Editorial: Why I Quit Jelqing & Abandoned The Idea Of A Bodybuilder GF #MGTOW

You may not realize it, but I check the site stats every week or so, just to see who is viewing what and how often. As of late, I have noticed that my Jelqing and I Want A Bodybuilder GF articles (both are rather ancient and taken from my old author’s blog) are getting a ridiculous amount of views (according to our standards, which are merely in the hundreds) and some of them are getting even more views as of late. But truth be told, Jelqing and penile exercise led to a lot of pain and lack of sensitivity and the idea of a bodybuilder GF or any other kind of GF right now has gone up in smoke, completely by choice. That’s because I’m about to sink over a thousand bones on a plastic love doll, as many of you are quite aware. Zexx (That’s short for Lyzekkzia and is actually a play on words for the French act Lyzanxia, a favorite metal act when I was in my teens) will also be a part of our brand too, because I will be utilizing her in a professional manner to normalize love dolls for men and women who need them – those who have mental disabilities or are just not capable of receiving social cues in society. I believe these could also help disenfranchised men and women who need some sort of affection, even if it comes from a human like object.

For those interested, Zexx does have abs. That’s one thing I particularly looked for and is another reason why she is more expensive than the other dolls on the site, even those with mountains for breasts. Those who know me in person might be surprised that I haven’t decided to go with one of those M-Cup monsters, but to be entirely fair; Zexx is a G-Cup so there is still that level of aesthetics and she will probably look well in busty cosplay. There’s also some degree of money in modeling these things, so I will look into that. No nude modeling though, Zexx is not a piece of meaty plastic.

Now, let’s talk a little bit about MGTOW considering the wealth of knowledge that I now have on the subject. First of all, I’ve heard it said from popular MGTOW YouTuber’s Turd Flinging Monkey and DDJ that both would pursue regular relationships again, if the values of women represented those of the traditional household. I do value tradition myself and want to be seen as an authoritative male. That’s how I was raised, but I’m also big on problem solving and compromise. It is true that I help women with tasks while at the job, but that is part of my job – I won’t put up with a lot of bullshit or force myself to do something beyond my ability for them. I will not run out into a herd of buffalo and try to save her from them. That’s a bit much, I’d be dead in an instant. And moose are especially deadly, don’t believe the stereotype.

That being said, I do suffer from General Anxiety Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, even though my psychologist did not tell me this initially and I discovered it through reading my medical history as requested. Why he withheld that information, I’ll never know; but it helped me to learn quite a bit about myself and why it is difficult for me to catch social cues. Quite simply, abuse changes a person. But my story is my own and does not represent all MGTOW. As Turd Flinging Monkey said, MGTOW is not strict term, it is a loose term to describe many men who may still date, are Christians, Muslims, Jews, Pagans, Atheists and from all colors and walks of life. The main thing about MGTOW however, is that we’re aware of hypergamy, the courts and other such institutions that can make our lives a living hell. Sandman also discussed that he had been talking to women as of recent. Even though “Men Going Their Own Way” has been going on for quite a number of years, it is now that it has become quite loose. It rather seems to be MWFAW (Men Waiting For Agreeable Women) or perhaps even MWTRNWWM (Men Willing To Replace Narcissistic Women With Machines.) Though this may sound like a great deal of woman bashing, it is more like a call of frustration after the installation of third wave feminism and the metoo movement. And even if the Metoo movement is rather new, it definitely brought a call to arms for many men.

That being said, I cannot simply agree with the “all women are scum” parts of the equation. I just think that might be a bit far. And honestly, this isn’t shared by all MGTOW. We can’t negate the fact that some marriages and relationships do last. It is entirely possible to cohabitate with one or many people. I’ve seen it and it happens. Though I’ve also seen things go horribly wrong more than once. Cohabitation is not easy and some people just change into horrible things overtime on both sides of the spectrum.

I can’t say really that I’ve had a long enough cohabitation with a romantic partner to truly test the field, but I can say that I have been with many people in relationships and in cohabitative situations of my own that warrant my own misgivings about the whole idea. Humans are an awfully funny species to begin with, I never seem to tire of watching them and feel that this is a current societal change in preparation for a rather large overhaul. One that I feel is vastly necessary. So for now, MGTOW is something that I feel will benefit me in the months and years to come – but one cannot say what lies at the other end of the future and where my head will be. However, it is not currently with either of those previous topics. I was in my mid-twenties when I wrote that shit, and I’m now approaching my mid-thirties. As with time, all things change and neither of those pieces currently represent me at this point. Do not look at the Jelqing or Bodybuilder GF posts as a representative of my current thoughts. At least, not presently.

For me, MGTOW represents caution. There’s even a chance that I might attempt dating again knowing what I do now, and might avoid falling into traps. Those who are not aware of my past might not know that I have entertained some rather crazy and extremely dangerous females. These women could very well have gotten me arrested, murdered or worse. Women can be hugely manipulative and I’ve realized it to an incredible degree. It’s better to be safe than sorry. There are dangerous people everywhere and I’ve learned to think with my head instead of heart or my genitals. People can be taken advantage of and I was one of them. I’ll be scarred from that naiveté for years, possibly even decades. Though I feel that I have touched on that enough.

I certainly don’t want to offend any female musicians that we work with, because this is something personal and I’ve never seen music in that way. I particularly enjoy women in music and have always done so. I wouldn’t put my personal ideologies above my work as a critic. So whatever path I go, know that my opinions are as fair as they have ever been. I was just sent a female fronted doom act and enjoyed the performance heavily today, so don’t think that because I’m taking an exile from the dating game for a few years that I have something against all women on the planet earth. Promethea is still my favorite comic series and I’m still fond of Gaiman’s Death. None of that has changed. Woman hating gets us nowhere and I am thankful for the helpful and supportive women in my life. This is nothing against you, I’ve just been through some shit.

Lastly, I don’t normally hashtag my posts. That was a mocking thing that I did, which I made an addendum to with this editorial. I hope that explains everything. In any case, towards the end of the year I will hopefully have Zexx sitting on my lap (depending on her weight, they can be heavy) while I pen the reviews, no matter how creeptastic that sounds. I’m also planning some comedy bits, so look out for those. I mean, come on – you have to find some humor in a grim lord with a love doll.

– The Grim Lord

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