Ebonillumini – Arktos (2015)

This second full-length album by Ebonillumini seems to carry the same feel as with their first, or the EP – I can’t exactly remember which one it was that I heard first. You get an obvious black metal backing, with some definite avant-garde tinges in a style that sort of reminds me of Arcturus yet with a female vocalist. The frontwoman has a bit of an acquired taste, with her approach being a mix of opera and cabaret. There are a few harsh vocal moments in the background as well, but for a disc with so much depth and variety in lieu of atmosphere, this listen is certainly not for everyone. Nevertheless, it’s still worth a listen as there aren’t too many bands out there that sound even remotely like this. If nothing else, Ebonillumini are certainly doing their own thing and I’m sure that someone is going to appreciate this mix of art and ritualism. Perhaps it will be you.

(10 Tracks, 65:00)


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