to more of a classic howl, which definitely cements the stoner/doom mood far more than a black metal one. This isn’t an issue for me, because (ex-Architect Of Disease) axeman Markiz really tears it up, especially when the band goes into psychedelic jam sessions. It isn’t there that aren’t any harsh portions to be found on the record, it’s just that this is more of a trippy ode to Lucifer than a blood soaked or corpse painted one, which is fine. I’d drop LSD with the devil a time or two as well. Though it should be noted that this psychedelia isn’t simply created by the guitars alone. Though they’ve never needed it before, Mlody’s keyboards and sound samples certainly didn’t hurt what might be described as a psychedelic drug trip of the darkest kind. What’s more, is this is the very thing I’d actually pay to see live – because if it involves musicians creating an atmosphere that momentarily takes me out-of-body, I’m definitely all for it. This record literally becomes so trippy at times that you can lose your head while listening, and in my opinion, this means that the band are doing something right. Bits of extreme metal still pervade here and there, to add a decidedly dark tinge to the performance, but just as I loved their Let Us Fall EP from a few years back, (and I still have some of those covers on my personal playlist) I’ve also managed to fall head over heels in some sort of DMT mixed with mescaline and a side of ketamine love with this one. This is my second listen, and I’m already hearing wonderful things yet again, which means that these guys might be one of the best acts in Poland right now. As much as I love your work Nergal, it might be time to move aside for this new and slightly more intriguing side of heavy metal. Doom has its roots in the golden era, so it might be older than black and death metal, but what Doomster Reich have done with this genre is quite remarkable. This disc was a long time coming, but after a strong debut and two equally strong EP recordings, I’d definitely say that these gentlemen are the verge of a worldwide breakthrough. I just don’t want them to be faced with a name change because of the current state of social justice affairs.

I’d honestly punch the first person in the face who calls these guys out for being some kind of neo-nazis because they have “Reich” in their name. I really hope we’re beyond that, but some of these fucking millennials just have to mold the world in their own image. Aside from all of this doom and gloom, we can’t forget that even if all hell breaks lose in the journalistic side of things and people start crying about a name, these guys definitely deserve every little bit of fame they can get. I’ve been covering them for a while now, so I know how potent their releases can be. Just in case you’re someone who wears their feelings on their sleeves and just can’t bear to know that you’re listening to a band who is glorifying Lucifer (thankfully, he doesn’t get enough respect these days) while brandishing the name Doomster Reich, just think of them as the Dr. Pepper band or something. When I was attending school in a very religious setting, I was quite a fan of Greek metal sensation (they’re apparently one of the biggest rock stars in Greece right now) Rotting Christ. But of course, we couldn’t really use the term much, so we nicknamed them The RC Cola band. One thinks that The Grim Lord will eventually run out of soda-based sugarcoats for popular acts, but as one level of censorship moves into the other, you have to do what you have to do. I honestly don’t care what the guys are called, because they truly make some of the best doom I’ve heard in recent memory and would heavily recommend it. Again. These guys just keep knocking them out of the park and I can’t wait to hear more. Drug Magick is definitely a sign of metal’s continued strength in 2018, and it is definitely one of the grimmest and trippiest doom metal discs that I’ve ever heard. So whether we call them Doomster Reich or Dr. Pepper, it is safe to say that they aren’t going anywhere soon. Or at least, they’d better not!

(6 Tracks, 56:00)


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