Editorial: My Honest Thoughts On Neckbeard Deathcamp & Other Crazy Shit That Happened This Week!

I’m sure that you’ve read our review for the new Neckbeard Deathcamp release, which Central Scrutinizer despised, but I found to be not all that bad in terms of black metal and grind. It’s nothing amazing, but dig the raw quality. I’m still on the fence about the band being a mere parody or meme band, and if that’s the case, then a lot of their fans aren’t getting the joke. I’m not sure if you’ve read a lot of the Tweets, but I glanced through it and found that unless said musician is a great troll; he’s been through some rough shit. According to what I had been able to bring up after an hour so of browsing, the musician allegedly claims that he was attacked at a metal show for being homosexual a few years back, and because of that six of his teeth were knocked out. Because of this, he decided to bulk up and “become powerful” as he noted. But really and truly, who were those guys? And if this was a metal show, where was it exactly? With the power of the internet and the fame of said act, he should be able to track them all down personally. Even if this altercation occurred years ago, the guy might still be able to press charges against for a hate crime. It’s happened before. Additionally, could this have been a gang related incident? That’s also very possible. Given his newfound fame and connections, I am surprised that the doxxing master wouldn’t have gone to these lengths. Which is why I’m starting to doubt the whole story. I brought this up to fellow metal journalist and criminal psychologist, FlightOfIcarus who has more than enough experience diagnosing these types of cases. He and Central Scrutinizer have both told me that Neckbeard Deathcamp is just a meme band and not to worry so much about them. But I still have that worry.

As far as Nazi’s go (and I do mean actual Nazi’s) I have an old propaganda video that shows how Nazi’s were able to sway public opinion back in the 1940’s and why it is important not to listen to them. I actually think it would send a stronger message to outright turn your back towards them. And I’ve heard the rhetoric. I’ve debated with a few of them, white nationalists if you want to call them that. I did this because I’m a journalist and it’s important to hear their justification. Luckily, I ran into one on the band’s YouTube stream that was a bit more than “blame the jooz.” What I can tell in all honesty is that most white nationalists feel that white people are going to be wiped out as quickly as Thanos snaps his fingers and that all history accredited to white people will just be completely thrown into the recycle bin. And although white folks definitely have a checkered past, I think that this is a complete load of bullshit. White people are not going anywhere, there are just going to be more people of different colors and cultures in general. And that’s okay. Because they’re still going to be into the same kinds of things that we are. They already are. I don’t think anyone is going to take anything away from us and the fans speak loudest in those areas. Aside from that, what is means to be human will greatly change with the advent of CRISPR and neuralink systems that could make us one with the machines we’re so glued to. I’m transhumanist to be honest, so I have no issue with that. Even so, such a thing as race and color will be archaic. It won’t even matter. Even sex and gender won’t matter, as we won’t even be classifiably human by that time period. If a guy wants to inject himself with the DNA from an iguana, he’s now literally part lizard. There was a Batman Beyond episode about all of this, which I’d highly recommend viewing as it seems to be a very possible occurrence in the near future. Regardless, my point still stands firm and most of this rhetoric will remain pretty useless in retrospect.

Unfortunately, I think that people with extremist ideas of censorship on both the left and the right are pretty dangerous. Every culture has their own taboos and the internet has brought all of them to the forefront. This is a bit of culture shock for some of us, like myself; who didn’t have a computer for at least twenty years of his life. I still feel new to the internet, even now. I don’t have much in the way of social justice, that’s not something that we personally stand for here at the Tower; but I do respect those who think and feel differently. Censoring comics, movies, games and even music because you’re not fond of it isn’t a great idea. Chances are that even though you’ve called for it to be censored, you’re going to find yourself scarred from the uncensored experience and will not finish exploring the media or just not even partake in it at all. If you don’t like naked breasts, don’t look at them. If you don’t like the behavior of certain characters in a film, comic or game, simply don’t watch it. We live in the age of choice unbound, there’s is no sense in attempting to enjoy things that do not appeal to you. Like I used to say to right-wing fundamentalist Christians; “If you don’t like it, change the channel.” People seem to forget this. Believe what you want, in your own house. Watch what you want, play what you want, read what you want, fuck what you want (within the legalities of your state or province) and live however you want, under your own roof. But please don’t go into the public and try to force others to believe the same way. This logic escapes a lot of people though, unfortunately.

I would honestly suspect that the guy is just trying to be as dark and edgy as every band that monikered under this banner since Venom in the eighties. That’s fine though, because it is a marketable image and naturally Prosthetic picked up on that. I honestly can’t say how well the label is doing, but they have some really great acts like Schammasch, for example; which isn’t bad for a label that used to be big on core back in the early to late two-thousands. In any case, the band was given a slot on Maryland Death Fest almost in the same sense that an out of character Christian black metal act might be given that same slot about a decade or so ago. It’s obvious that the start of “antifascist black metal” is kind of a historical idea in metal history, just like “black hop” which also debuted this year with Uratsakidoji‘s rather weak example of merely demonstrating the genre. It almost makes me wonder as to whether or not the MDF promoters would consider Uratsakidoji to be as noteworthy as Neckbeard Deathcamp in that historical sense; but then we’d have every musician who decided to fart on an album vying for a spot on MDF because they created beanocore.

All joking aside, my only issue seems to come from Neckbeard Deathcamp’s fanbase. I don’t know about you, but there’s a lot of talking about gathering up guns and shooting people in America right now and I don’t know if it’s all the Purge films (I haven’t seen any of them) or social media brainwash, but it’s just a scary time to be alive. I don’t care if you’re a White Nationalist, Antifa, Right, Left, Up, Down, B, A, Select or Start, I just don’t feel all that comfortable in an area where people want to kill each other over ideologies. It makes me want to create a portal into a small sub-dimension, sleep there for a while and then wake up after the dust has settled and all of the killing has ended. We should have never brought people out of the woodwork, because all that does is create more tension that we already do not need. People are rallying together for one cause or another and it could all literally be part of some heinous population control plot. You know, turn everyone against everyone else. Who are the bad guys? We’re all the bad guys. “You’re always the villain in someone’s story” was a quote that I read recently and I think that this bodes true for most of us.No matter what you believe, there’s always one or more people out there who might consider you to be villainous. As far as I’m concerned, each side has their own agenda and I’m not crazy about agendas. I don’t think they’re own, as in I do not believe they exist in our own minds. I think they are planted there by more powerful organizations than we are even aware of. Definitely a part of the hive mind, the super-conscious collective organism that we all are. So I don’t know if this guy is sincere or it’s all just one big joke with a fairly suitable act to back it; but I really hope that these fans are of capable mental health and wouldn’t be the kind of people to go out there and take the message in the same way as the Norwegian black metal bands of old, with all the church burnings and such. I don’t care for religion that much either, but I’ve long grown out of that need to rebel or even care about things in the way the way that some young people do these days. It’s always been a game to me and we’ve always been the pawns for something larger.

And I do have to address the “incel warfare” thing. Yes, it is a crazy slur used by left-wingers for people with ideologies that they don’t like, but as I have demonstrated in articles, incels and femcels need help. Not ridicule. And I’m talking about the actual members of this group, not people with ideologies you don’t like. I think that it is more important to help these kinds of people, rather than cast them aside as we do with most of the homeless and downtrodden. I believe that sex is a human right, but that’s also why I support sex dolls, VR and AR partners as well as the forthcoming sex robot and human sex workers as well. Robot sex workers as well, when that becomes a thing. I also feel that these technologies will fix the problem. I come across incels and true forced loneliness guys all the time and I always spread the word about sex dolls. Because they can help. There hasn’t been a lot of research, but what has been done proves that men can become emotionally attached to these dolls. Obviously they look the way that most of these men somehow expect even the most beautiful woman in the world to look for the rest of her life; which is yet another reason why these methods will prove fruitful. If you give someone an answer to their complaint, they won’t have anything else to complain about. Make fun of them all you want, but fixing the problem is a hell of a lot better than poking fun at it. We might not have all the tools yet, but we definitely have enough to quell a large part of the youngcel generation and some of the oldcels too. And sure, it might sound repulsive to give some rather unkempt fellow a beautiful looking doll; but as long as it makes him happy and calms the crazy, I’m fine with it. Give him a million blue-haired plastic anime girls. Whatever. This isn’t really as difficult an issue as people are making it out to be and I’m discovering that through just talking to these guys. If you feel lonely, you can’t get laid or you just don’t want to be in a relationship for other reasons, try a love doll. I wish we had more male doll options (we only have Brad for some reason) as I know that women are requesting them, but I do believe that more of those will be coming in time. That being said, I’m sure that Dobber Beverly thinks the Insect Warfare parody shirts are pretty funny. And I definitely have to give Neckbeard Deathcamp proper respect for representing Insect Warfare in that parody.

I don’t know what Neckbeard Deathcamp will actually think of this editorial or if he’ll even read it, but I just want to clarify that everything is decent with him on a mental level. I’ve been reading those posts on the twitter and aside from the all-caps hilarity, I’m really not sure if this guy is quite all there and he might not be the best person to follow. What was it that Living Colour said? “Only you, can set you free.” That’s how I feel about a lot of these kinds of ideologies. Listen to both sides and then listen to sides that don’t even come from the spectrum. See what other countries are saying about your political and ideological ideas. Then you can draw your own conclusion. Had a bad experience with a political extremist? Just remember that that person more or less doesn’t represent that political group. They’re just a mild fraction of it. Don’t take it out on everyone in the group because you had a bad experience. Some people are just dicks, regardless of their place on the web of Indra. If we’re all reflections of each other, try to reflect something positive. There’s been enough of right against left, men against women, color against color, sexual preference against sexual preference, DC against Marvel… It’s time to stop and re-evaluate ourselves. None of this is positive. What does anger truly solve, when it only leads to hatred and violence? “Humans may have fear as a teacher and they will learn from fear, but fear will be a harsh teacher” says one of the guides channeled by Paul Selig. What does fear of Nazis, really solve? Nothing. If a small quantity of disgruntled and disenfranchised white people want to walk around and be mad at the world, then that’s their problem. But it’s like Duncan Trussel said, “it feels good in the pool, but you have to take off that Darth Vader costume first and chill with us.” You know, I think we’ve gotten so tied up in western social media culture that we’ve forgotten what mindfulness is. If we even know it. You’ll do yoga, but do you even meditate, bro? Seriously. If a lot of people would just kind of calm the fuck down, we might have a much better time on this planet. And I honestly think that the whole presidential escapade (politics is nothing but the entertainment division of the military industrial complex – Frank Zappa) that is going on right now is a big diversion from the fact that the planet’s climate is changing regardless of who or what is responsible for it, and we should be preparing to face those conditions over the next decade. Poking fun at the clowns on the nightly news doesn’t make our planet more habitable for humans. I honestly think that is the biggest distraction going on right now and planting trees won’t fix it, SNL. We’re so fucked, but no one even realizes it yet. They’re too busy fighting over race, color, gender, sex, religion, peanut butter and chocolate. It’s almost like this whole thing was engineered for a reason and I honestly think bands like Neckbeard Deathcamp just kind of got roped into that. All in all, they’re just another trend that represents the times and I think that’s why they have the acclaim that they do now. It’s a great image for the times that we live in, but a lot of us older metal guys are starting to notice that people are taking this stuff a little bit too far and we honestly don’t want to see anyone get killed because of it. I really don’t think that’s too much to ask.

Addendum: Just after I wrote this fucking article, we had two right-wing nut jobs create chaos. This time, a mailbomber and synagogue shooter. Folks, Jewish people are not your enemies. Your friends and neighbors aren’t your enemies. People that you disagree with aren’t your enemies. Politicians are more or less corrupt, people in high positions of media are the same way. So sending them bombs isn’t going to change anything, even if they blew up. I’m sorry to tell this old van-dwelling bodybuilding stripper, but even if all those damn bombs went off, the system wouldn’t just grind to a halt. All that would happen is a loss of lives and more people to fill their spots. You didn’t save the world, you weren’t going to save the world. I’d say the same thing to the Neckbeard Deathcamp guy. You can get rid of every single person who has ever had a white nationalist thought in the entire world and realize that the political system would still be very corrupt, six corporations would still control all of the media and absolutely nothing would change as far as the system is concerned. None of this is going to change. We’re either going to fight an enemy that we created, as comedian Bill Hicks would often suggest; or we’re going to fight each other. Our government is responsible for loads of horrible things and you’ll discover this for yourself if you’re willing to do the research, as much of this information has now been declassified by the FBI/CIA or has been published on wikileaks. This isn’t Captain Joe’s Conspiracy Corner, it comes from the actual documents as released on a daily to weekly basis. The information’s there. It’s not so great. We’re not so great. America was never all that great to begin with. But it is the country I live in and I have to accept our successes and faults equally.

Though honestly, I’ve worked with bands like Viranesir (who is a parody band much in the same vein as Neckbeard Deathcamp) so I get that this is all an image. The guy might type in all caps to troll Twitter, but it seems to me like the act is just a fifteen minutes to fame. I just hope that he’ll take the money he does make from his successes and invest that shit. That’s the first thing I’d do. I’d certainly buy some cryptocurrency and definitely invest money into the stock market, because that is where the majority of the system’s deals are made and it is how people become financially secured. Then after all of the Neckbeards have been slaughtered, he can go rest on some tropical island. While still attending to humanitarian needs, of course.

The musician actually didn’t respond to our review, so I don’t expect him to respond to this either. But I’m typing it up anyway, because there’s just been so much hatred and violence coming from fringe radicals in American political movements, again; around the mid-term elections. It’ll probably happen again around 2020, when some are expecting a purge event. In all honesty, half of the country would probably be better off in an insane asylum, regardless of what political path you hold. I think you’re all just nuts. As always, The Grim Lord is a proud supporter of the AI party.

– The Grim Lord

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