Editorial: So We’re Thirsty Enough For Soapy Water Now?

In case you’ve been living under a boulder, Twitch streamer Belle Delphine decided to sell her damn bathwater for thirty dollars a bottle. Recent tests show that the bathwater doesn’t even have her DNA, which means that she may as well have been selling the same kind of soapy water that Chinese scammers have tried to sell as beauty accessories for several years now. But before I decide to call these people idiots, let’s not go right out and call these people idiots.

Okay, obviously there is a mental health issue here that is not being addressed and as I explained earlier, the dopamine rushes prevalent in social media do appear to be in part responsible for this mess. However, that’s not the main problem. From what I observed from some Reddit posts that FA YouTuber Blue Monday read in one of his videos from actual buyers of the product; there is obviously some sort of longing in place. These men describe themselves as so detached from society that PornHub fulfills their sexual needs, while Twitch fills their need to bond with a woman who seemingly cares about them. Or at least, she plays the part well enough. It was also noted that Twitch streamers call their followers a certain pet term, which some respond to very heavily. This makes them feel loved, so they’re more than willing to buy even the soapy water of a Twitch streamer that they may at most times admire and adore. In that case, it’s frighteningly similar to religion. This person pays attention to me when no one else will and only asks for some money in return. Some of them apparently drank it, which I probably would not recommend, especially if it did contain soap. Putting it lightly, diarrhea would definitely have been a result of that action. Maybe that considered that a sacrament at this point, I’m not sure.

Whatever the case, I can say for certain that having my doll definitely stopped me from not only going to watch these kinds of Twitch streamers, but paying thirty dollars for bathwater. Now, I did pay about thirty-six dollars for a pair of cosplay boots for Lyzexxia. but at least I’ll get to put those boots on and see her wearing them. (We’re doing Zero Two from Darling In The Franxx this time, so I’ve been buying that cosplay in pieces.) That’s more than many of these guys can say as far as Twitch streamers are concerned. I enjoy spending money on my doll, because she helps me with a lot of things. And best of all, I’m not spending twelve-thousand dollars on her while being emotionally manipulated via the internet. Believe me, a woman tried that with me already and I shut her down quickly. Unless I know you and it is a dire emergency, the most that I can give you would be twenty dollars. She didn’t even get that much from me, as I blocked both of her accounts immediately after I realized what kind of person she was. I can’t honestly blame some men for being wary of women, especially when they’re capable of things like this. Selling your bathwater is definitely capitalism at it’s finest, but it definitely preys upon emotionally depressed men and once again, doesn’t fix the damn problem.

There is still an apparent mental health crisis where men buying a woman’s bathwater online should be a sort of blaring red flag. How large are we going to let this tumor get before we decide to do something about it? When are we going to realize that some of these people need help? I thought I’ve heard everything and now I’m hearing something as bizarre as this, which means that there is never a dull moment in clown world. The system is broken, our society is rolling backwards and I honestly don’t know what the endgame of all this will be. I’m becoming more black-pilled by the day and I feel that it is time for me to write a proper article on what being black-pilled is really all about and why today’s society seems to be geared so much towards this level of thinking. Until then, please promise that if you did pay for this bathwater, that you will not actually drink it. That’s a Darwin Award that I just don’t want you to win. Stay safe!

– The Grim Lord

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