Editorial: Thoughts On MGTOW II – Incels, Crooked Journalists & The Great Human Bug Patch

Several months have passed since my last article on MGTOW, which was more or less just made up of simple observations made up first impressions on the lifestyle and maybe just a handful of videos. That has most certainly changed, as I found myself browsing an incel forum yesterday in order to gain some sort of insight on what may have caused a brutal murder in Toronto. That being said, it isn’t the first brutal murder out of the incel camp as Rodger Elliot slaughtered a whole bunch of people in southern California based on the same incel mentality. You should already know the story by now, as extreme left journalist Arshy Mann basically did everything in his power to destroy the incel movement, even though there are definitely women and non-misogynists there. But we’ll get to that later. First, I want to pick a bone with Mann and his piece on the website Xtra in particular.

I: Silly Journalists, Your Opinion Isn’t Fact

Please keep in mind that the OPINION PIECE (and I have to put that in bold, because despite the fifty tweets he posted promoting his piece – and that’s fine, because everyone needs promotion) posted on Xtra actually states as a sub-heading:

“Disrupt their networks, deradicalise their recruits and fight their toxic masculinity.”

Holy shit, Arshy. That is one HELL of an opinion. If I was playing Metal Gear, this is the kind of message that I would expect to get from command before the mission started. After reading this, how many people realized that it was an opinion piece, just like this one? You don’t actually have to believe or take note of anything I’ve said here or anywhere else after all, they are just food for thought. Though I suppose, since it was an opinion piece, the headline should have read something like this:

“I feel that their toxic masculinity is quite dangerous and would recommend disrupting their networks and deradicalising their recruits.”

See, now THAT is an opinion. Please keep in mind that I’ve read through these forums myself and some of these people might very well be a threat, but I don’t feel that many more will act out on these feelings unless intentionally provoked which is what Mann is doing with his article, a piece that sparked ten tons of Twitter vitriol from the social justice community. This of course, pits two extremes against each other. If you read the incel stuff, you’ll notice that they do not stand highly for social justice/feminism and all the stuff that Mann and others might be getting paid for. There are of course sponsors and agents on both sides, which Sandman MGTOW let slip when he mentioned that he was working with some sponsors on his material. Logically, it then makes sense that there are sponsors, publicists and agents out there trying to make money from the social justice and feminist perspectives as well. To be brutally honest, I strongly doubt that many of the talking points we hear on a daily basis would be here without money. Arshy Mann probably wouldn’t have written that article or promoted it quite so heavily if there wasn’t some sort of payment behind it.

As a writer, I have looked at various writer jobs and I know how much several of these sites pay per word. I cannot say how much Mann made from the article, but I am sure that the number of views may have resulted in a supplemental payment, due to the article reaching such a high volume. It also helped a relatively unknown Canadian lawyer with a couple of articles here and there on Medium and Xtra (a site I’d never heard of until now, can they do something about that awful loading screen? It’s the internet, not a PS1) to get extremely popular. Please keep in mind that Mann himself doesn’t even have to believe in the talking points, he just has to pretend that he does. As long as his tweets and articles mention key buzzwords like “rape, misogyny, social justice, feminism, transgender” and whatever other new buzzwords that can be coined on a daily basis, he’ll continue to have relevancy in that community.

Like it or not, there is a lot of money in social justice. It was thought to be a small movement, but that is far from true. Large corporations like Coca-Cola have tweeted about social diversity and other such topics directly related to the culture. This means that there are more marketing agents in social justice than you could ever possibly imagine. Especially struggling agents, who were working on topics that began to dry up and quickly jumped onto the bandwagon, essentially striking the iron while it was still hot. Social justice is definitely the flavor of the week, and it is not going anywhere as it is the new counterculture and that will reflect the times – counterculture has, quite often; become culture. Though aside from discussing incredibly common business practices in the news media, let us get back to the topic.

II: Female Incels Aren’t Allowed To Play In Any Reindeer Games (I Can’t Even Find A Proper Photo Of One)

It is here that I denote Rebecca Freeman, who considers herself a female incel and was a former moderator, booted from one of the larger incel forums. This could be due to the changing climate, as a lot of incel men have such a hatred of women that they do not want to have anything to do with female incels. Most do not believe that these women even exist, and consider makeup their reasoning behind such an exclusion. Peculiar, but I can understand considering the territory. Here is a link to her piece discussing the origins of the word incel, which the incels have themselves disproven (I can no longer find the post, unfortunately and am not willing to wade through that sea of negativity any more than I need to). I cannot validate their research though, and would advise caution in regards to believing it.

I just don’t feel that the narrow scope for this type of incel considers women as anything more than basically… well, crap. Refuse, garbage, absolutely useless in every way shape and form. Though you can see that when browsing the forums yourself. As such, this behavior sparked a great deal of malice within the social justice community, to which you can imagine resulted in a barrage of death threats. Because in the age of modern man, when one human does not like another, they wish for harsh torrential rains of agony and death to befall them. (Yes, we’re great people, so please come visit our planet.)

III: Incels Appreciate Death Threats More Than We Could Ever Imagine

In any case, these death threats caught a completely different kind of reaction than the Twitter followers expected and it would seem that many of these people (who describe themselves as short and ethnic, rather than the masses of “cishet” white males you might have been expecting) are actually more than willing to die and just want the government’s permission to do so. As horrifying as that might sound, I’ve read the suicide thread there and noticed that there is a sort of genuine sadness to be found within the posts. They claim that normal people want them to suffer and that things would be so much better if they died. Some of them may have even attempted suicide a few times, but just couldn’t bring themselves to complete it. While reading this thread, I noticed one user in particular describing different suicide methods and the problems with each. (Again, I don’t have links to these posts as they’ve been fucking buried.)

That should be alarming to you, if you’ve got even the smallest modicum of logic rattling around in your skull. The fact of the matter is that this gentleman in particular spent such a long time researching methods of suicide that he was able to make a full detailed list of pros and cons for it. Usually, when a person spends that much time researching a topic, it means that they are in fact quite serious about it and would be willing to pursue it whenever the time is right. Though what I gather from their peculiar demands, is that these people do not only want the government to allow them the right to death, but the perfect means by which to end their lives. It’s a bit chilling, but you must imagine that these people are living through hell right now, even if that hell is of their very own creation and worldview. I don’t know what caused it as I wasn’t there to see it happen and can only theorize, but it feels often like the void that exists between apathy and self-loathing. So as logic denotes, when someone who is already apathetic, self-loathing and possibly experiencing symptoms of depression and trauma is told that the best thing in the world would be to off themselves, then you can see rather easily why they would be all for this solution.

IV: MGTOW & Blackpill (Or What It Used To Mean)

Now, the main question is this – how does this tie into MGTOW? Well, as I may have mentioned, I noticed that many of the comments left on MGTOW related videos are very close to some of the posts on that incel forum. In fact, there is an article steeped in blackpill, which I had once personally found to be a good alternative to the red and blue common pills that society follows; but unfortunately the term seems to have been tweaked to relate to incel philosophy. I don’t recall blackpill being code word for incel, as originally it was the opposite of PUA. From what I’d read, it is a belief that the world is basically flawed and that all people are more or less on the same playing field. No side is right, with order and chaos in constant battle with each other. Seek the arcane and keep forging your path through the madness knowing that there isn’t really a happy ending for any of us. I may have added that last part in, and would have no problem making some sort of odd silverpill philosophy that brings blackpill back to those roots. It seems all that you need to create a philosophy these days is a pill and a color. On another note, I’m still convinced that the purple pill only cures heartburn and may be one of the most useful pills of them all. (Oh, and for the record I’ve never heard of “sluthate.com” and don’t really care to visit it. This is obviously, an old meme.)

V: The Fallacy of Chad and Stacy (Why Does Chad Resemble Johnny Bravo?)

One might say that these individuals have delved so far into bitterness that they’ve more or less become full of malice and vitriol towards the things that they most desire. This is personified via the “Stacy” concept. A “Stacy” is considered to be an extremely beautiful women who should be more or less thrown on a goddamned pedestal and fanned by servants in the sunlight. She’s one of those “cute girls” that these kinds of men always see hooking up with “Chads.” “Chads” are of course, anyone that looks (in their eyes) better than they do and is dating or married to the “Stacy.” Yes, I was a Chud (spelling intentional) before as the whole squeaky clean look to a Chad doesn’t suit me. The guy on that meme, he’s not me. But I definitely dated Stacy’s. I was an attractive metal guy and some would say that I still am – which I won’t exactly deny. Though I’m far from perfect and so were the Stacy’s that I dated, in ways that I could not even fathom at the time. The problem with this whole damn philosophy is that the only difference between a “Stacy” and a normie (average woman) is usually makeup and exercise. Obviously, overweight women are referred to as “land whales” and avoided because of that. Though even if the girl is thin or fit, if she doesn’t utilize the magic of makeup, she’ll more or less qualify as a normie. To be brutally honest, most women do not look even close to how we might expect without their makeup and I’ve seen this in action. It’s like the Clark Kent to Superman transformation, removing the glasses to become this great beacon of truth, justice and all that good stuff.

Though I can see where they may have gleamed this image however, as more women than ever before are now able to become “beautiful” thanks to dozens of online makeup tutorials as well as the never-ceasing amount of fragrances and beauty care options to keep their bodies looking amazing for many years. When a man sees a woman in this light, he can lose himself. “She’s so beautiful!” And yeah, I’m not gonna lie – that IS the fucking point. She’s supposed to look beautiful. She’s supposed to attract the kind of men that she likes and she’ll be extremely selective because her beauty glamour gives her the right to be. This is occult, really – it’s the art of disguise. I’ve seen a lot of women without their makeup, and to be brutally and terribly honest; some of the most beautiful and sexiest models (yes, I know a few) that I’ve ever seen in my life actually look, well… pretty basic without the gear.

If you want a forever Stacy, you should need to know first and foremost that she will have to take the damn makeup off eventually and you’re going to have to make love to the person without makeup. What’s more, is you’re going to have to do that for many years, because you make a commitment to be with that person until your demise. I really have to recommend Chad Kultgen’s The Average American Male and The Average American Marriage which we’ve covered here on the website and you’ll find a link to in the title. Taking note that these books could serve as nightmare fuel for some incels, they are very fucking true regarding many instances of real life relationships. I also recommend the film version of Kultgen’s Men, Women & Children which actually stars Adam Sandler in a non-comedic role. Kultgen was always very good at telling it like it is, so if you don’t mind reading a book by a Chad who actually might make your existence a little easier to understand, I would recommend these to you post-haste.

Life doesn’t get any better because you have a woman in it, even a drop-dead gorgeous one. I’ve had that before and the stress in my life just quadrupled. It is nice to have someone who you can confide in, but at the same time you also run into moodiness and if you don’t want a woman to be moody; then you’d better get a damn robot. For those of you in the incel community that aren’t going to kill yourselves, you might want to wait just a few more years before you can own a robot of your own. Costly yes, but if you’ve been following the old MGTOW dictum, “ignore women, acquire currency” then you should have all the money that you’ll need to purchase this perfect robot partner.

VI: Why Not Date A Bimbo?

That being said, (and I hesitate. to mention this, because the community is still very much in the underground) I am still confused as to why many of the incel men in this community haven’t reached out to the bimbo community. No, it doesn’t quite mean what you think it does, at least not anymore – as “plastic positive” is now the name of the game. Bimbos are normally interested in breast, buttocks and lip implants/injections while keeping a thin and fit body. At the same time, they are also interested in pleasing their men. They have been considered “arm candy” though are not always polyamorous. Since incels consider most polyamorous sex workers as “below them” and there are several bimbos making money through various modeling agencies and other types of work, this might just fall in line with their hypergamous (read: dating above) means of dating. To incels, the Stacy must also be of an equal class or higher and never so much as an inch below them on the socio-economic totem pole. In other words, this probably isn’t going to work; especially when so many “youngcells” are nearly frightened to death of women. I do blame some of the MGTOW channels for that, though again – not entirely. Many of the first channels dedicated to this redpill philosophy were only created to caution men about life with the opposite sex and generally, some of the more devious acts that people are capable of and what the law is capable of in regards to the opposite sex and those kinds of heinous acts. It seemed fair enough, but I feel that it may have also created these monsters (even though they aren’t all monsters, clearly there are some intelligent thinkers in the bunch) due to its exclusionary nature of women. The whole concept of MGTOW is practically, men going their separate ways from women; so this is a no-brainer. Look up enough MGTOW memes and you’ll see exactly what has become of this particular culture, and why I have very little interest in it.

(For the record, I’m quite a fan of bimbo culture and would personally love to date a bimbo.)

VII: Technology Created This Mess

Now that all of this has been thoroughly stated, I think it is time to address the real progenitor behind both MGTOW and the modern incel movement. It is also the same progenitor behind radical feminism and other extreme leftist movements. It is as the late great Warrel Dane stated in Nevermore’s The River Dragon Has Come:

“Technology, the beast – The seventh crown.”

Now, I’m not a biblical man, though I was certainly raised that way and frequented Revelations as I always felt it was one of the more interesting books in that old tome. But aside from that, the equally non-religious Warrel Dane mentioned the huge impact that technology has had on our world today, and is felt most notably in our current social structure. This has been apparent since the age of Tumblr, which yielded the birth of both radical feminism and social justice. More or less, people who didn’t have a soapbox to speak their oddball views now had one and furthermore, other people to listen to those oddball views and follow along with them. From this begat so many commonalities that we hear in our culture today, like rape culture, mansplaining and manspreading. This is also where we wound up with forty-eight more genders than the world possibly ever needed, even though transpeople have always been a thing and I have no issue with them. The same can be said of gay and lesbian cultures, which have been around for several years before I was even so much as a thought in my mother’s noggin. But then came the furries, otherkin and so many other off-the-wall identifiers that they would even make Freud’s head spin. I can only wonder what Nietzsche and Jung might have thought of such ideologies, but I digress. More or less, people who were socially isolated now had a place to gather together with more socially isolated people and share views that can only come from the minds of the socially isolated. I seem to think that because of this technology, such concepts like “Chad” and “Stacy” were easily created to represent social archetypes among the human species that I don’t believe properly reflect what I’ve seen from observing the outside world as a whole.

I work retail as a day job, which means constant interaction with people of all walks of life. I enjoy speaking with these people and mainly helping them to find what they’re looking for, as well as noting their mannerisms and such for research purposes. All of this information stores at a subconscious level and when you roll back that beautiful bean footage, you find that what you’ve observed in reality just doesn’t match these particular concepts of people. As I stated before, a Chad isn’t always a Chad and a Stacy isn’t always a Stacy. A gothic or alternative type of Stacy with a high paying job, like a rock star for instance, would not quality as a Stacy due to her manner of appearance. She’d be a Lacy. If you chose to further tear apart the pseudo-science behind this terminology, you’d find even more instances in which these very terms are fleeting, rather than constant.

The reason that you can tear this apart so easily, is because it is essentially loner culture. Which isn’t even a culture, it was just a type of person in my day. Loners essentially are introverts. They don’t get out much, are normally shy, and not normally ones to socialize. I know several people like this, because I have in the past (and still can be at times) one of those types of people. Not so much these days, as my job requires socializing with other people, though I do struggle with anxiety which can make some interactions difficult. That being said, only a very miniscule amount of these types of people, including myself; have the tendency to become raging homicidal maniacs. So please, stop labeling the entire fucking gamut as terrorists, because we have enough problems with the actual terrorists in the world as it is. Ever since 9/11 happened in this country, we’ve been throwing around the word terrorist as much as we have “Nazi” and “Hitler.” There comes a point when words like this begin to lose their impact, and people just altogether stop caring. Remember the cancer scares years ago, when the media was trying to tell us that everything gives you cancer? Well, people slowly but surely decided to stop giving a shit. Eventually, people will grow tired of these buzzwords too.

We spend too much time these days absorbed in the glow of various screens, myself most certainly included. The problem with this is that we become detached from the real world and start living in a social media fantasy land. Some people just can’t put down their phones and I know how it is, because it can feel like an appendage to me as well. The problem with this is that we’re not socializing as much with each other and that great human bond becomes lost. How can you ever meet anyone, especially intimately; if you can’t even speak to them? If you aren’t able to come up with the courage to talk to them?

Even though I realize that I cannot generalize every incel’s problem here as there are a myriad of reasons behind not getting “selected” I firmly believe that the digital age is not helping matters any, and the coming age – the age of AI and robotics, will indeed provide the answers they seek.

VIII: The Great Human Bug Patch

I feel that many great things are going to occur within the coming years for these sexually depraved and at times, rather fanatical people. Instead of “human sex distribution” which sounds a bit bizarre, to say the very least – they will eventually have their own little sexbots, which will cater to their every whim and always resemble their perfect Stacy type. These robots will never age and will be able to take care of them in their golden years, which is certainly not a bad thing for anyone; whether that be an incel, MGTOW or just a regular person who wants a home healthcare robot. Let’s be honest, we might all need them one day, especially if they end up being very good at surgery. They could end up saving lives. For those who do not have the kind of money required for a robot, there will be augmented reality and virtual reality models for both men and women alike, so there shouldn’t be any real issue considering this new form of communication. As for older incels or youngcels that just don’t care for the technology, they will either have to adapt to it, find a proper mate among the human pool or just off themselves altogether. There isn’t really much else that I can say regarding that and hopefully this “great human bug patch” will wipe out these issues before they grow even larger.

IX: Closing Thoughts

Incels have been the internet’s stomping ground for quite a few weeks now, and eventually people will move onto something else overtime. There were talks about a coming #Animegate, but it would seem that the incel-involved tragedy more or less put a hold on that, as all that seems to remain from it is an old man who has become the butt of jokes in the anime community. I don’t even feel that it’s worth mentioning his name, as he is about to be an afterthought in the next couple of weeks, if that. (Edit: I’ve already quit hearing about him.) It is a bit disingenuous of me to say that ten people may have died so that hundreds of gaming and geek culture websites would halt their judgement of silly notions like fanservice in anime, but this does seem to be the case.

In closing, I think that time will eventually change both of these factors, just as PUA (Pick Up Artist) culture morphed into MGTOW culture over the span of a few years. I still think that there is a possibility of me creating a silverpill for those individuals who do like a few of the red and black pill ideas, but I strongly doubt that I would have time to write a manifesto, let alone the whole parodical IGFAR movement. These are great ideas, which I may kind of speak about on podcasts, but I’m such a fool for gallows humor and George Carlin’s blunt sense of thinking that I think they’ll come off as criticisms more than anything else.

In addition to that, I’m going to start reading a few books in order to prepare myself for what I’d consider to be more informed articles as a whole. Many of you might not know this, but affiliate FlightOfIcarus is a clinical psychologist, and I’ve recently become intrigued enough about the human mind and thought processes to study it. So he recommended some books and I’ll devote a lot of time to those, which will help me to possibly make a bit more sense of the world around me and maybe even improve my life as a whole. In addition, I have also purchased Christopher Ryan’s Sex At Dawn and Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules To Life which are, not so ironically; also written by clinicians in the psychology field. It goes without saying that Jordan Peterson’s lectures are fascinating and I found Christopher Ryan’s thought processes to be just as inspiring. They’d have to be – I listened to a three-hour podcast between he and Joe Rogan that I absolutely did not want to end. You should also give The Joe Rogan Experience a listen, as I always seem to feel a bit more intelligent after those. I’ll also be doing a few podcasts of my own, which will soon be linked here on The Grim Tower. I cannot promise amazement, but they may be interesting to listen to and maybe I’ll do some interviews as well. Stay tuned for more details on that.

– The Grim Lord

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