Editorial: The Grim Lord’s Experience With The MGTOW Movement!

Disclaimer: This article only expresses my initial thoughts on the MGTOW movement. It does not completely reflect my current knowledge on the movement now. A follow-up will come in the future.

From Sexbots, we move into the realm of MGTOW, or quite simply; “Men Going Their Own Way.” Have you heard of it? Because it’s kind of like that in-the-corner movement aside from feminism and MRA. From my initial observations, people really don’t mind it because it more or less considers a group that doesn’t stand for much of anything in regards to gender issues. They just want to be left alone to their own devices. As a matter of fact, there are probably WGTOW as well, but it is even lesser acknowleged and surely not named as such. People who replace a human relationship with a sexbot, doll, virtual/augmented reality or just 2D images are pretty much considered “going their own way” as in, they don’t want to be lumped in with the procreation crowd. So perhaps even people that don’t seek sexual relationships but still view adult content to get More Help to sexually stimulate themselves, may also lump in with this crowd. I’ve suffered through twenty-three years of physical and mental abuse at the hands of a literal alcoholic stepfather (yes, sometimes the stereotype is true) and studies have shows that children who grow up in those kinds of situations have strong tendencies towards those kinds of behaviors. I wouldn’t want to take the chance in screwing another child’s life up. Adding to that, one of the only women I actually would have fathered a child with in my life ended up doing that with another individual who was very abusive towards her as well. From the sounds of it, quite a bit more abusive than what occurred in my situation. Her children are both about to enter the teenage world, so I’d more or less consider my shot at having kids over with. If there’s anything I want to continue on, it’s my work. Of course, all of this could change in time, but as of right now – this is the line of thinking I am considering.

One problem with MGTOW right now is that it has gone into the realms of woman hating. I don’t really know why, but there has been some sort of cult-like mentality about it, which one of the movement’s spokespersons seems to deny in several recent videos, including a comment made by a feminist in her critique of the whole movement. I’m talking about an individual by the name of Sandman (no relation to the Neil Gaiman comic, I believe) who does an unreal amount of videos based on the subject, nearly one or two a day. One of his latest videos, “Fish Taco” came off a bit much to me, however; in it’s analysis of a woman’s vagina and the bacterial issues that can cause odor. Folks, I used to be a janitor and part of that included cleaning the women’s bathroom. Yes, I know what he’s talking about here, but at the same time – I didn’t think it was a big deal. We do have our own scents after all, and even the cleanest vagina in terms of bacteria might still belong to a person with a smell that one partner might not be fond of, yet another anothr may find more attractive. This is the kind of weird animalistic biology that we’re still getting a proper grasp of. You’ll see people mention pheremones, though they aren’t quite sure what they do when it comes to attracting different types of people. In any case, he seems to take a bitter attitude towards women, especially from that video. Though I don’t know where this sense of bitterness comes from. He may have outlined it in another video, but I simply haven’t watched those yet. As I’ve said, the man makes dozens of these at a time and amasses a strong number of hits on each. People are definitely paying attention.

That being said, I don’t necessarily think of women in that way. People do mask odors with deodorant and perfume and as I’ve noticed, slight odor issues can be fixed with the dozens of items available in retail markets. I myself have experienced a woman with a scent that I wasn’t fond of, so I do understand this – but at the same time, I don’t think I would have been that harsh towards this issue, nor is it my reason for going MGTOW. You see, aside from the abuse, I don’t find that I last long in relationships. Not recognizing social cues has a large role to play, but there’s also the fact that people generally bring a lot of drama. Being an abuse survivor/victim or whatever you want to call it, my nerves are a bit frayed and I take things a lot harder than most people would. I don’t think I could handle another dictator in my life. Perhaps something that says nothing at all, or is programmed to say things that might make my life a bit more tolerable would be far better for me. After all, I’m merely trying to patch the effects left over from the poor life choices that my parents made. That being said, I don’t hate women, nor do I find reasons to think less of them. I find that both men and women have their flaws and have designed all of my characters that way.

In my early novels, Will is an egotistical, misogynistic asshole while Cleo is at first an extremely fragile woman hiding under the shell of a feminist femme-fetale. They often battled over differences in belief, which sometimes resulted in humor. Oddly enough, you find that an apocalyptic event changes those views on both sides of the spectrum, with the want to survive far more important than politics, especially when the government as they knew it, simply ceased to be. I brought in other viewpoints, like the traditionally raised Heather, a drunken tomboy who was everything Cleo wanted to be, hence why she later married her after leaving Will – and the alien princess Krevalin, who never wanted her sister’s throne and felt that human issues were often petty compared to those of her world and were only a detriment due to the shortness of a human’s life in general.

These books were written years ago and have been removed from self-publishing altogether until I can find a proper way to release them, which will include the proper funding. I’ve thrown them on the backburner in favor of a very weird love story/sci-fi/action tale that I feel would be better recieved and allow me to get my foot in the door. That being said, I know that not everyone is perfect, so I don’t skew the problems to one side.

I’d watched The Red Pill last night and didn’t realize how many previously unknown (to me, at least) men’s issues there were, but probably because the more violent and radical types of feminists weren’t allowing them to be seen, instead finding ways to blame them for rape and such in order to make their issues sound trivial. It’s great psychology in all actuality, which makes me wonder if perhaps when all the women’s issues have finally been fixed according to the standards of radical feminists (assuming this is possible) will there ever be a chance for the men’s issues to come to light? What really gave me a bit of a chuckle, is that the (at the time) voice behind Ms. Magazine spoke on the record that women have never caused domestic violence period, in all of human history. A woman has never beat up a man for control in the entire history of mankind. Granted, the issue is largely more towards the women’s side and there are a lot of abusive men out there (I know about it all too well) I’d never say that only men hit women. I’ve heard some rather awful horror stories from various sources, but let’s not get into that. An abusive alcoholic/addict is abusive, regardless of gender and some women can definitely overpower their mates. But I’m not here to demonize women, nor men. I’m just pointing out that we all have faults – me especially. I’ve done and said things in my past that I regret immensely. I will not deny that. I have a lot of flaws, which is one reason I’m taking myself out of this equation, at least for now. But once again, that doesn’t mean that like a lot of MGTOW that I’m just going to talk crap about women, because I’ve never had a problem with gender – it’s always been more about personality. I don’t get along with certain people, no matter who they are. Everyone has bad days too, so you have to keep that in mind.

Now, if you’re MGTOW and saying, “Well, what in the hell is this guy talking about? I don’t talk crap about women” then that’s great, because I’m not referring to you. If you don’t believe this movement is some cult-like mentality as I’ve seen a lot of people calling it, then that’s fine too. I don’t really call it a cult, but I think people like to do that for counter-culture appeal. I follow a lot of different people online, from all walks of life – feminists, MRA, MGTOW and several other branches that stem from these, with people of all sexual preferences being a part of them. I don’t really care, I just like to hear what everyone is saying, as long as they don’t resort to ALL CAPS shouting when they don’t like what is being said. I had gotten into an argument with a camgirl regarding that, never realizing she was going to use my response as a bullhorn for her shouting, which didn’t reach quite as many people as she’d hoped.

Then of course, you have the silly post that recommended “men who ask that if they can still talk to women are not allowed to talk to women” which I thought was just insane, though 88k people felt differently. If you try to speak against the hive-mind, you’re silenced, so many people have just felt the need to separate themselves from it altogether. A friend asked me when I was going to start talking gender politics, because eventually at some point, I will have to. So here I am, discussing my thoughts on all of it. More of that can of course be found on my Twitter, @WordMageEric.

In any case, as I am wary on future relationships, I believe that MGTOW may fit me. If not, then I’m going to just create my own damn movement (you heard it here first) called the IGFAR movement, or simply, “I’m Gonna Fuck A Robot” movement. Or we can have IFD, which is “I Fuck Dolls” even though that might need to be IFSD which would be “I Fuck Sex Dolls” even though honestly I wouldn’t want to be considered a member of that. Like, I wouldn’t want to go out on a loudspeaker and say, “Hey everybody, It’s the Super Mario Bros Super Show – and I fuck sex dolls!” Now I’m sure that people are getting pissed, because I’m simply wordplaying to belittle the movement, but that’s not the case. The silly thing is, the only reason these other ideas aren’t tried is because there’s no money in them. If I had fifty million dollars and could literally hire actors to promote the most bizarre movements, this country would be so full of crap that people wouldn’t know what to believe – from MAMVC “Me And My Vaccum Cleaner” to IATS “I’m Addicted To Sponges” by paying obscene amounts of money to studios and actors to create these silly videos. I’m quite sure I could blow the roof off the country and send everyone into a state of complete and total chaos. There would also be a sharp rise in the sale of vacuum cleaners and sponges (brillo pads for those unfortunate folks). You really don’t think I could do this? We just had a Tide Pod Challenge craze. Sky is literally the fucking limit. We could have ghost fuckers before long. As a matter of fact, I think that exists already. I know for sure that there are people who love chandeliers and buses.

The point is, a lot of people are opting out. I don’t know if we call it MGTOW, WGTOW or just SYGIGH (Screw You Guys, I’m Going Home) but whatever the case, people are getting tired of all the back and forth related to the process of human cohabitation. For those of you who love it, great! I’m glad that it works for you. But for those who feel like me, you’re not alone. It’s not about men’s rights or women’s rights, or the rights of a chicken to be honest – it’s about just leaving the whole thing because humans are pretty flawed to begin with and there’s no real fixing a system that is just going to continue to seesaw back and forth and eventually cripple with the passing of time. Men’s groups might hold up signs against women’s groups, but for people like us, we’re just watching it on TV with our pets, dolls, robots or holograms (I really love that idea in Blade Runner 2049 – that might save me a lot of money) along with the rest of the world that just doesn’t really give a shit.

I’ve heard it described as “The Black Pill.” There’s even a meme featuring Guts from Berserk that more or less lays out what being black pilled is – the world is never going to get any better, but you keep fighting your way through it. This is very much like the manga/anime, so it fits. It seems like almost every good thing that Guts ran into somehow turned to shit on him one way or another. On both sides of the equation, people are going to bitch, moan and change society into what they want. The seesaw goes left, the seesaw goes right. I’m not even on the seesaw, I’m on that big metal disc (this thing was probably outlawed because kids could literally fly off) that you would have someone spin and quickly jump on while holding the living hell out of the handlebars – because it’s a ride. The whole gender politics issue for me is a ride. I find it all quite entertaining. Aside from retro video games, my YouTube suggestions are filled with videos from various people talking about gender issues. Are yours?

As I’m nearing the fifth page of this piece, I feel that I can say this: If MGTOW are considered women hating men, then I don’t think I would quite find myself among their crowd. I’m fond of women, just not so much in a relationship sense. Its too much for my brain to handle. But if they are what we’d consider men who have just more or less left the whole relationship equation behind in favor of other means, then I would consider myself among them. Again, not the women hating cult or whatever happened to the first movement, but the group that considers themselves better off with an emulation. I can even compare this to my retro video gaming hobbies, because instead of having the old consoles and trying to refurbish old carts, (which I do find fascinating) I prefer having a tiny little box that can pretty much play everything that I’d want to from that era. It requires very little hassle and the effort is worth it in the end. It’s definitely not the same and can’t run some games quite that well at all. They need to update this little box a bit more, but there seems to be a snowball’s chance in hell of that happening. I’ve even contacted Retro-Bit about DLC updates and my post went unanswered. So I’m stuck with this little box. But it is fun, just like I’ll be stuck with a robot or hologram that accidentally had a mixture of English and Spanish in it’s initial release (also never to be updated after Retro-Bit becomes Retro-Bot) so it’ll pronounce all nouns in Spanish. Maybe sounding a but like Yoda while we’re at it – “Cuarto De Bano yo must go.” Hold on, robots don’t pee! Or do they? The mind boggles. Till next time, Tower readers!

– The Grim Lord

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Sandman’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SandmanMGTOW

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