Editorial: Attention Employers: Stop Discriminating Based On Outdated Moral Biases Towards Sexual Behavior!

I realize that this is an odd one, but I’ve hammered on about this for months on social media and felt that I would mention it here. Right now, if 85-90% of the human race turned in their nude photos, then 85-90% of the planet would be unemployable. Which leaves the few extreme puritans and the last remaining tribal civilizations. Come on now, even that one guy in the break room who looks bizarrely at his coffee every morning to make sure that a gnat didn’t fall into it probably once sent a picture of his undercarriage to Pam in accounting. This is all due to the fact that we are in an age of modernity where people are all but encouraged to create and share nude pics, join modelling and cam sites or just plain masturbate or have sex on live streams. There’s a great deal of money in this kind of work and sex sells, which makes it very lucrative. Obviously, for those just wanting to start out, they can consider free sexcams, but once they have the experience, they can start charging.

As we’ve seen, there are a lot of women and even some men out there performing some level of sex work while they’re still in their prime of beauty or attractiveness – and unlike those who adhere to the outdated morals of ancient religious law, they’re sharing these moments with the world, or ladies on other sites. Let’s face it, people age. Some people age and never get to show anyone how beautiful they really are. Some people wait until their later ages to have sex, which means that they never got a chance to show themselves off at their veritable peak of beauty. I’m talking about that shy woman at the office who steers clear of everyone else because of strict morality standards imposed on her at a young age. If she had never been raised in this manner, then people would see that she was prime for modeling – some people are just born with great genetics and she just happened to be one of them. Just perhaps not so much on the face, which unfortunately obscures a lot of people who judge appearances at face value. Of course, you get the right hair and makeup artists and you’ve got dazzling shots for a woman who didn’t really think much of herself and didn’t want to get involved with dating or relationships because of her upbringing and ridiculous standards.

I’ve seen women in my life that are far from what most people would consider attractive, yet they chose to stay single because they have more standards than you would ever believe someone could possess. I may have told you before that one of the women I’d worked with had forty-one points that had to have been met before she would even consider dating a person and mind you, this person was far from that of a supermodel. But now, if a woman decides that she wants to open up a page online and gather fans, she may find that she has a lot of admirers. The same goes for men, as they may also find that they have a lot of admirers. Shielding oneself from humanity doesn’t exactly help these matters, but I will save that piece for another time as I feel that it is equally important.

Getting back to the subject at hand, we have to keep in mind that many employers seem to stick to rather draconian and arguably unnecessary measures regarding the nudity of their employees. For instance, a woman was fired because her boss discovered that she’d made a pornographic film with her husband. The film was highly successful and made it so that she would never really have to work again. That being said, I happen to know a few women who are working one or several other jobs in addition to cam work or just plain selling nudes and videos. But they’d be fired if anyone ever found out. I definitely feel that this is unfair, because the women and men who are sharing nudes in their twenties might very well be the leaders of the world in their forties. Obviously, we already have several elected officials guilty of “sexual misconduct” which I can’t even believe is an issue in this era.

I know for a fact that young men are sending pictures of their penises in young women in high school, because there have been several posts about it online from concerned parents and other people involved with segments of the sex industry. Though as we know, sexting has been around for quite a while now and I don’t see it coming to a halt now. Unfortunately, your teenagers are probably sending nude photos of themselves to other teenagers and even though that breaks about a thousand cardinal rules on underage pornography, you and I both know damn well that we’d have been doing it back in the nineties if that was an option. That being said, these are the same teenagers who would be considered unemployable because of the nude photos that they shared back in high school. Equally, people who do sex work in their later years are now considered deviants.

Deviant in itself is a very misunderstood word which refers to “deviation” or in this case, from the norm of sexual standards. Anything other than missionary would therefore be considered deviancy. If you’ve got any fetish on the planet earth, then you would be all means be considered a deviant of sorts as you “deviate” from the norm of sexual thought. Now, this could be anything from role-playing, to group sex, or perhaps even wearing a bodysuit. As I’ve discussed, we all have some kind of fetish; even if we don’t realize it yet. I’ve got several and Lyzexxia embodies a few of them. For what she doesn’t, there’s an app for that (and let’s be real, I’m not interested in any of the illegal stuff – not even bodily fluids – which while not illegal, is a bit frightening to me. Save it for BDM lyrics, folks) and I find ways to satiate those fetishes as well.

As we’re all categorized as a deviant of some sort and there are a lot of young people sharing nudes or doing full-on sex work of some sort on their off-hours, (hopefully not on company time) I think that today’s employers really need to take a hard look at these laws. You can’t currently work in the medical, political or justice related fields if you’ve done any of this work. I’ve got a friend (who shall remain anonymous) and former fetish model who used to do several shoots before she got into the medical field. She’s worried about those shoots preventing her from doing what she wants to do in the field, and believe me; she’s the kind of person that I would want as a psychologist because she understands what a lot of people are going through who need psychological help and guidance. She’s been there and deals with mental issues of her own. There’s good days and bad days, but she doesn’t let any of this hold her back. The woman’s a vision, she could model mud and look good in it. Hence why she did so well as a fetish model. Of course, there would be men out there who would recognize her. She told me that she could by law refuse to work with them if they kept bringing it up or made it a problem, and that’s how we will have to deal with these kinds of issues in the future.

Honestly, as an employee, I would not care if anyone I employed had shared nudes in the past or shares them in the present, nor would I care if they perform sex work on the side. As a boss, I would not discriminate against someone for either of these instances. It’s about what people have to offer to the business, not what they did in the past or do on their spare time that should be an issue. As for the earlier incident with the boss of that company and the woman he fired, I personally think that the gentleman or someone else in the company was purposely looking to hunt it down in order to get this woman fired in the first place. Unless it harms a company’s image to the point that it has to be brought to an employee’s attention, I honestly wouldn’t have an issue with it.

Do you want to know what I would have an issue with? Instances like rape, abuse and neglect of children or elders. I feel that these would greatly reflect upon the character of the individual. But that’s just me. After all, we live in a world where so much emphasis is made on acts of wanton and gruesome violence, especially on television and various media streams; that it almost feels asinine that we would take such a high moral approach to something as ridiculously normal as the human body. There are far worse things in the world to be concerned about than a little bit of skin.

– The Grim Lord

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