Editorial: What Racism Actually Looks Like – Can’t Believe I Listened To This Crap!

This Was Originally Written In January, Just After The 2020 Grammy Awards

Like some of you, I use Discord quite a bit and I’ve discovered a lot of interesting people in one particular server that I frequent. Out of concerns of anonymity, I of course won’t mention the name of that server; but it basically allows for men to discuss topics that couldn’t really be brought up within the public eye. As the owner of the server is an individualist like myself and respects the rights and ideologies of an individual even if he does not agree with them personally (and he made it very clear that he did not agree with these statements, later coming in to argue facts with the man in particular) it was simply decided to let this white nationalist speak where he would be intellectually debated with by other men in the server. Several of these men in particular were non-white males. So it was a very interesting moment to listen in on. Nevertheless, I did not contribute to it.

The talking points were very simply boiled down to as the server owner mentioned, “racism and Jesus.” How these two things intertwined is anyone’s guess, but that’s more or less what he was going into a series of long form rants about. The man even claimed that the Dogma-esque “Buddy Christ” image that born agains have referred to for decades was the true image of Jesus, assuming he actually existed. There was also an Asian man in the sever, who he of course threw coronavirus related insults to. Keep in mind that these kinds of people do not just want “the black man to go back to Africa” but they want to get rid of every single person in the country who was not descended from Germanic tribes. Even Persians, who are very much considered Caucasians by modern science were rejected by this man who simply moved goal posts and did the best he could at rejecting scientific and biological fact. I’m not going to lie, folks – the man said some rather hateful and frightening things in there, yet he also said some rather comical phrases like “black men do not know how to build log cabins and they don’t go hunting.” To which he was debated, “you can find plenty of tutorials on YouTube that will teach you how to build a log cabin.” I found the whole log cabin business kind of funny, but being that we’re talking about a Canadian white nationalist who considers parts of his country to be “enemy lands” (this one got quite a chuckle from me) it makes sense that he would want to build a log cabin in the woods and defecate in a hole (you know, like a civilized person.)

Look, I don’t get it either – but I was the one listening to this mess while flying through Sonic Forces at an amazing speed. It was the game that kept me from being completely bored by the conversation, which of course devolved into blaming the Jews and calling the entertainment business where he used to work as “Bolshevik propaganda.” It was a very minor role in the industry, which he has since left; but it was rather silly. To be honest, all of it was rather silly. Then when the server owner presented him with charts and graphs, he found himself dumbfounded. For a man who has never so much as lifted a finger to pick up a book about European history, he sure acted as if he’d known a great deal. He simply kept referring to a documentary series of what I would very much consider Nazi propaganda online, which he claimed spans twelve hours. Well, that seems like enough time to properly brainwash a fellow.

Just a few minutes ago I’d watched some of the performances from the recent Grammy Awards, which I do try to keep up with every once in a while to see what the mainstream trends are these days. It suddenly dawned on me that what some of the young zoomer metalheads were saying about modern hip hop music is right – it is getting more unique and experimental. Lil Nas X actually performed a mixture of country and hip hop that I found to be not all that bad actually and then you have artists from many different genres of music adding their touch. Warren Ellis wrote years ago that the musical babies were coming and I think that’s what music is right now – a hodgepodge of well… everything. Then Gary Clark Jr. decided to perform what I considered a very powerful song, which was definitely in the rock style bringing the genre back to it’s undeniable black roots, talking about the fact that white supremacists like this guy keep telling black men to “go back to Africa” and just like those guys said in the sever, “we’re not African, we’re American.” Clark Jr. is right, this is their land too. In fact, it has been so many generations since their ancestors were brought over on boats, that no one in the black community truly gives a shit anymore.

Now you will have those African purists, which were actually mentioned in the comic “Your Black Friend”, but I rarely see those kinds of people within the black community where I work. It might be about two-percent of black people that care this much, and to be honest – the greater part of that community seems to consider them a little weird. I used to work with this one girl who claimed their ancestor was a cricket and was into that kind of thing. Sounds like some Anansi Boys stuff to me (and not the Starz character from American Gods, as the Anansi that I remember was not that fucking woke). But I’ve heard crazy things from white people in the occult community as well as other cultures in general, so that’s beside the point. Some people are just fucking crazy, regardless of their biological makeup.

But the point they really tried to make is, “where would we go in Africa?” I mean, let’s think about it. Most of these men have never and probably don’t want to ever step foot in Africa. Africa also isn’t the Africa that white nationalists seem to think it is. Sure, there are a lot of native Africans, but there are a lot of other people too. Hell, Africa even has their own film industry and version of Netflix to stream it.

What these people tend to forget is that America is the last bastion of freedom in the world. You can do just about everything here, but some countries arguably allow things that we don’t and would probably be great additions, for instance legal prostitution; which would probably help our undersexed male problem and also take care of men who have approach anxiety. (After all, the best way to get over a fear or anxiety of something is to do it multiple times until it no longer effects you.) I’ve seen men wasting their future retirement on videos of women doing absolutely nothing on Twitch and I worry about them.

Aside from that however, I think that these supremacists forget that America is and always has been, “the great melting pot” of cultures and that the Irish were once considered to be “the n-words of Europe.” Seriously, go look it up. We also gave the Chinese and many other cultures a great deal of hell in the beginning. I can say for certain that many people who immigrated here have done rather well for themselves over the years, and aside from a dangerous welfare state model that is causing more problems than we currently realize; these people have gone on to create meaningful contributions to society. It is true that things have changed and there are thousands of people illegally immigrating into the country in order to get welfare benefits, which are ruining all cultures and creating untold amounts of damage in virtually all of them (which everyone in the server, regardless of biological makeup seems to agree on) but at least their ancestors were able to show that the model of capitalism that we have definitely does work in the United States.

Now, I will say that the speaker mentioned some very terrifying things of which he later denied of course, but my ears can still pick up quite a bit and I have a recollection of some of these veiled threats, which may have been mere conjecture. Be that as it may, I think that the speaker and the owner of the server were right in considering no go zones, something that I think will be a very common occurrence in this country within the current decade. As I respect the rights of an individual, I know that people have prejudices. I’m not some kind of woke guy who wants everyone to hold hands and sing “Kumbaya.” I know for a certain that there are certain cultural practices (gang culture for instance) that I find myself a bit objectionable towards. Though at the same time I don’t try to be the Punisher and enact justice into my own hands, because I haven’t enough research on people who join gangs and what kind of people they are to begin with. I also don’t know what corporations or activities fund these groups and probably would be comfortable not knowing. I am also quite objectionable to white supremacy, social justice and communism. I also do not care for moral puritans who want to ban porn, anime, sex dolls and more in the assumption that men will return back to traditional relationships and religion.

I am almost certain that I know these kinds of people in my day to day life, but I do not confront them or enact violence towards them, because that is just not something that a civilized person does. Additionally, for the most part they are also not actively engaging a great number of people and most just want to stand around and hold signs, post stuff on social media or make content in favor of their ideologies. I’ve always said that a person can act however they want to act on their own property, but should reserve some kind of civility out in the public. There is no need for hostility there.

I am a futurist and more interested in robots anyway and fully side with the black community that police and prisons are outdated and need an overhaul. I’ve spoken to people in both of these areas and I’ve been sickened by the amount of things they’ve told me are almost commonplace within these professions. In my opinion, the jails ought to be replaced with mental hospitals, the drugs should be completely legalized, the police should be replaced with a team of vigilantes or possibly even robots and I should be able to select what I want to pay for on my taxes. The roads here are even worse now than they were before, so that was a waste of my money. I do not have crotchfruit, so I don’t see the need to pay for the schools. I do not see a need to support the corrupt prison systems nor the police. They can fund themselves and I hope that they go broke. The alternatives would be largely better and I would proudly fund them. There are a lot of things in society that need to be improved and changed, which I think will be the case. I was listening to John Malin talk about the fact that we do live in a more technological culture than we ever have and we need to stop running things like we have in the nineteen fifties. I could go on and on about how rotten the prison system is and how it ruins minority men, taking them away from their children and removing the role of a father from a child’s life, which I believe is largely important at a biological level.

I realize that I have gone drastically off-course here, but I feel that what I’ve said here does matter in regards to the topic. There is no real way to get rid of prejudices as people are biologically going to be prejudiced towards someone or something regardless. You have no idea how many women I have met who attack me just because I have a doll. And of course, I start babbling red pill knowledge and they begin to despise me further. Except for some of course, as there are women who definitely get and not only understand why I bought my doll, but the fact that a lot of modern women today are definitely not great catches, nor are several of the men. There are a lot of factors responsible for that, but I am not going to go into that here at the risk of beating that old dead horse once again. Just know that buying a doll and being in a relationship with it will cause women that you don’t even know to despise you greatly. Herd morality is quite a wonder, isn’t it? Yet that also has a great deal to do with this entire topic of racism, which I guess would be better off isolated to communities.

As has been stated before, cultures naturally segregate. That’s why we have countries where people are predominantly one race or culture. You’ll find more Asians in Asia than you would in Sweden, for example; and as much as I love the Japanese, they are largely xenophobic, even of other Asians. You’ll naturally find more Arabic cultures in the middle east as well. Indians? Well, they’re in India. This is not to say that there aren’t people of other ethnicities there, but it just isn’t very commonplace. Then you have little cultural areas like Chinatown and Little Italy where cultures have banded together and separated themselves from everyone else. Naturally, they will have prejudices. Try being a non-Asian in the US and marrying an Asian woman. Though it happens, it doesn’t happen very often. Yet because numerous numbers of black men have told me that they outright don’t care for the modern black woman, Hollywood has decided to tell white men like myself that we need to start dating them. This is also the major plot point of Sega’s Sonic The Hedgehog film, which I knew next to nothing about until just last night. I knew that the film would feature the blue blur and Dr. Eggman, but the interracial relationship that is apparently on the rocks is not something I was aware of. Not that I have an issue with black women as I’ve dated them before (even though I will admit that I’ve noticed the reasons black men have been less interested in them) but I don’t like the fact that a film featuring one of my favorite (yes, I am a Sonic fan from back in the day that DID NOT get into fur fetishism) is trying to tell me that I need to date a black woman. The film premieres on Valentine’s Day and now I see why this date was picked. Maybe the angry white people out there will perhaps “feel better about me” if I choose to date a black woman and have a mixed race child. Personally, I prefer hispanic and Asian women so I would have had a mixed race child anyway – but the media didn’t tell me that I needed to do this, it was a natural decision.

This might even be why the man felt that his country was being invaded by “Bolshevik propaganda” (even though the correct word is actually progressive propaganda) and feels so strongly about his heritage, let’s just say. Aside from the stupidity of how being a certain color is “so great” I can at least understand why people of many cultures may not like being preached to and of course this kind of radicalism usually is the result of that. I would assume that these people feel that they are being backed into a corner and when you do that, these kinds of ideologies are able to spread and fester. If nothing else, the conversation that I witnessed in there assured me that once again, we have a great deal of problems in society and are experiencing a series of cold civil war skirmishes that hopefully will not lead to anything significant, though probably will much to my optimism and reliance in futurism and technology saving us from ourselves, as it were. In all honesty, we have a lot to learn and now that I’ve heard what the real Hitler defending Nazi’s are like, it somehow becomes even more silly when I see people on the internet calling other people Nazi’s over silly differences in opinion.

There’s a major difference between common prejudices and advocating the removal of an entire culture of people based on the color of their skin. That I find to be absolutely horrifying and more than just a mere inconvenience. Though if these people are going to isolate and segregate themselves into their own community, then that might be the best option for them. It is very difficult for me to understand hatred like this, but if they are working towards isolation from a culture and values that they do not like, as an individualist, I see nothing inherently wrong with it. Just don’t try to lump me into it, as I see no real benefit in any of it, having grown up with people of many different cultures in my life. I just couldn’t be that kind of person. In my book, there’s no place for prejudices or racism.

The Grim Lord

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