Editorial: The Female Side Of Dating Sites

Editorial: The Female Side Of Dating

Disclaimer: None of the views or opinions reflect anyone else at the Tower.

I started using dating sites because there’s no guy I like in the town I live in. My town is only 5 square miles (5.2 in land mass to be exact). This town is like the Twilight Zone where everyone is the same. These are your stereotypical racist hee-haw rednecks that hate foreigners, eat themselves into diabetes, shove Jesus down everyone’s throats and think that women’s only real purpose is to fuck them and feed them. I tried dating sites, so many that I can barely even tell you which ones I’ve tried. The thing with dating sites is that they want to focus only on people in your area. If I wanted to date a guy in my area I would not be using a dating site, with the size of my town I’ve met nearly everyone. The problem with finding someone who lives a distance away is that no one is willing to travel to meet the other person. Of course, I’ve had my fair share of fun on sites like localsexfinder.app (visit here) however I want to settle down and find a husband now. Casual sex is great, but I’m not getting any younger!

With my experience on dating sites, I find that guys really don’t give a fuck about the women they message. They message anyone and everyone hoping some women is stupid enough to message them back. I spent a long time writing up my profile that will describe me best and what I’m looking for, going through guy’s profiles finding who I would be compatible with, and all of this other shit only to get about ten messages a week from guys who message me with “hey beautiful” or “hey I like your profile”. What the fuck do you like about my profile? Now don’t get me wrong because I don’t want a guy messaging me with “hey, ugly” but when there’s a shitload of other guys messaging me “hey beautiful” (and same exact punctuation) you need to stand out. Majority of the guys that message “hey beautiful” are not good-looking themselves.

I have gotten a few guys that message me wanting sex and when I tell them that’s not what I’m on the site for, they get pissed and tell me that dating sites are only for those wanting sex and if I don’t want sex I need to get the fuck off those sites. I have gotten a couple of messages where guys tell me I need to kill myself. The ones that I’ve posted in my Loser Album are actually the mild ones. I’ve gotten some that where so bad that I had to instantly delete them. What got me to start the Loser Album was after one guy messaged me saying he would treat me like the princess I deserved to be treated while he watches me fuck black guys. WTF? Within the past year I had rewrote my profile for the nth time where I had listed what kind of guy I’m looking for. I stated he must have a job, must be well-groomed, can take care of himself, not looking for a maid, doesn’t have kids and doesn’t have a criminal record. Kids are a sketchy subject. It really depends on his relationship with his child(ren) and the mother but most guys I’ve come across rant about how much they hate their ex and refuses to pay child support because “bitch just wants money”. Some of them also have a criminal record, and a speeding ticket is mild compared to burglary and homicide.

After making my list of expectations a shitstorm came. Guys were messaging me telling me that I needed to be more open-minded and stop turning down men. If they were open-minded, then why are they still single? Also guys were messaging me, telling me that I will never find a guy with that laundry list I have because there’s no guy that fits that list. I didn’t know that asking for a guy that has a job, can cook, clean, bathes himself, and is a responsible human being was setting the bar so damn high for them. I would rather live my lonely miserable life than to be some guy’s mother. If I have to work my ass off to pay the bills and then come home to cook and clean and run his bath water to make sure he’s had a bath, sex isn’t happening because I’m not a damn pedophile.

I got tired of all the bullshit on dating sites so I cancelled every one that I used, but before I cancelled my OkCupid account I messaged a guy that I had “liked” a couple of weeks prior. I’m always searching for guys who live elsewhere when I know that there’s a slim to no chance in hell of ever meeting, and this guy happened to live in Colorado. I said, “the hell with it” and messaged him anyway. (Side Note: I do message plenty of guys that don’t ever respond to me.) But this guy instantly messaged me back, telling me that I’m exactly the type he goes for. We’ve been talking to each other for about five months now and I really want to meet this guy because believe it or not, I found a guy that fits my laundry list. (Spynal Thrasher)

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