Editorial: Does The Grim Lord Hate Women? Pt.II: The Progressive Threat & Walking Away

Women have changed quite a bit since my high school days and these changes are revolting. Call it progressivism or feminism unhinged, these angry women who “don’t need no man” pose a significant obstacle to the male and female procreation paradigm that has existed for centuries now. These are the kinds of women I have a great deal of disdain towards and with slight exceptions, the majority of these are in the late stage millennial or zoomer generations. Any woman who grew up with progressive values and a social justice mindset are carrying them into the future, which as we’ve seen; yields nothing. In other words, that is a very nice cat you’ve got there, Anita Sarkeesian. To which she can say, “nice doll” and I’ll simply exclaim, “touche.” In another age and set of values, I think that the both of us would have been in nuclear families as our parents and their parents before them. But we’re not there. Furthermore, I don’t think we’ll ever be there again.

The marriage system is broken, the mainstream media keeps spouting rhetoric to divide people and social media is filled with vitriol towards anyone and anything, so it is not looking good. Frankly though, I don’t think I want to be with anyone for quite a while – at least until there’s any hope of getting this mess ironed out. With thousands of women on Twitch doing fuck all for money, I think there’s a problem. Men used to forbid women from doing that, I know that a former drummer I worked with argued with his ex-girlfriend many times about showing herself off to random men on the internet before they broke up and he met someone else. The reason for this was that it could jeopardize the relationship, unless it was toxic and would have fizzled out anyway.

When I started getting into the manosphere and I learned about red pill philosophy and what was really going on in the minds of women, it definitely changed my life. If you want me to be honest, it was Karen Straughan who first red-pilled me because when I was a younger floor mat, I trusted women to give me accurate advice as my sister had. The things that Straughan was saying in those videos were undoubtedly tough for me to handle, but I moved further in until I found out about MGTOW and became a part of that community; which is a truly male space. It was from listening to other men and finding videos where other men were basically regurgitating some of the things that Straughan had talked about, (I’d also discovered Sargon Of Akkad around this time) not to mention the deeper areas of the conversation where men had been discussing far more pressing topics that Straughn was not talking about – that I soon realized there was more to this than merely men walking away from women. This was about men walking away from progressivism. This was about men walking away from madness and needing a place to vent their frustrations about clown world. With people getting canceled by real world Twitter puritans left and right, there are far more pressing issues here than men walking away from women and marriage.

For some reason there are still women online that think I hate and despise all women, despite how much of a floor mat I was in the beginning of my life and how many women I actually hung around with and talked with on a daily basis. I have no problems with those women as they actually knew me in life and not on the internet. They were also not absorbed into all this toxic feminism crap. Keep in mind that I used to worship the divine feminine at one point in my life! Folks, I used to worship a Goddess. Years ago, I was all about that.

Young women who were still in high school when I was in my twenties are giving me shit because I became red-pilled in my thirties and understood exactly what progressivism did to the culture and why it changed the women. I knew there was a difference between the women of the nineties and early ’00s and the women of the modern era – it’s literally as It’sAGundam says. To be completely fair, not all of them went that way and you’ll find a scant few as Terrence Popp said that would be marriage material, but the problem with that is you’ll go through a lot of heartache before you do find one – if you do find one. You might die before that time, to be honest.

It’s not women that are the problem, it’s progressivism. I have no issue with some diverse values in society and I understand that everyone has their own relative perspective of society. We all have our own subjective truth, but it is not the objective truth and that’s the problem. Everyone is fighting to make their perspective and “lived personal truth” to be the norm and not everyone wants that. In fact, you’ll find that most people don’t. Life is full of anomalies and not even everything in the manosphere is an observable fact. What we do have are studies and statistics however, so that we can compare and contrast different ideas that are thrown about and accepted to some degree.

While I’ll admit that I heavily harp on women, it is because of what progressivism has done to them. I’m a strong advocate for the nuclear family, though respect people who choose differently. Obviously, the nuclear family option is not and will probably not be an available option for me for quite some time. It may never be available to me again. It may be in my fifties where I’m dating a woman from generation alpha or a late-era zoomer before the Overton window shifts back to allow for this kind of relationship. Technology could very well also be my future and I’m willing to allow for that as well. I cannot see the future and have no idea what kind of relationship I will continue to pursue past that of a doll. Right now, I feel as if I’m doing what is best for me during this current time. Until further notice my doll is a means to whether this storm of progressivism unchecked. That being said, I became remarkably attached to my doll in a way that I had not expected and may even end up buying a replacement with more features and better quality design in the far future.

There needs to be a balance, but there isn’t one and we’re seeing how that is tearing my country and it’s people apart. That is my issue, as women are only a side effect of that because they reflect the current times and culture as an evolutionary trait. If the current times and culture are “fucked” then the majority of modern women will reflect that as well as the lack of values in this society. That’s not their fault, so I don’t hate them for it. I will call them out on it however, especially when one resorts to insults when other men like myself have seen these issues and bring it to their attention. You’ve seen the memes, I’ve seen the memes. We all know this happens on both sides of the spectrum.

The very word “incel” is now nothing more than a slur for a geek, nerd, freak or any other kind of man who would in my era have been an outcast or a lone wolf. Young zoomer women on Twitch use it as well as disgruntled women on Chaturbate who hop in to harass Melody’s fans, since it is quite obvious that the majority of men in those rooms probably fit the script. That in turn causes genuine hatred towards the modern women, and in turn causes hatred towards all of them in an underdeveloped brain. Eighteen may be the age of maturity, but eighteen-year olds are not mature. Alice Cooper said that best in his song of the same name with the lyrics, “I’m eighteen, and I don’t know what I want.” Which is very true. Even the drinking age of twenty-one in the US doesn’t bestow enough maturity. It can also be said that modern women are less mature than the women of old, which I’ve seen in practice.

Alarmingly, the problem right now is progressivism. You can point to these ideologies and see how they’ve corrupted the values that this country was built on. China, Japan and other countries want absolutely nothing to do with this shit, yet they are still censoring their media over there just to appeal to sales figures in the west. As the west has gone progressive. That’s the problem. One more time, that is the problem. Progressivism is the reason why we have the current issues of modern society as it slowly leans further towards socialism and communism. For those who are not aware, it was a woman who taught me that these things were happening – and she’s not wrong. I just didn’t think it would be this much of an issue. I didn’t see it destroying the culture in the way that it has, pitting everyone against everyone, turning politics into cold civil war, making the future an unfriendly police state.

Men are in a very bad place these days and I wish I had advice for them. Advice that would help that they haven’t already heard. Though I feel that the best teacher for a man is a place to vent, which they don’t have right now and I just can’t see that being a good thing. Men who have no place to turn for guidance end up going insane and doing things they’ll later regret. I’m sure there’s already a few sitting in a cell right now that regret it, unless they’ve already ended themselves, which seems to be pretty common in the shootings we’ve had lately.

It’s safe to say that The Grim Lord doesn’t hate women and they’ve been a large part of my life since I was a child. Maybe I could have used the information available in the red pill and PUA communities decades ago, but we don’t live in those times anymore as progressivism rises as an oncoming threat right out of my grandfather’s generation. He fought communists during World War II after all and died of cancer from the radiation of the bombs during Pearl Harbor. It was in his lymph nodes.

There’s nothing I despise more than progressivism and communist ideologies, which are wholly fascist as they give the state control over the individual. There is no individual under these policies, which is why progressive messages in the mainstream media seek to erase the individual and all shred of rationality with it. Progressivism erroneously teaches that everyone is equal to everyone else in every facet, forcing a bar to be placed on every individual feat of excellence. To raise that bar is to be seen as an offense to the loser. I fully admit that there are men who can excel me in a variety of subjects and I champion their greatness. I champion their skill, their hard work and their ability to persevere through opposition to create life-changing acts within the entirety of human consciousness. With this comes a degree of humbleness, I think – the fact that an individual must come to terms with where they reside on the spectrum of human achievement.

This means in no sugar-coated manner, that people will have to realize where they stand and what their options are at a given time, rather than daydreaming about unachievable merits. There will always be a greater individual out there. There will always be someone who currently can excel you in what you’re doing or have done. Even if that person has not been realized yet, or if they are never realized professionally; their talents cannot be denied. To put them into the same category as every other person is a bit foolhardy, because they clearly aren’t like every other person and evolutionary biology will back that statement one-hundred percent. I have fought against this clown college mentality for years now and I’ll continue to do so.

Women are not and have never been the problem. The clear threat is a return to the days of communism, which has subverted the male and female dynamic in much the same way that it had in soviet Russia. I do not want this in my country. I do not stand with the people who want it, nor the neo-nazis who wish a return to racial superiority; which I’ve known to be just as foolish and I have an article about that to come later. Furthermore, I know several women who do not want this in their country either. Even if women are a product of the culture, not all of them have fallen into the communist trap. Yes, there are good women out there.

As my country nears an election year and voices become silenced by a tyrannical Silicon Valley, I realize that there is a great unrest here and that the in-fighting has never been as volatile now as it is today. Though rest assured, I have left these pieces here as not only a statement that I do not have anything against women as a whole – but that they have been a large part of my life.

I was raised by my grandmother, so it is even insulting to hear that I have a hatred or disdain for women and I’m setting the record straight about that now. Though if they decide to throw me in a gulag for writing this piece and essentially bearing fang against an ideology that threatens to erase the very fabric of America, then so be it. I am the child of a military family and my ancestors fought to protect the freedoms that I have in my country today. I speak with a lot of other men who have served and were able to serve this country in the way that my ancestors had. Progressivism and communism are very serious threats in my opinion and I’ll be exiling myself from this system until the day it changes. When the values of my country return, then I will become a part of it again. Until then, I’m simply going to fend for myself and prepare for the worst while always hoping for the best. Thank you very much for reading.

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