Editorial: Social Media, Reproduction and Eugenics

It is not unlike me to come out with yet another controversial opinion, which is why I now have complete control of the site and why no one else would be held responsible should a reader become “triggered.” This will definitely be one of my most controversial.

I’ve exposed in previous articles how damaging social media can be and why it feeds on both dopamine and external validation, which most women thrive on by nature. The act of a mere Instagram post is proof of that, showing the woman that she’s “still got it” though is probably not interested in anyone but the most eligible bachelors. I am not finding fault with that, it is human nature and responsible for the existence we share today on this planet. However, I shall make a critique on a Quora comment I read regarding the average male of the past.

The comment read something to the tune of “average men and average women have mated and that’s how you were born.” This is absolutely correct. Unfortunately, I do not live in the age of my father, grandfather and his father before him. I live in a technologically advanced society with a different set of cultural standards and values that seem to change with every bit of new technology released to the public. In a world with people who want to be influencers and Insta-Famous, we are definitely seeing a rather disturbing trend. Yes, it is obvious that “lookism” has become societal rule of law.

Due to this new mandate imposed upon society by big tech firms, we now have outliers in the incel and femcel communities. Women rejected eighty percent of men on looks alone, which is actually to be expected as it is wholly obvious that many women did not marry strictly on looks, but rather by necessity, resources and personality. We really should not have a group of angry men causing harm as they roll into the unbelievable “terrorist” moniker, yet that seems to be the case. And three, count them three – films have been released on mental illness in just the past couple of months. Namely these films are The Fanatic, Joker and Cuck with more to come I’m quite sure. I made a series of direct connections in these films, which I may post an article about later. It should be obvious that the talk of the town as it were focuses on outcasts and the mentally deficient. Please keep in mind what the Romans would have done to these children (they quite literally fed them to the wolves) and it almost feels as though a social media version of this is happening. As the word incel has become a large insult in the social media world and one’s inability to find a mate for sex is now used as a way to dehumanize a man, the only thing that I can think about is eugenics.

Think about it this way. If social media did reprogram our brains and gamify dating to the point that women (the pursued) judge men (the pursuers) by looks alone, then there is definitely an obvious preference in body image which will translate to a world of “beautiful people.” Obviously, beautiful people are praised in society and rise to fame strictly based on their looks. I’ve even witnessed discussions where men are concerned about their looks and generally want to look better. I can say, aside from the rare exception, we were never a competitive mating species. In my younger years it was never really that difficult to find an attractive woman, nor an average looking woman. We also were not glued to our cellphones and people actually talked to each other in person, allowing them the chance to get to know one another and develop bonds and attraction for each other.

Additionally, people were not selling their bodies. I’ve heard stories that your teens, yes your high school-aged adolescents are either selling images and videos of themselves or buying them from women on the campuses. I may have mentioned this before in a rant regarding an employer’s stance on adult content created by employees. It is obvious that the future generation is going to come into the workplace with adult content that will not be purged and will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Some of these teens are taking it even further as the former “best looking woman” in your high school could now become an Instagram model with thousands of followers around the world, some of which are completely unaware that she is underage. That sounds a bit unsettling, right? What is even more unsettling is that some of the perverts following these people do not care. And let’s not even get into what they do on Twitch. Your teens are becoming voyeurs for God only knows who!

I realize that this generally comes off as black-pilled, which former PUA coaches are making money from by rebranding themselves in this fashion. They want to create an “incel crisis” and teach these men basic looks maxing and oeacockibg techniques, which often involve drastic plastic surgery methods in order to appear more like an attractive male. While this definitely can work, it points to a far more sinister issue that I think needs to be discussed here. That issue is eugenics.

Eugenics is the process by which a certain selection of human beings is sought after in regards to mating. It is a form of population control and was used by the Nazi’s in World War II as part of Hitler’s final solution. The dating algorithms created to find attractive people brought about a false sense of hope for many who are themselves on a much lower rung of society. Women are refusing to date down, even if they are on the lower end of the spectrum. As they represent the pursued, this obviously doesn’t bode well for a lot of male pursuers. I fully believe that had there not been such an age on narcissistic lookism, many of these young women and men who would have never graced the cover of GQ on their best days, would have simply settled down and created offspring as had been in the previous generations.

What’s more, is that this gamification of dating created hookup culture, which led to a lot of negative thoughts towards dating for both men and women, many women pulling out the gay card and leaving men altogether. Hookup culture and PUA culture led directly to rape culture and the demonization of men, which brought about #metoo, #yesmeansyes, #timesup and even more heinous tags like #saynotowhiteboys which has brought about a growing exodus of men going their own way, while traditional conservatives and PUA’s accuse them of being quitters, dollfuckers and everything else that you can imagine.

The bottom line is that we are now stuck with this and that there is no getting around it. Social media has changed the way that the brain works and the consequences of this could be disastrous overtime. Ben Swann of Truth In Media declared recently that social media is in fact social engineering and I have seen that on a large scale. I haven’t yet kicked my Facebook habit, but I am starting to find that I loathe the site more and more with each passing day and we are not getting the number of hits that we used to because of Facebook’s draconian policies. We may be moving our page to Minds or something of that nature.

The truth about social media eugenics is that it worked; and now we have to face a questionable future that doesn’t seem to have the people’s best interests in mind. Sure, they want more consumers, but only those who pass the lookism test. The takeaway from this is that we need to start realizing where we sit on the genetic pool and date within those parameters. You may have to date down a bit and that’s difficult for some people to do. Though it goes without saying that if you just can’t bring yourself to do that or you can’t convince people that you would normally be compatible with to do that, there are alternative options available for you in the form of dolls and other such methods.

– The Grim Lord

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