Dylan Furr – Nostalgia (2013)

Dylan Furr - Nostalgia

“The second album from progressive guitar virtuoso Dylan Furr is indeed upon us, his last effort Isolated, easily making it into one of the best progressive albums I have heard in years, bringing about mesmerizing guitar work which had a subtle beauty and power that was brimming at the seams with potential. Yet on this release, I found myself quite puzzled and just a little upset at the fact that a man who is as skilled as Dylan had fallen into the djent trend. It was bound to happen eventually with djent based music being the “thing” right now in heavy metal, but to see the man sink so far into this “thing” was something quite disappointing to me. Though Nostalgia has a good framework and lyrical concept, there’s a little bit too much Meshuggah going on in the backbone of this work and I hope that the next album won’t be quite so djent heavy. This made Dylan go from sounding like a unique artist to sounding like every other djent/prog act on Bandcamp and is completely unfortunate. Dylan did say that this new album would be much heavier in places, but I had no idea that “heavy” meant to “fill the album with djent riffs…”

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