Dreadnought – A Wake In Sacred Waves (2017)


A Wake In Sacred Waves

Sailor Records

Another band that was sent to me last year, Dreadnought are really something. At first, it might sound like they’re a folk influenced atmosphere act with a female vocalist, which is nice – but there’s more to the package than what meets the ear.

As the guitar rolls in melodic leads, we are then greeted with unexpectedly sharp scowls (that don’t dissuade from the atmosphere of the original performance, by the way) which are later joined by a myriad of changes in tempo and style, all culminating together for a little over seventeen minutes of playing time, which is a tour-de-force in most instances. Few bands ever open an album like this, but Between The Buried and Me did with “The Proverbial Bellow” on the latest output Automata II, so maybe this practice might become a regular thing for bands. It is true that many people in the industry will only listen to the first two or three songs from an album before making a decision on whether to promote or sign the band anyway (and this is due to an influx of band submissions) so why not go at them with all you’ve got right from the get-go.

As the performance continues, we get a little bit of Agalloch influence as well as some proggy sections that roll right into soft soundscape. Dreadnought give listeners a chance to breathe before all of the heavy stuff comes into place, which is quite rare in retrospect. But one might also say that the band are quite mellow to begin with, which is certainly not a terrible thing to have in an act, as several musicians that I’m confronted with these days tend to play their instruments as fast as fucking possible and want to produce an album that could be equalized to a punch in the mouth. It’s good to hear something that I feel comes off emotionally powerful, and only throws a punch at the listener when it’s appropriate. That level of restraint turns into a band that can do so much more as further evidenced in closer “A Drifitng Reign.” As a matter of fact, I haven’t heard this great a mixture of extreme metal and proggy atmosphere since the early days of Opeth and Agalloch.

There’s definitely something to be explored on A Wake In Sacred Waves and if you overlooked it last year due to the slew of releases by more publicized acts, then you might want to get your hands on it. Dreadnought are horrifyingly beautiful, in a way that feels like an outpouring of the human soul. Be sure to give the disc a listen at the link below.

(4 Tracks, 51:00)


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