Editorial: The Seas Remain Dry – The Sexodus Continues

I remember reading The Sexodus two-parter on (yes, of all things – Breitbart) back in 2014 (this was during the GamerGate era) as probably one of the only worthwhile pieces in that alt-right mess. The Grim Lord doesn’t believe in right or left and rather sits at dead center, realizing that both sides contain their own levels of extremism. I didn’t vote for either left or right wing candidates and voted for a third party that I probably never will again. I may vote King Kong in next election, just to see if the brazen giant ape can run the country a bit better. But that’s neither here nor there, I’m just telling you that these articles (which I will link to via an archive website, so you don’t actually have such web links in your browser history) were actually informative, still current and definitely addressed issues that were not fixed when Trump entered the white house. So, maybe all of the other alt-right related issues might have been addressed, but not this one. Why? Because it isn’t even a bipartisan issue. It’s a human one and actually a bit more common in Japan than what it has been here in the states and the rest of the world.

The sexodus involves mainly the lack of men to meet and copulate with women, creating the standard nuclear family. While it sounds like the plot to a porn film from the watch my gf official website it hasn’t happened. As I recall, a certain feminist website stated that women had more options and were preferring to become more independent themselves – which is indeed true for some; though I’m starting to get another picture and it seems to literally echo back from the seventies, or more importantly – ancient studies on wolf-behavior. Now of course there are those of you who know about the red pill and PUA culture which of course uses outdated information based on the studies of wolf behavior to showcase the fact that men are separated into camps of alpha and beta males, respectively. The characteristics of an alpha are pretty much that of a smooth He-Man type figure, a strong man who is able to lead others and has to bat off women with a stick. The beta male is seen as the follower, who must try every trick in the book in order to obtain a mate and often fails, riddled with confidence issues. He often makes excuses as to why he can’t get women. The problem with all of this, is that while it helps – it’s also as I said, outdated. If you would like to learn more about Beta Males, you can visit somewhere like – https://www.knowledgeformen.com/what-is-a-beta-male/.

Betas are living like the American equivalent to a Japanese hikikomori, which is literally a basement dwelling hermit. Except for the fact that said hermit is not an aged fellow, but a man fresh out of adolescence (and sometimes still deep in the throes of such a hormone-riddled existence) that refuses to really contact with human beings and loses some social-skills in the process. One can soon forget how to talk to people. It sounds silly, but with the age of smart phones, tablets and texting replacing the need to interact, we forget how to be, well… human. We also get stuck in this admittedly creepy nice guy culture, which is no way to be. Men and women do not appreciate an overly nice fellow to the point of insanity. If you’re still looking to get laid by being an insanely nice carpet for everyone to walk all over, then don’t fucking blame me if you feel like you’ve been trampled. Because you have. Yes, sir – you literally let a horde of people just walk all over you because you wanted to play the good Samaritan role and expect for people to do the same to you. Regardless of religious faith, the “turn the other cheek” rule doesn’t exactly apply in society – especially modern society. Sometimes, you need to let them have it. I don’t mean knocking someone in the face, but just letting someone know when you feel uncomfortable with what they ask, or just can’t physically do it. We are all humans and we all have fucking limits. We all break down at some point.

I also hear from these self-considered Betas that they are often not good looking enough to find a partner. As if the woman you are seeking exists atop of a great pedastal by which servants fan as she stands there in Apollic wonder. But listen, she’s not the Sun – and that light burns out real fast. Have you ever actually lived with women before? Oh, have I ever – and let me tell you, it’s not quite all the bells and whistles that you expect. When you live with people, you have to keep in consideration that they all have certain conditions by which they experience life and choose to live. Some people are neat freaks, some messy. Others will give you the business if you forget to wash your dish after eating or fail to take out the garbage. Holy shit, what ever happened to that lovely Aphrodite sitting atop a pedastal whilst the servants fan her very essence? It’s quite simple – she became human. Also, you will learn quick (sometimes even unexpectedly) that you aren’t going to be one to deal with her shit. Nor will she want to deal with yours. People will argue and fight pretty heavy, but then they will make love even harder – it’s true. Some people just love a good fight and will try to make you angry. Yes, that loving perfect goddess will find things to do in order to irk you. You’ll soon realize that you just can’t be nice anymore. That you just can’t deal with it anymore. That you can’t just have roses and rainbows. Sometimes there will be storm, and it makes a man as to whether or not he can truly handle it.

Some people can’t. Some people have been hurt. They’ve been through all this shit and decided that they would feel better alone. Some get stir-crazy and start harassing women because they have the heat of a thousand suns burning their crotch with lust and passion, but don’t have any way to release it in the way that nature intended. This is called thirst and though I’ve written an article on this previously, I could kick myself for the ridiculousness of that banter (even though I still feel that some of it had merits). Sure, thirsty men might very well need to obey their thirsts, but they’re going to wrong way about it – the extremely wrong way. As with the advent of the internet and social media, men have more contact with women than ever. There are also places where adult behaviors are allowed, by which men and women are able to discuss slightly more intimate behaviors. The problem is, women are getting the now infamous “dick pic” in the hopes that some woman will just see the greatest phallic object that she has ever beheld, shining there like a great and mighty obelisk. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen – often. Instead, men usually get vast rejections and mostly end up blocked. Scammers also use this tactic, so women have to be extra careful. Though if I’m talking about a sexodus here, I have to approach both sides of the issue and also mention that some of this does lie with the fault of men who behave in this fashion. Yes, women do like brash assholes more often than not and they sometimes get treated like shit. Weird fact of science, but I guess it is because of the fact that these assholes aren’t fake. Even so, between all the dick pics, literal harrassment and possible abuse that goes on from relationships, you really can’t blame many women from not only becoming extreme feminists (or radical feminists, if you like) but also deciding that they would like to give other women a try instead of being letdown by yet another man.

Now before I say this, I do understand that some people are naturally gay, bisexual and whatever. That’s fine. But I do know for a fact that some women who have gotten tired of men and all of their antics thought that they might try women for a change. Granted, there would have to be at least some sort of bisexual attraction to women for this to happen in the first place, as a great deal of super-straight women just choose to be alone and amass animals. (Not an issue, by the way – I’m an animal lover myself). Hence, “The Crazy Cat Lady” or a “Dog Mom.” If you are one of these, don’t think I’m making fun of you – we all adapt in different ways and if four-legged mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects make you happy, then that’s fine. Some people really love their damn chickens, despite as much chicken as I eat on a regular basis. (Spoiler alert: It’s a lot. The Grim Lord will probably die from spicy chicken sandwiches). In any case, we all have our ways of filling a void and sometimes that is actually even better than filling it with another human. True, you can’t have romantic relations with a pet (and I would rather hope that you aren’t) but they are there for you and that’s not something that you can always count on from a human being. Unfortunately.

But back to what I was saying – some women decide that they might want to try their other attraction out and that leaves you in the dust. Some women do find what they’re looking for in other women. They do. Some women were actually getting with other women on the side because you were boring, and now they don’t have you to worry about anymore. It happens. Or maybe they just got so tired of men harassing them that they went for the one type of person that doesn’t – the same sex. It’s a win for her, but a loss for your sorry ass. And to be honest, you oughtta be. If you have nothing better to do than harrass women because they won’t go out with you and soothe that burning pain in your testicles, then I can think of no better just reward.

But this – this is why women feel they need feminism. And no, not the traditional equality “respect everyone’s rights” kind of feminism (which wouldn’t really be feminism anyway) but the kind that Mike Judge made apparent on the hit cartoon Beavis and Butthead with an episode titled “Womyn.” Holy shit, that’s 1995-1996. No Tumblr, no social media, no modern internet. We didn’t even have WiFi and phones still came with a cord. yet. I’d say it’s at least twenty years before the Tumblr feminism (or what I would call radical feminism) stuff started appearing online and changing culture. They even used the term “militant feminism” in the cartoon and showcased it with two very masculine looking females that most people would assume to be lesbians. But that kind of happened in Tumblr culture too. Art imitates life, even many decades later.

The bottom line is that because desperate men will appear frightening (and can you fucking blame these people for being a bit wary?) women might feel that they need some sort of protection. They might band with others who have also been through the same ordeal and create a stance that demonizes all men. Whoa, that’s you guys. It’s pretty obvious that some of the radicalists became militant man haters, but with a word like radical attached to it, what did you expect? In the states, when we hear the word “radical” or “radicalist” it refers to an person of a certain belief that most likely committed a grievous act in the name of an extreme ideology. So when we think of someone that follows such a belief to that level, we should think of them as a bit mad or insane. Obviously people who are aware of ISIS know that they’re not cool dudes and that they’ll fucking kill you for violating their extremist beliefs. There are even radical Christians out there, I don’t even need to mention the weird religious cults over in Texas and other rural areas. The point is, extremism and elitism in general just doesn’t really help anybody. So yeah, when you see this kind of behavior, you have to realize that something drove someone towards it. That might be you. That being said, are we to blame for all of this? No. Not by any means, but we do hold at least a little bit of responsibility as do some of these women for turning men against them in their own brand of extremism. It goes both ways and always reflects some belief, whether learned or experienced at an early age.

Unfortunately, there still aren’t any real methods available for those lone hikikomori beta males dealing with this dry desert. Men were at one time able to be men and date women and have kids. Not everyone wants to do that, but those that wanted to could. They had confidence more often than not and I think before the internet, women were a bit more approachable too. There’s no doubt that the advent of smart phones and social media have put a sort of barrier on our culture, making it more difficult for people to gain your attention. Some have also found artificial help with the same means that could be a factor in Japan’s lowering birthrate – Japanese anime girls. All of the manga, anime, hentai and games that showcase beautiful artistic images of unblemished women have barreled onto our shores, bringing what a growing number of men (and women) consider to be better than actual human beings. With that comes many strange fetishes, which I’m becoming more aware of every day. Without normal human interaction, something has to fill the void, right? Not to mention the increasing popularity of VR sex games and the oncoming possibility of the companion robot, or the sex robot as most consider it.

So is that it for humanity? The end of this sexodus leads us into the promised land of virtual reality and robot fucking? I’m not really sure, but most of the problems I’ve outlined here seem to have technology as a root cause with technology as one of the best means to fix it, (or the only means that is being offered right now, anyway) sort of like a glorified bug fix patch for the game of life itself. A rather simplistic way of putting it, but according to the information I’ve gleaned, technology seems to be fixing the problems in technology with more technology. So… let’s just hope that things don’t get too bad and we end up fighting Skynet. In any case, the next couple of decades look to be very interesting and it is a rather exciting time to be alive. Regardless of what you think about the Sexodus, it is definitely an ongoing issue that needs to be solved, and seems to have one of the weirdest solutions ever imagined. For now, at least.

Original Breitbart links to The Sexodus Pts 1&2:



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