Editorial: The Mating Mask & Why We Love To Bullshit Ourselves

As I promised before that I’m no longer going to hammer on incels, I have decided to switch things up a bit within this topic matter of dating, relationships and sex. I think it is important that I talk a little bit about the mating mask and why it is important.

Throughout life, we wear many masks and often hide our true intentions through a barrage of personas, essentially many faces. You may have a mask for work, a mask for your friends, a mask for your family and even a mask for your children. Online, we are able to wear hundreds of thousands of masks. We can be anyone we want and anything that we want. It’s a wonderful convenience. The problem is, these masks are getting into the human mating game, which is also known as the human dating game. Perhaps these masks aren’t quite so old, but in the age of technology they seem quite, well… deceitful. How so? Let me explain.

First of all, we have to talk about Tinder. In my opinion, Tinder is the worst thing that ever happened to human relations, and it is not for the reasons you might think. For those of you who have been living under a rock, Tinder is a sex app disguised as a dating app and has been influential in creating a lot of unwanted pregnancies, no doubt. The app utilizes a simple “swipe left” or “swipe right” function, which can either alert the person to your interest, or wipe them off your radar forever. Naturally, it is much larger than I would have expected, being that it utilizes the ELO algorithm and is easy to manipulate, though in the strangest ways.

Basically, Tinder is forcing a lot of men into this lifestyle where they have to look a certain way and behave a certain way to attract what could be seen as excessively vain women. Women weren’t quite so vain back in my day, though they didn’t have quite so many options either. In my early twenties, I had several girlfriends and even a little sex here and there. Nothing incredible to speak of, but I’d had the experience that some men are claiming is the most important part of life. The modern generation however, now has to deal with women who can have thousands of right-swipes at one time, making their work incredibly difficult. Especially when many of these men are wearing masks. How so? Let me further explain.

First of all, this is basic game. Men are told to dress nice, go to the gym, use professional equipment to take a photo and make sure that they’re standing somewhere amazing. After all, men are selling themselves as a six-dollar burger complete with all the artificial dyes and sprays that they use in food commercials. Women are often doing the same thing though, as they dress probably a bit more provocative or classier than they might in person. Not only that, but pounds of makeup and camera tricks are used to disguise obesity. I’ve had experiences with this technique many times before. In a way, this is all normal for dating. You even have to look a certain way to attract the kind of women or men you want. For instance, I live in a minority area where I am definitely the minority, in that regard. Most of the women I work with are exotic in that sense and feature some shade of color. I haven’t actually been with a woman of color before and thought it may be an interesting experience. So I talked to a few coworkers and they more or less told it like it was. Quite simply, I would have to reinvent myself in order to appeal to that type of woman. I was told to more or less purchase an Adidas track suit with matching shoes and a headband. That’s not me at all, but it would attract these ladies. It would also serve as a mask.

Though I could wear this mask, the man who I would be portraying would not be the man that I am. I don’t own tracksuits, or suits at all for that matter. I don’t value shoes often and buy a cheap brand because I don’t really feel that footwear was ever that special. As long as shoes are manageable, they’re fine with me. Though in addition to all that, I am a metalhead with an interest for Japanese culture, comic books and retro games. I enjoy philosophy, psychology, the occult and politics. While there may indeed be some track-suited individuals with those traits, I myself am not one of them. Nor am I looking to become one of those individuals.

Years ago, my attire was nothing but band shirts, JNCOs and a hefty shade of black. I was the only Goth in high school, until some embraced that culture years later. I will have to admit that I was not a traditional English Goth, I was more of an American Nu-Metal head and I still love the stuff obviously, it was a backbone for me. Even so, I was considered a Goth by most of my peers and dipped a toe into the occult through Wicca. I was into that for a long enough time, I feel. The Goth mask obviously attracted a Goth girl, but at the same time, she had been having an affair with a man completely removed from Goth culture. This now means so much more to me than it used to, as it shows me that you do not have to embody a culture in order to appeal to someone. You just have to have the right moves, and yes – moves are worth studying. (Though it is again, impossible to know what the right moves are and not all of them will work on every girl.)

The modern mask game entailed the age of the fuckboy, which is more or less made up of everything I told you about in the previous article: Gym, dress in style, professional camera, etc. I think this is actually how the whole “Do you even lift, Bro?” thing started. So many men were lining up to join gyms in order to appeal to women. Though it should be noted that a study was offered in a thirty-thousand member sex group where a picture of several male physiques were showcased, as women were supposed to decide out of the eight or nine physiques, which they would most prefer. As one might guess, the first number was super-muscular and the very bottom was obese. Most women picked the numbers in between, with several of them aiming more towards the less muscular, though more built types. So perhaps it isn’t muscle definition that attracts women, but meaty men. That doesn’t sound so off-kilter, even though the group itself featured many larger-sized women and may have had different results if the test group had been of a different physique. One cannot say for sure.

Surprisingly, one of the most interesting things that I’ve discovered about women can be learned from pimps. Pimps are taught not only how to manipulate women, but also how to lure them in with wealth and power. Flashy rides and fine threads are still all that it takes to lure in many different kinds of women, which might actually go back to the harems of Kings. I’m just theorizing here, but I do believe that the fine garments of these pimps, or perhaps even the ideal male image of a finely tailored suit, may go back to the silken threads of royalty. It could even be an ancestral memory passed on through DNA, as we are more or less mating with slightly mutated genetic copies of our ancestors. The mutation occurs through mixing, of course. It sounds a bit bizarre, but we think nothing of it. Even so, this ancestral memory is still in play for the women of today and the modern dating game is definitely a part of that.

Though women do not say that they want to be taken care of and will even sprawl text against it, this does seem to be the case with many of today’s modern females. People usually want what they don’t have in order to complete them. Men take advantage of that and pretend to be that which they want, later running off to leave the woman confused and possibly even depressed about what had happened. But what did you expect, ladies? It was all a game. It was all an illusion. You may as well have been mating with an image in the mirror, as you’ve falled to notice the great glamor in what has just happened.

Yes, this is most certainly a glamor, an occult art. Mystery (the magician mostly responsible for Neil Strauss’s The Game and later, The Mystery Method) knew this all too well. For a man who is a master of sleight of hand magic, it makes perfect sense that women could be swayed with a similar methodology. And as for all of those makeup and beauty tricks, ladies; they are just as much a glamor as anything that men have been taught to do. We’re playing a magical game here, and it is every bit occult as you might expect. After all, what is the occult, if not hidden? What is the self, if not hidden behind a mask? The personas that we use to hide our true selves and mate with others are absolute bullshit. They barely reflect even a single thing about us, and are often quite wrong. I wouldn’t be any nearer to that street image of a thug in a track suit, than would a street girl in a metal getup. You can look like anything you want, but unless you are that kind of person, it means absolutely nothing.

My closet is filled to the brim with graphic tees and I tend to wear a lot of Levi Strauss’s favorite, the blue jean. I always wondered why they were blue, but I can perhaps Google that. Makes me wonder if there’s another dimension where everyone wears red jeans. Though, that’s a completely different topic I’m afraid, and not one for discussion.

Until next time,

– The Grim Lord

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