Editorial: Projekt Melody Makes All The Hoes Mad On Chaturbate! What This Says About Society In Current Year

Chaturbate is a service that I’ve never used until now. Let’s be honest, I never got the idea of camming and felt it was just a kind of tease through a screen. Eroge is a bit different, because that is a kind of look that cannot be achieved in real life with a real person, but a lot of human cam models are just regular women. Additionally, the woman who took my virginity decades ago later became a Chaturbate model when the service was in it’s infancy. She no longer uses the service and has become quite bitter in later years.

I’d say it was about six in the morning when I decided to check Twitter and wasn’t expecting anything remotely special – or at least as special as this was. It was a seemingly harmless post, shared by one of the people I follow on Twitter. “Hi, I’m Melody.” The tweet stated. “I’m the world’s first AI camgirl.” Scratching my chin, I thought “this could be interesting.” However, what I didn’t expect to see were the amount of angry human cam models that were doing all in their power to somehow get the AI booted from the service. They waved their hands around in the form of many magical spells, like “think of the children” and “no one can tell how old this AI is” until finally, one spoke up and declared that Projekt Melody should be removed because they literally could not compete with it.

Despite the fact that Melody was being hammered with angry responses from these women on her Twitter account, she merely responded that she wasn’t trying for competition and was only trying to appeal to fans of anime and hentai. And yes, this was such a momentous event that even I had to catch her on the service just to see what all the fuss was about. So after signing up and buying a handful of tokens (rest easy folks, I’d spent more money on comic bundles than the amount of tokens I bought) I jumped into the room. What I didn’t expect, was a human voice synthesized to sound like a fembot. From what I’m told, this AI was built by DigitrevX (now confirmed by Melody’s Twitter as she calls it “Daddy Digi”) who are responsible for several other AI robots in the same vein across the web. This was just the first time the company ever made it’s mark on something like Chaturbate.

What I didn’t see was the same kind of crap you’d find on pornhub from women who only cared if these men had donated to them and otherwise would not piss on them if they were on fire, but real conversation from anyone in the chat who had an interesting topic. Now, with twenty-thousand people going in and out as you might expect, the room was incredibly laggy and resulted in nearly endless buffering on my mobile device. In fact, I still had the same one-hundred shekels in my possession because I couldn’t really tip with all the constant buffering from all the moving parts. I did catch a few women complaining on the first day with comments like “this doesn’t even get my vagina wet” but these are again the same kind of fake geek girls who want anime, hentai and sex dolls banned because they’re obvious competition. Again, they would not piss on these men if they were on fire, but Melody actually cared – or acted like it. Men found conversation and personality from this AI that actually didn’t want to show itself merely playing with toys or whatever – and even though one commenter remarked that “the room was a scam and used prerecorded animations” (which may as well have been true) men didn’t care, because I as witnessed myself – there is a human operator in there chatting with the other users. I suppose there were some men looking for hentai scenes from it, but that clearly wasn’t what it was there for. People were asking it about anime and video games, things that most of the camgirls probably would have ignored, because people who are into those kinds of things are “losers” and “incels.” This sheds light on a completely different problem and I find that it links heavily to my research on the incel community.

I was going to state earlier that the term incel is a misnomer. These guys are what they have always been, the geeks who didn’t fit in well with modern society. I was one of them and in many ways still am. Also as I’ve noticed pretty glaringly that the kinds of women they would normally mate with and start families with in the past are now the kinds of women who jumped headfirst into feminism, polyamory, polygeny and other far-left trends rolling around in society right now. Not that there’s anything wrong with these kinds of beliefs, but the fact of the matter is that these geek girls jumped straight into the “I should be a man because I like things that are synonymous with men and boys” and they just completely changed their genders and got with women. This didn’t happen to all women, but it is definitely the case as I’ve seen it. There are still some really cool gay, lesbian and trans people out there who have more to say to the world than “I’m an LGBT person” and I have a lot of respect for those kinds of people. Similarly, I also found that this same quality is evident among white nationalists, who define their entire existence based on their skin color and what Germanic tribes they may have ascended from. There’s the “I’m gay” type of person and then there’s the “I’M GAY!” kind of person. I find that people who define their entire existence based on their gender or cultural identity are usually doing this sort of thing just to rebel against society and may not actually be a hundred percent committed to the role. For instance, I pointed out when a woman made a statement to her lipstick lesbian friends that “for women who like other women so much, you ladies sure do talk a lot about getting dicked down.” That’s a pretty rough blow, but it also says something about society, cultural brainwash and a slew of other things that I’m not here to talk about today.

What I am here to talk about is the large amount of men who are giving Projekt Melody extravagant sums of money just to support the cause. Money flowed like wine every time I visited the stream and there’s no telling how much she’s made in just a few days. This is because we now have someone who wants to speak to the geeks, the “incels” or squares of modern society who most women aren’t interested in because they’ve been brainwashed by society to do all sorts of other things. Nobody wants these men, so they went elsewhere with their money. And porn just plain gets old. These guys really want someone that will talk with them and that’s what Melody did. There’s a lot of appeal in the 2D woman and I see a lot of guys really jumping on that bandwagon. I watch a lot of anime, so I get it fellas. Japan created the waifus to fill a gap that wasn’t being met with traditional relationships. A rather large and growing gap, I may add. Yet now we are getting to the point technologically where these waifus may be able to jump off the 2D page and into your arms as a robot. That’s the next big thing – and to be honest, it will be the solution for these men who were rejected by women. VR will also be relevant, as I am pretty sure that an interactive VR version of Melody or similar (imagine a thousand of these customizable waifus) would be just as large of a success as the Chaturbate counterpart.

So who do we blame for this exile? Well, aside from technological isolation as I’ve mentioned before, we have to focus on the fact that many things both digital and chemical (and I’m not getting into the birth control bit that I covered earlier based on Aydin Paladin’s findings) have gone into this metamorphosis of women, which some of the brightest women I know have divulged to me. I definitely think that mutation has something to do with it, but to the extent – I’m not sure. Especially here in the west, we are ingesting a lot of chemicals that (according to Terrence Popp) are banned in several countries. So there has to be a damned good reason for it. I also cannot say as to whether or not women in other countries or just men and women in general are changing due to these kinds of chemicals. Though aside from that, there are also political and ideological factors here that led to the outright rejection of men. Harvey Weinstein and the metoo movement are largely to blame for this as well, because most women have seen and heard about it, which clearly spoke to their biological instinct and painted almost every man on the planet as an evil rapist. Trust me, I have seen it in real time. Then you have those who are jumping into traditionalism through Islam, where of course many things that I enjoy and promote here are banned as they’re haram. Pretty much everything featured on this site is haram. Fine, I’ll be honest with you and say that the entire website I run is haram. Thank God, I still live in a free country, right?

In any case, we are going to be seeing some interesting changes over the next couple of years and I’m not sure what the results will be. Melody was something that I never expected to become so popular and so derided all at the same time. But with men being looked at as the enemy, especially white cis-gendered males like myself; it makes perfect sense that there would be a massive turn to the land of waifus. Obviously, they’re making money hand over fist and it’s because men are supporting an idea that they want to grow larger and pervade further throughout the internet. If a large majority of women are treating these men like garbage, then they will simply ignore women altogether and focus on waifus. Some of these men are incel in the truest sense and have never had sex with a woman in their lives, so this is the only option they’ve got. Yes, it would be good for them to focus on internal validation, but it has been made abundantly clear to me that there are more than just a few men who simply cannot do that and need the external validation of a woman to validate their own existence. At least we have something to fill that void and I’m sure that this project will spark other projects throughout the internet and finally give these men what they need, perhaps something that will deradicalize them and deviate from the current trend of a growing incel population among men. After all, the only way that you can possibly combat a society that has become overly gynocentric (female-centric) and focuses more on women than it does men, is with technology. Projekt Melody is doing just that. This is the solution showcasing itself rather boldly and is only the shape of things to come. You can follow Melody on Twitter, YouTube and of course, her Chaturbate streams.

Oh, I forgot to mention one small point.

“Hoes Mad.”

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