Dysylumn – Occultation (2018)



Egregor Records

If there’s one thing that I found most inrtiguing about this dissonant mixture of progressive death and black metal, it would have to be the intensely frightening atmosphere that it creates. I also love the fact that the frontman with a fierce vocal growl, rather than the raspy black metal that I was expecting. Though there are some shouts, it becomes decidedly grim when he really plays to his strengths and rolls completely into character in the recording, which excites me greatly. Occultation can sound like cavernous death metal at times and you can only imagine how well that goes with the decidedly creepy melodies that ebb and flow during the performance. There wasn’t a single light-hearted moment on the disc, and furthermore I’d believe that whatever entity they were trying to summon up with this thing should be quite damn pleased, or they’d be better off summoning a new one, because it’s just too damn picky. I mean, come on – if you’re not digging the horrific vibes laden within this performance, then heavy metal music just might not be for you. I highly recommend listening to this one in the dark, because in my honest opinion, it fits the vibe much better than jamming it during the daytime. Some records are just better listened to while walking through abandoned structures in your earbuds at night, and this is one of them. Or maybe while you’re walking through the sewers. Just watch out for CHUDs. In any case, I don’t think fans of dissonant black/death metal are going to be upset with this one and if they are, then I honestly don’t know what in the fuck they want. So if you’re a dissonant metal fan or perhaps some demonic entity looking for new jams to be summoned to (because Slayer gets tiring after awhile) then definitely give this one a listen. I’m really fascinated by the level of dread here and it’s as grim as these kinds of records should be. Maybe a little less on the blast beats though, they work to drown out the guitar melodies a bit. Give the disc a listen at the link below.

(8 Tracks, 50 minutes)


Purchase HERE (Bandcamp)



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