Editorial: No, Doll Owners Are Not Being “Cucked” By Their Dolls

Lately, I’ve been noticing that since the advent of the sex doll revolution, where doll owners are taking their dolls out of the closet and primping them up to show on Instagram, we’ve had a couple of men using the term “cuck” for these kinds of men. I’ve done a great deal of research on this term, which refers to the act of cuckholding (a practice where one would allow another man to have sex with his wife or girlfriend while he watched – I’ve also considered this a pretty common fetish and I’ve been asked to have sex with other people’s wives before through local online invitation, which I have declined every time because the act of getting into bed with couples I do not know is quite frightening, to say the least) and ultimately is a sort of symbolism for a weak traditional male. The roots of this word are in deep-seated in traditional conservatism and monogamous relationships.

Naturally, someone in a polyamorous relationship or just a plain old swinger (I’ve known many couples who welcomed other people into their beds, it was just kind of a normal thing – even when I lived with roomies, but I never partook in any of these acts; nor was I even asked or aware of this stuff until several years down the road when it was later explained to me that these things had been going on) would not be all too concerned with cuckholdry in the sexual sense. However, the term largely became identified with what I think is better catalogued as a “spineless man.” In other words, a man with no backbone. There are many examples of this, such as extremely thirsty men who constantly bother women online or seek to appeal to them in public. I’ve seen real life examples of this and they make me quite ill, to be very honest. However, the man who enslaves himself to a woman for the benefit of sex or some other sort of external validation is something that I find to be just as spineless. If you would give up your own freedom as a man in order to appeal to what a woman wants, then that is the weakest thing that I think a man can do. Some men do this for the sake of their children though, to which I can fully understand. But men are not slaves to women and they should never tell a friend, “I can’t do that because my wife won’t let me.” When you’ve done that, you essentially are cutting off your balls and putting them into a jar to hand to her. I even witnessed a meme posted by a man recently on social media where the caption read something to the tune of “all women want men to be slaves” or something of that nature. A woman responded completely unironically to that statement with, “So, what’s wrong with that?” Imagine my shock that there are women out there who manipulate men into being their slaves.

Now, I do realize that some of you (if there are any women readers here) might be reading this and say, “Well, I don’t think like that” and perhaps that is true. I won’t say that this behavior is the norm for every woman, but it has increasingly become the norm thanks to the government replacing the role of the father figure. A lot of women know that should anything happen in their marriages, the government will mostly be there to pick up the pieces. We’ve seen that time and again, in numerous court cases across the board. A man must even be careful with sex in general, because as I recently heard from Diana Davidson who has been researching these kinds of cases in her practice, it is impossible to prove that a woman who accused a man of rape actually grabbed him by the shirt and told him to fuck her. That’s impossible to prove these days. Just listening to a few of those cases made me ill, as those men are now serving time in prison or as convicted sex offenders for crimes that they did not even commit. This is why many men in the manosphere or perhaps just the mgtow community in general are using #justgetadoll.

Men believe often that masculinity is about taking risks, or just dealing with a bad situation. Putting up with toxic people because “that’s the thing to do” or “because it will benefit the society” or “be good for the kids.” According to a leading Australian domestic violence researcher, domestic violence only happens with men. She feels that because men are bigger and stronger, they cannot be abused by women. This sets a rather dangerous precedent. Not only is a man’s word not worth a single cent in his wallet, but he will always be looked at as a potential abuser and rapist.

So that’s why many men are starting to buy or at least are entertaining the idea of dolls. I don’t even need to tell you why they’re doing it. Last Christmas, there was a gift given by one of the men in a server I frequent and often talk about. This fellow gave away two-thousand dollars so that a man could have a doll that could truly benefit from one. A contest was set up where men would post why they needed the doll and the winner would receive the money which would be used to get the doll. Phil of course would handle the rest via his company and our affiliate, The Doll House. Several pieces poured in to the contest area, some of them poems, while others described in often great detail the series of events that led to them being more interested in dolls. Some of these are quite heartbreaking to say the very least. You would not believe the look of shock on my face as I noted just how ridiculously inept the court systems were. You’ve heard that they’re bad, but you just don’t know how bad until you’ve read these reports for yourself. Some of these men have gone from riches to rags because they wanted to “take risks”, “benefit society” and “follow in their father’s footsteps” or “do the thing” as I noted earlier. These men were doing what came naturally to them, as men are born and bred to self-sacrifice for the benefit of others, especially their loved ones.

I’m not going to go on about men charging off to war and dying in order to benefit their loved ones and communities, but that is definitely a part of it. What I am talking about is a sort of exodus from this behavior of self-sacrifice. In other words, instead of sacrificing ourselves for the benefit of others, we are learning self-preservation for our own benefit. This can come in the form of self-actualization. Dolls are a part of that. As I’ve explained the chemical benefits and how love is just a bunch of chemicals in the brain which are set off by familiar sights, smells and touch, there is no need to go any beat that dead horse any further. Suffice it to say that a man who chooses a doll or some other alternative means to modern relationships is focusing on his own self-preservation.

Most women do not understand this, because they are not wired to understand this. They’ll often low-blow and find ways to insult men who refuse to think like the rest of the herd. Women have attacked me, even if they weren’t interested in me and it’s just because they know that there is some other woman who could benefit from me. I’ve heard women say these things in person. When I explained that I had a larger than average member, a woman piqued up in person to tell me that I was “wasting it on a doll, when a woman should have that pleasure.” Women think very collectively, hence why there have always been cliques of girls that can even sync their periods at the same time. If you are a doll owner and you are not providing for a woman, you will be exiled immediately. Even if you still prefer sex with women and are fine with casual sex, because you have a doll, some women think that you’re voluntarily taking yourself out of the gene pool. I’m not opposed to having a girlfriend or other kinds of relation, but I am a man who believes heavily in non-cohabitation and am completely against marriage in any form. I do not want the government involved in my love life, nor any other person’s love life. As we have just wrapped up Valentine’s Day, I still believe that the holiday should not exist because instead of allowing the government to take our money as is the norm, we are allowing corporations to take our money in what I would consider to be a very delicate part of a person’s life.

I believe that men who have chosen a doll or other means in the name of self-actualization and preservation are certainly not cucks and do not lack a backbone. Some of these men are doing quite well for themselves and absurdly well, if I’m to be honest. I think a man who would save his money instead of spending it largely on other faculties that do not work to benefit him, but instead considers investments and retirements is a forward-thinking man. So many young men are blowing their money in all sorts of ways, whether trying to appeal to their significant others or to other women on the internet. A doll might be expensive, but they are relatively low maintenance. That minimized level of maintenance has a better cost-benefit analysis than the common relationship, which can cost thousands, especially if you decide to have children.

Children are extremely expensive and companies keep jacking up the prices on all of the things they want and need, costing parents as much money as they would had they smoked a entire carton of cigarettes a day. It’s no wonder why the government has to pay for them, because most people can’t – and a reason why child support is so desired in current year. Simply put, we’re really just biding our time until either the system changes or the robots come along – whatever happens first. There are actually far larger political problems at hand here and dolls are merely a temporary coping mechanism until the next great societal change, which isn’t far away. That being said, a man who refuses to play along with a corrupt system that is knowingly rigged against him is by no means a cuck and by no means spineless. I will wager that it is more spineless to see men who knowingly realize that their livelihood is hanging by a thread in divorce court or perhaps one simple night of debauchery.

Be safe out there, gentlemen.

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