I know that some of you have been waiting a while for this, especially since Funimation (or rather Toonami in general) are running the series dub at a snail’s pace and I got tired of seeing fifteen minutes of pointless dialogue before someone even threw a punch. The solution? Well, I bought two Dragonball Super DVD boxsets from Malaysia for a fair price. As with most products, it took a while to ship – but the end result was actually worth it, and what I can describe as so far the best of these boxsets.


Episodes 1-87 with Chinese, Malaysian and English subtitles.


Both of the DVD Boxes were splendid. Foil logos, intricate art design and spoilery images on the inside of the box. Equal to anything from the US publisher, which makes sense as (apparently, at least according to some research) Lambian Filem are the legal Malaysian publisher for all DVDs in the country. I was quite impressed.


Equally impressed, as these are essentially ripped KamiFanSubs with high quality and entirely coherent subs. Definitely top quality for the country, especially when their subs get a bad rap (and deservingly so, considering some of their old DVD box sets). I’m sure KamifanSubs is pretty upset that their subs are being sold overseas by the legal publisher over there in Malaysia, but it’s a completely different country and there’s very little that can be done about it. I’m sure similar has been done, as the internet is where they seem to go to get their subbed films anyway. The DVD menu performs well, featuring the first intro theme for both DVDs, regardless of the fact that the second set contains the latter episodes where the theme has been changed. The first box was mainly made up of separate episodes (13 per disc) and the second box had large chunks, which I wasn’t exactly crazy about (ie: you can’t resub them unless you want to do a lot of cutting). I also need to mention that while LF produced the first box, another company produced the second. I have no disc issues or errors to report and can also state that regardless of the company change; myanimation still lists them on their site, which is a good thing as there are some really crazy looking bootlegs of these that do not have the myanimation website url on them. I’d beware of these. They also only go up to 79 instead of 87, so clearly the second box I have is the better buy. I’ll also note that some of the episodes (just a few) have a timestamp on them.

After binging discs on the first box and the majority of the second, I can say that I’m very happy with this purchase. I can see why they’ve been selling like hotcakes, and that would be the fault of Funimation and Crunchyroll streaming, rather than making the actual boxes that we want for the series. Kai released, but Super still sits without a physical counterpart. I actually love the dubbed version of Dragonball Z/GT/Super and would love to see as many of these released in English as Malaysia have released in Japanese. The Japanese version is quite nice though, I don’t understand why Goku gets so much flack in the west for having a much different voice. It is after all, the way it always was over there. Some people just can’t respect culture.

Until the western version of Super is released, I would definitely recommend checking these out, if you don’t mind waiting a few weeks. The quality and subs are great, I literally couldn’t be happier. But just keep in mind that you are getting the equivalent of what’s already streamable as it is, and this set will not feature the still ongoing Universe Survival arc that you can find online. But not everyone has good internet and some people still prefer the good old DVD format. While I don’t think you’re supporting Funimation (the US licenser of Dragonball) you are supporting the Malaysian licenser Lambian Filem, who as I said before; are the reason why the country has anime at all. They also seem to work with some Japanese publishers for events at their stores, like I’ll picture below. The Japanese publishers are not completely in the dark about this anymore, and I do think that at least some of these publishers are working to bring the official releases of these anime and films over to the country. That being said, it also seems like native Malaysians want the original stuff and complain when they pay quite a bit for something that isn’t an official DVD print. All in all, Malaysia is a very interesting country and I’d guess that all of these DVDs I’ve covered has given me an interest in it. I have one more review to do in this set, because I need to cover the fact that I was given a very sub-par release and the bad side of this. Dragonball is a very rare case and it is very possible that you may experience some issues with these DVDs as a whole.

Presentation: 10
Performance: 9
Overall: 9

Due to the uncertain nature of buying these things, this next review of the complete Fist Of The North Star box set will probably be my last in this set. While I’ll keep getting them every now and again from the net, it’s probably not a great idea to go out there and publish it. Just take these couple of blog posts as an example of what it’s like when you do get them and always support the publishers in your area when you have the funds to do so. Not everything comes over here, or will even get a box for that matter – which is why the Malay DVDs can be useful.


So, the dubbed Vol.1 Release of Dragon Ball Super has appeared for retail this week. That being said, how much do you think it costs? Furthermore, how many episodes do you think are in the collection? If you said $30 (more for Blu-Ray) and just thirteen measly episodes, then you would be correct. Granted, anime companies have charged similar for less in the past, but 13 episodes is a bit of a joke for that price. The English dub is not THAT good. Furthermore, no dub is THAT good. The Japanese version is up to episode 104 and we’re selling a mere ten percent of the series over here for nearly the full price that I paid for these boxsets which contain around 80% of what has currently been aired. I suspect sales for these Malay boxes to continue, especially considering that Funimation has no fucking idea how to market to it’s consumers. I would have at least been happy with 26 episodes or the first two sagas covered, than a $30 retelling of Battle Of Gods. It honestly makes me want to slap the head of their marketing department in the face. All of Dragonball GT was sold for $30 and that’s sixty episodes. What makes Super so grand? Grand enough that they can sell a mere fraction of it for the price of an entire series? It’s no wonder that people are streaming, with physical prices so high. I’m quite ashamed in this marketing decision and would completely understand now why someone would want the Malaysian discs or to stream them on Crunchyroll or several other sites. Once again, $30 for just thirteen episodes is a complete rip-off to the consumer at large. I’ve never been so insulted.

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