Editorial: What In The Hell’s A Femcel?

Unless some wingnut decides to shoot up the local grocery store in the next couple of days, this is the last article I’ll be writing with a “cel” attatched to it. To be honest, I wasn’t even going to write it at all. I have a piece on reclaiming male power through archetypes (somehow we have weak men) based on the golden age of action films and westerns, but I’ll post that a bit later.

Since becoming MGTOW (but I would still consider myself slighty purple-pilled, I’m not a red-pilled monk until I’m able to order and purchase a love doll, which may be a separate article in itself – TFM has been talking them up and I’m quite on board, just not with his sponsor, but that I will discuss a bit later.) I’ve noticed a lot of quirks in society lately and several issues that we’ll have to remedy if we’re to have a functioning country in the next couple of decades. One of which is of course, the incel crisis. As I have already talked about the male portion of this, I’ll be covering femcels with this article. I’ve heard them called “pink-pilled” and even “black-pilled” which strikes me odd, as this is what the malecels have often called themselves. I’ve also heard about a yellow and white pill, which makes me wonder if people thought that Morpheus simply pulled out a medicine cabinet and told Neo to pick out whatever color pill he wanted. It’s starting to seem that way.

Femcels, which can be found in their native habitat /r/TruFemcels, were something that I first assumed was a fucking joke. Literally, I didn’t think this was anything more than an elaborate troll to coax male incels into thinking that women were having the same problems. Though interestingly enough, the page is still quite active and there are just as many topic threads as on any incel forum that I’d been on for my previous research.

So what goes on inside the mind of a woman who thinks she’s unloveable? Well, to be perfectly honest; I am torn between the number of women who know they can get sex but struggle to find love and the women who feel that they cannot get sex or love. As you might expect, there are also a number of men (mascoids as they are called) looking to give them words of encouragement, which are meant with mixed reactions. Sometimes they’ll even be asked to post pictures of themselves in order for the mascoids to gauge on whether or not they are actually attractive. Now, as science should decree; (and it should, but it doesn’t) any woman who feels that they aren’t able to be loved should partner up with any man who also feels that he isn’t able to be loved. Simple math (which I’m admittedly not the greatest at) would dictate that the two should fall in love and reproduce. To be honest, it has gone that way in the past. But now, we have the problem of Chad and Stacy. Put on your woo glasses for this, because I’m about to talk a little magic.

In the occult, there are such things known as egregores. This is essentially a modern version of a thoughtform or Tulpa. It’s the same reason that you would start picturing shoes when you see the Nike logo or a Big Mac when you think of McDonalds. There’s definitely reasons behind all that too, which Grant Morrison mentioned quite a bit. Now, how does this relate to Chuck and Stacy? (Hey, isn’t that a film?) I mean, Chad and Stacy? Well, because the image of Chad and Stacy are so engrained into the human mind, meme or not (and you’ll definitely want to research the psychological terminology behind the word “meme” as it’s just not some silly word that the internet came up with) these two images stand boldly in the way of what I would see as a hope of the two ever getting together. There is so much power in these symbols that they prohibit rational thought between the two. Malecels despise Chad, femcels despise Stacy. Malecels think that Femcels want Chad and Femcels think that Malecels want Stacy. Though this is hardly the case and I’ve been through more than a few real life relationships to prove it, from both my own awkward dealings with women or just relationships that I had observed while living with roommates on my own, or basic people watching. The Chad and Stacy stuff just isn’t one-hundred percent true, even if it is in some aspects. Yes, sometimes there are very vain women out there who look for a man’s aesthetic qualities. They may not be very beautiful themselves, though can be extremely gorgeous.

That being said, I happen to know women who have modeled and are not interested in this Chad type. I know that this sounds hard to believe, but one preferred an averaged bodied Irish man with a beard and the other says that she has a fetish for larger teddy-bear types. Let’s remember that emotional and sexual attraction can range massively, so this friend wanting a teddy-bear type isn’t far-fetched in reality. Please also keep in mind that both women are gorgeous and are admired by loads of men everyday. One of them had so many friends that she had to delete a few just to add me on because I work with her. None of these men so much as resemble Chad.

It is also true for men that not all of us prefer Stacy. While I have a fetish for large breasts, I also prefer musculature. Not anything that anyone of a sane mind would consider completely normal. My current love doll purchase will feature both as this look is physically impossible and not worth the effort for women to achieve. I simply have more respect for a human than that and would not put them through such misery. That being said, I have noticed a lot of men who prefer larger women as well. It is more common than you think, just not my thing as I have a bad back and could literally not lift anything much heavier than I need to. As a matter of fact, I am currently in pain right now so I would rather not exacerbate it, even though I am sure there are more than a few larger women who are great people and would make fine catches. I’ve met more than a few.

Another thing that I noticed was the racial aspect of this. Apparently, many of these women claim to be dark-skinned and feel that light-skinned or even white women are preferred over them. Now I have seen more interest from dark-skinned males in white women, though I have also seen that many prefer dark-skinned women to those of a lighter skin color. This is not something I can wholly comment on, due to the fact that just because I live in the culture does not mean that I personally live the culture. I’m just going from personal observation of being a white male in a largely dark-skinned community. I personally do not mind dark-skinned women, I have dated dark-skinned women and I have dated larger sized dark-skinned women before my back injuries. No, that isn’t what caused my injuries, I work heavy labor and it took time for those injuries to occur. That being said, I had no issue with larger women before and I feel that other men would feel the same. It’s all about what attracts us, even though I will admit that on some base level, social media and porn is definitely getting in the way of that. Perhaps porn isn’t even one of the causes, as males can freely pleasure themselves to whatever actually attracts them if they so wish to. And of course, they’re using memes to solidify their statements as femcels, which is the same exact thing that the malecels do. I have honestly heard the whole thing summed up by a femcel as “a place for women to vent” and I can understand that.

Now lets talk spoiled meats. In malecel culture, what one would consider a trollop (is that word even used anymore or do I need to leave the 1800s?) is refered to a roastie, due to the vagina being worn out and bloated to what might resemble roast beef. In femcel culture however, we have something called a wurstie, which is essentially bratwurst and resembles a worn out sausage. This is the kind of imagery utilized to define those who are promiscuous, which is true for both sexes, despite the height of the metoo movement. Yet it is also why men are having their fill and running off to become MGTOW. And with the advent of articulate love dolls and robots soon to be on the way, the options look ever the more scarce for these women.

Of course, the same solution that I’ve proposed for the men will work for the women. With robots, virtual and augmented reality and what will soon be rather archaic in the love doll, I believe that we are on the cusp of many different options for both men and women of this category to find love and sexual nourishment. We do have a solution to this problem, it just requires a bit more technological advancement and that will take time.

Trust me. You may not even know who in the fuck I am, but I will promise you that you can be happy with one of these options. They’re getting better every day that goes by and it will only be a matter of time. Every incel that has already killed themselves because they couldn’t wait for these options is worthy of a Darwin award at this point, because we are so close to reaching this golden era of human and machine interaction that will literally blow away all current representations of human cohabitation. And don’t worry about the social justice brigades, because there are people on your side. There are people who give a damn and will fight for you. We have a right to the pursuit of happiness in this country, and that means that others cannot remove the road which would guarantee you complete happiness and possibly even an end to loneliness and depression. Myself and others will fight tooth and nail to protect that pursuit. Artificial wombs will soon be a thing and I’m sure they’ll be in use quite often. The human population is in no danger of decline from these romance options.

In short, in order to incelism as an ideology to die, two things must happen. We must destroy the archetype of Chad and Stacy, so that incels will be able to date other incels and in doing so, possibly remove the foul brainwash caused by such memes. Secondly, artificial options must increase across the board, across the world. When these two things have been achieved, there will not even be a such thing as incel. There will not exist a such thing as true forced loneliness (TFL) and anyone who isn’t cohabitating with another being (whether organic or inorganic) will be looked at as an imbecile.

So please, take this as a simple cautionary message to wait. I know it is the last thing that you want to hear, but if everyone just settles the fuck down for a couple of years, the problem will fix itself. I guarantee it the way that Meineke used to guarantee their fucking car tune-ups. The only difference is that you are going to pay a lot, but you’ll going to get a lot. More than you ever dreamed. I guarantee it.

A new, glorious age is upon us! All you have to do is wait. Shut the fuck up, sit the fuck down and wait. No guns, no violence, no suicide, no craziness. Just be quiet and blend into the shadows. Keep on complaining in silent until it fucking happens. In 2027, the only thing an incel board will be good for is that one poor soul who couldn’t get with the program and will get responses like, “Are you still on that shit? Incel was ten goddamned years ago. We on some new shit now.” Level with me, I see it happening, folks. I’m looking through my crystal ball and this is what I see reflected. A new golden age of wifu and husbandfu for all. No more fucking loneliness, no need to take all these symbolic pills and no more incel culture. This mess will sort itself out, I guarantee it.

One more time, for the people in the back: I fucking guarantee it.

– The Grim Lord

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