Editorial: Where The Grim Lord Has Been During His Absence & Why Facebook Should Be Should Be Hurled Into The Sun!

To make a long story short, the reason why our social media fans have not been getting updates is pretty simple. I run my mouth quite a bit on social media and some people do not like that, even if you’re making sound logical sense. To be honest, there are those who rather abhor “sense” and “logic” as if they are figurative poisons and these people will want to find a way to retaliate against you. Although I do not know the name of the user, our Facebook page was reported for child pornography. What? I don’t even get down with the loli stuff just some vanilla and kinky stuff if I try to Discover More of occasionally! So this was clearly just the work of a troll. Not surprisingly, Facebook didn’t find any child porn on the page. But what did they find? Oh, this one’s going to shock you…

About three years ago, I reviewed an album from a crafty little French band whose name translates to Caterpillar. They’re a great band and I’m not sure if or when we’ll ever be able to hear a single thing more from them. In any case, I was reviewing this disc professionally for New Noise Magazine. I had linked (as I often do) the review page for the album onto our Facebook page, where it was seen and garnered views. Problem was, the band used a rather intricate piece of nude artwork which violated Facebook’s draconian nudity policies. Anyone who has looked at that cover could tell that this was an example of nude art or sculpture and it should have been defended as so. Unfortunately, the outsourced third party didn’t give a shit and the image was considered in violation of terms and services regardless of the fact that I asked them to reconsider their decision. Keep in mind, this image was not posted directly to Facebook. It was merely the cover image of the article that appeared when I typed in the URL for the New Noise Magazine page where the review had been featured. So essentially, I was getting banned for a preview image. For twenty-six days, no doubt. All because someone had a grudge against me and reported my website for something that only a troll would’ve reported it for.

The real problem here wasn’t the fact that I posted the image. The fact of the matter is that Facebook has no customer service department. Instead, they require users to read their mounds of various and ever-changing policies, which they can change at any time and for any reason; because Facebook is not a platform of free-speech open to the public. It is a private media company. It is also in hot water over various data breaches, which Tim Pool recently did a stream about. In fact, there’s a very good chance that Facebook might be heading towards a steep, downward plunge and that means that if you’re one of The Grim Tower’s Facebook supporters and you relegate to that page for our updates; you may want to start checking the page once a week, perhaps on Sunday after we’ve posted our content for the week. We usually change format on Mondays, so we should be heading back into comics and I’m quite looking forward to that.

If Facebook doesn’t capsize into the sea where it belongs, then I have some suggestions. The first would be that users have the ability to opt in or out of adult content, which would keep family friendly content seperate from more adulterated content as regulated by the bots. Instead of banning adult content from the platform, it should merely be filtered out to those who do not wish to see it. “Family Mode” could of course be enabled or disabled several times over and many websites already use this kind of technology. Because it’s simple. Even YouTube has an Adults Only mode. Why is this so difficult? Instead of banning users from your platform (and the platform isn’t even aware of users being banned, because it will still ask my banned account why it hasn’t posted any content in several days) and losing their business, especially when user average is at an all-time low; you could simply filter the content into two simple to decipher categories. People do enjoy getting into groups, especially adult groups because we are sexual beings and that kind of thing is rather common. So why not make a space for that sort of thing? There are already dozens of unchecked and secret adult groups online which are taken down a in a week, only to be brought back a week later. There are even very large and censored adult groups where sex workers will appear to promote their work and channels. Yet you assumed that Facebook was a family company? Hmm… Just like Disney and all of the porn companies that they’ve owned in the past. Did you really think that the House Of Mouse was really without a basement full of smut? But absolutely none of this should be a surprise.

As for informing the magazine of this issue, I definitely informed the current New Noise Magazine editor in addition to sending her screen captures of the messages and the origination page. There wasn’t much that she could do, but I at least wanted them to be aware of how this happened and once again, how truly draconian Facebook’s social media policies really are. That’s all I have to say for today and hopefully we can get this train moving down the proper tracks that I, Central Scrutinizer and Lyzexxia have laid for 2019. My apologies entirely for all of this, as I did not intend for any of it to happen.

Adding more fuel to the fire, this draconian announcement arrives on the same day that the EU passed Articles 11 and 13 which are a combined sledgehammer to internet free speech. How can I possibly harbor excitement about reviewing media products when my own free speech is withering away as the years go by? We’ve got to take the internet back. I recommend VPN’s while you still can utilize them, but the honest answer will be an alternate internet.

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