EDITORIAL: I Can’t Believe I’m Writing About Incels Again – Please Stop Killing Random People Over The Lack Of Sex, Just Get A Doll!

Folks, if this sounds a bit rambly, I apologize. Even the heading sounds a bit over-the-top to say the very least. But here I am again, writing about incels. Instead of telling you to check out great podcasts like Sam Tripoli’s Tin Foil Hat or The Duncan Trussel Family Hour, I’m once again harping about TFL’s who are violently taking their frustrations out on random people because of a failure to get laid. Notice that I did not use the term incel this time as I really don’t believe that the term exists as it is laid forth. To be honest, I see the standards of Chad and Stacy broken all of the time when I observe various customers and would love to see the same happen again. And again. And again. Keep breaking the Chad and Stacy mold until it is no longer normalized within the TFL community.

Now, let me talk about the case for those who have been living under a rock. According to the Wall Street Journal (which I could have sworn was a news magazine related to the stock market, not standardized articles) “Scott Beierle posed as a customer at Hot Yoga Tallahassee before he took out a handgun and started shooting late Friday afternoon, according to the Tallahassee police department.” Prior to this, he’d harassed women at the same yoga studio. Prior to this, he was a teacher who was accused several times of “inappropriate behavior” towards female students. And while all of this was going on, he also made some Youtube rants (much like myself) where he ranted against women and blacks. Now, there is one concerning issue that I take with this statement. Sure, ranting against blacks or people of any color is a shitty thing to do, but people do it. Even non-white people have made similar rants about people of other colors. It happens. As long as he wasn’t advocating violence or death to those people, there’s no real issue. And, I’ll be honest – to the right eyes, even some of Sandman’s videos could be looked at as heavily against women and he’s one of the nicest MGTOW guys there are, at least in the videos. “Hi, everyone – Sandman here and did you know that because I have some complaints about female behavior that I could be lumped in with a murderer?” This doesn’t look good on you, associated press. How about sticking to the fact that the guy was a short fuse (ex-military as well, so he more than likely had some kind of trauma) and carried deep-seated prejudices with him that may have led to the attack, rather than just the fact that anyone with an opinion could be labeled a terrorist in their own country? If one cannot air their grievances to the world by way of YouTube, then other sources will be created to do so – and they are already well underway.

I also have something to say about the quoted article and New York Post journalist Ben Feuerherd’s failure to actually research the topic of incels (which means that you have to actually go into the incel boards, Mr. Feuerherd. That’s called “investigative journalism” just in case you may have forgotten) which refers to “the disposition of Elliot Rodger.” I think this is said to mean those who feel the same way, that they cannot find intercourse nor love from the opposite sex. Though I realize that some malecels think of Rodger as some kind of messiah, I don’t believe that all of them do, especially the youngcells. I have an inkling that in Feuerherd’s article, he feels that Beierle (Damn, I wish this man had an easier to pronounce name) was rallying other incels to follow in Rodger’s footsteps, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I think he was mainly trying to say what I’ve noticed at large from these types of people. They’re angry, frustrated, suicidal and demonized. How do you make something a threat? Demonize it. Now, obviously these people are not helping by picking up guns and shooting each other. TFM’s waifu Celestina stated in an Instagram message to yours truly that if Beierle had adopted MGTOW philosophy and just bought a sex doll, the two victims in this attack would still be among the living. I have to agree. These shootings aren’t changing anything. If nothing else, they’re only going to get other incels, TFLs, MGTOWs and maybe even PUAs thrown into some sort of bizarre “far-right white male terrorist” bracket. It’ll affect the entire manosphere. And look at the results: Nothing happened. Nothing fucking happened. I don’t see women being thrown to these men. That’s what, three times now? Does it really need to be four, five or ten more of these shootings before you realize that what you want isn’t happening? And maybe, just maybe… what you want isn’t quite what you need.

First of all, let’s analyze Beierle’s statement from the New York Post. He says, “There are whores in – not only every city, not only every town, but every village” which depending on the meaning of the word, is true. Have you ever heard of the village prostitute? It was actually a coveted position at one point. I’ve read that men would often wait in line for their turns, which may need to be something worth trying again. There are definitely women who would be up for that job, and again – this was a coveted position back in ancient times, there was nothing filthy about it before the advent of Christianity. So maybe Jesus fucked this up for everyone? It very well may be true, because with the rise of the church, came the also a massive spread of religious morality and puritanism. The middle ages were also called the dark ages for a reason. When we had literally gotten rid of the village whore, which was taken such advantage of in times of antiquity; we left male lusts to fester. This I think is why we have the problems that we do today with young males. Though at the same time, I find myself a bit confused by other actions that the shooter made.

According to reports, Beierle groped a lot of women. So he definitely enjoyed touching other women for pleasure, yet also referred to them as vile dogs in a sense. Why would a man be so interested in touching something that he despised? I mean, this article paints him out to be the creepy guy who runs around and grabs women’s asses while calling them sluts on the internet and is still allowed to teach. Weird, huh? However, there are similar statements about women made by men’s groups all over the internet. The only difference is that not everyone is playing grab-ass, especially with the #metoo movement. MGTOWs certainly aren’t. We know better. Groping someone is a good way to end up being groped behind bars in this day and age, it isn’t a risk that anyone should be taking. Plus, it’s just kind of disrespectful. Yet this is why I wonder why these kinds of men never decided to purchase a love doll. If you don’t like women, but you love to put your hands all over things, then why would you now buy something that you can touch as much as you like and doesn’t mind? Something that looks and feels just like the real thing and can be fully customized to whatever form you desire? There are even places where you can get these things, and have them reviewed. There are a lot of easier ways to get sex. Random people died last week because of a man who didn’t realize that there’s a doll shop right in the area where he lives and that he could have a doll delivered to him before he decided to get such a weird hair up his ass to commit such insanity, and dare I even say; stupidity. You’re a teacher, for crying out loud. Teachers aren’t supposed to be dumber than their students. I also would like to know what kind of duty he performed in the military, as it sounds like he might have been one of the guys who peeled the potatoes. Seriously, how could a man be so bloody dense?

I also blame the internet, because it is very possible that other incels may have egged him on, or even trolls masquerading as such for the sheer benefit of “lolz” currency. Not much is known about that right now. And since Beierle (I am really getting tired of typing this man’s name and would have changed it as soon as I was of legal age, because that’s just a pain to remember, let alone write down everyday. It’s pronounced “Beer-le” so I would have just gone with Beer and that would have been it, I mean the whole fucking last name is overkill to be honest) took his own life in a sheer act of cowardice, we’ll never know what sparked the motivation. The only thing I know is that he could have taken advantage of the shop we work with, Mon Amour Toujours as it is a Floridian based seller; and I’m sure that if he actually swallowed the red pill and not those awful black ones, he might have been better off as a MGTOW. Mr. Beer (fuck it, I am done pronouncing this man’s last name) would still be alive right now with a couple of sex doll waifus as he curled up on a chair to watch a full-screen version of the latest TFM show stream. And two people would still be alive.

There’s not so much that you can do about the white nationalist issue here in the south, so there isn’t much I can say about his comment regarding biracial couples. It is what it is, more or less and only time will change it. The media will no doubt tear him apart over this, but it isn’t as if he’s the only person saying these things as I stated earlier in my article. He’s just getting raked over the coals for it, unlike the rest. I’m also sure that he didn’t get all that many views on his channel, so that’s why YouTube never flagged it. A guy ranting and raving about various bullshit doesn’t really get the kinds of views that it once did, anyway.

I honestly just ask that people would stop depriving others of their hopes and dreams because of the sheer fact that they cannot get laid. It is truly revolting in my opinion. I am thankful that five people were merely injured and this could have been much worse. But there’s no getting back the life of a twenty-one year old FSU student, her life whisked away by someone twice her age. And I know that the sixty-one year old man won’t get as much coverage due to his age and profession (he was a janitor) but he still had a lot of living to do, I would say; and certainly didn’t need gun violence to put a stop to that. Here at The Grim Tower, we don’t think that love dolls can cure all the problems within the incel community; but we think that they could fix a large chunk of them. As well as the fact that maybe crazy people don’t really need guns. But that’s a given. Hopefully, I don’t have to write another article on this topic, because I’m quite sick of it.

– The Grim Lord

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